#FBF to Cedric Diggory's selection as a Triwizard Tournament competitor. A loyal and hardworking #Hufflepuff!
We were delighted to welcome some fantastic guests to the Studio Tour yesterday! Here's #FantasticBeasts director David Yates, along with Eddie Redmayne and Dan Fogler in Dumbledore's office set.
Be vigilant! Bellatrix Lestrange is on the loose!
King of the Serpents, the Basilisk is one of the most fearsome creatures in existence.
Happy Birthday to a past student of Hogwarts, and one of its finest professors, Remus Lupin!
In honour of #InternationalWomensDay, we celebrate the strong, smart, brave women of the wizarding world.
#Repost @bloomsburypublishing: REVEALED: the cover artwork from the Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban, illustrated by Jim Kay. Get ready to picture the magic from 3rd October 2017! Visit the Pottermore website for more sneak peeks.
Occlumency: the art of magical mind defense. Used properly it will shield you from access or influence. Can you name a Legilimens from the greater wizarding world?
#TBT to a lesson in the Black family tree, with an interesting link to the Lestranges... #FantasticBeasts #HarryPotter #WizardingWorld
Best not to challenge a Hogwarts professor. If he says no, he probably means it!
The greatest people can come from the strangest of places... #FBF
There is strength and power in each of you. Use it to overcome, succeed and thrive. #qotd
#Repost @fantasticbeastsmovie: Cheers to that special someone. #FantasticBeasts #ValentinesDay
Happy birthday to Luna, a girl who always comes prepared!
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