"It's Helena, isn't it? Helena Ravenclaw, Rowena's daughter." #TBT to Ravenclaw's the Grey Lady, helping Harry in his quest.
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." #qotd #wisdom #Ravenclaw
#Repost @pottermore The official Wizarding World Book Club is here. Click the link in our bio to join us now on Pottermore.
If you're looking for Head of Hufflepuff house, Professor Sprout may be in Greenhouse Three, re-potting Mandrakes with the second-years.
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Highly skilled at potions and Occlumency, it's best not to disappoint the Head of Slytherin house, Severus Snape.
Do you have a magical Harry Potter collection that shows your house pride?  Clink the link in the bio to submit a video to the J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World YouTube channel today to inspire your fellow #Gryffindors, #Hufflepuffs, #Slytherins or #Ravenclaws!
Only a few can recognize her in Animagus form, but there's no mistaking the brilliant Head of Gryffindor house, Professor McGonagall!
Show your house pride in the coming weeks as we celebrate all the things we love about #Slytherin, #Hufflepuff, #Ravenclaw, and #Gryffindor! #qotd #housepride
The #longweekend is the perfect time to curl up with a book.
When in doubt, consult 'Hogwarts, A History.' #qotd #hermionegranger #books
Join us in wishing Hufflepuff Head of House and Herbology professor Pomona Sprout a very happy birthday!
Professor Snape's Potions class is no joke.
#Repost @hpplaynyc: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will open on Broadway at the redesigned Lyric Theatre in Spring 2018! The Official Opening will be April 22, 2018. Follow the link in our bio to find out more. #CursedChild
#TFW you overestimate exactly how many books you can carry...
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