So nice meeting the gang!
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@bookfairiesworldwide #IWDOurSharedShelf
Gertrude Stein was an American novelist, poet, playwright and art collector. She was a leading figure in modernism in literature and art in the early 20th century. She wrote Tender Buttons and Three Lives, as well as work dealing with homosexual themes ✊️📚 #IWD #IWDOurSharedShelf #ADayWithoutAWoman @bookfairiesworldwide
Dropping off books at the volunteer-powered and collectively-owned radical bookstore Blue Stockings ✊️📚 #IWD #IWDOurSharedShelf #ADayWithoutAWoman @bookfairiesworldwide @bluestockingsnyc
Today I'm a red-striking ninja book-fairy out to spread some wise women's words. Happy International Women's Day! @bookfairiesworldwide #IWDOurSharedShelf #IWD #ADayWithoutAWoman
About to set off on day one of the @beautyandthebeast press tour with Team Watson... Hello Paris! Bonjour! I've started a new Instagram called @the_press_tour so you can follow our journey. I hope you enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes. It takes a village! Love, Emma
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@oursharedshelf's Jan & Feb book is #TheVaginaMonologues by Eve Ensler
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📚👀 @booksontheunderground @oursharedshelf #Mom&Me&Mom
@oursharedshelf's Nov & Dec book is #Mom&Me&Mom by Maya Angelou
Beautiful Ottawa 🏍️
Inspiring and so fun to meet with my @oneyoungworld Ottawa scholars. Proud of each and every one of them, and looking forward to see how their activism develops from here. #goal5 #heforshe #equality
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