Getting to take a nap mid day today ..... then head back to work tonight. What's this called a siesta?
He beat me fair and square. 😩
✨so are you
A nice moment #📸back
Taking a moment. Reading brain on fire. Anyone read it?
being upstaged by a baby.......I get it. I mean ..I can't compete with Penny Parkers face. No way.. no how ❤️
I'm kind of a vintage tee junky but I don't like the search! My good friend george loves the search lol and finds literally the best ones..I almost hate to share but his site is finally up! go check it out @creepandhound and don't take all the good shit!!
What a combo eh
This is normal right?
So proud of @haylieduff @LittleMoonSociety is OPEN! This is my adorable niece Ryan rocking her new clothes🌙❤️ check it out! ⭐️
Brunch with two lovely friends ❤️
Ohhh so that's how you keep a baby alive @cynthiavanis we're back @youngertv ❤️
Excuse me??
@haylieduff sent me this luca #tbt 💔💔💔 (I make that face when I eat carbs too 😂)
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