Thank you, have a nice day! 👋🏼
Don't forget, if you want to do a spot of Easter Baking this weekend I uploaded a video with @markyyferris a while back where we made these. They were SO DELISH 👌🏼
She is giving you eleganza & bliss with a few of her favourite American sisters!! 💗
I've talked about this mascara A LOT in my videos, but the Maybelline Lash Sensational is by far my favourite high street mascara & I recommend it to everyone! If you want 20% off on until 02/05/17 use the code LOVELASH20 at the checkout. I'm going to go stock up! 🙌 #ad
What a perfect day for ice cream on the beach! Congrats to everyone who ran the Brighton Marathon too! ☀️☀️☀️
Good Morning! It's very nearly the weekend 🙌🏼 what are your plans? 🌿
Meetings at @artistresidence today! 🙌🏼
Lunch with my faves in the afternoon sun! 💗 Guess who wishes they had sunglasses 😂
I’m taking part in the Kellogg’s #SpecialK campaign with the U.N. Foundation’s Girl Up program and sharing my inner strength story. While there isn’t one singular definition for “inner strength,” eight out of 10 women feel they have not reached their full potential – a startling statistic which represents a “strength gap,” the difference between how strong a woman is (from the inside out) vs. how strong she could be, or her potential. I used to put my success down to luck and everybody around me, but last year I finally “owned” the reasons behind my successes and business doing so well. I felt too modest to say it was down to hard work and 7 years of effort, so I didn’t. When someone would ask me personally, or in an interview how my business had grown and become so successful, I would blush and say “I don’t know how this has happened.” I thought people would think I was too arrogant, or that I didn’t deserve any kind of recognition and I didn’t feel like I could “OWN IT” in the way others would tell me I should. I was having one of those really busy weeks, meeting after meeting, working on both my lifestyle and beauty collections, keeping up with my social channels and working on videos whilst vlogging and editing and managing my team and all of a sudden I felt confident in saying “I worked hard for this” and it felt GREAT! Own your successes, nothing happens if you don’t work hard for it! It might be a bit of luck, a great team and a fabulous audience, but nobody else will have the same drive and compassion within your business that you do. Finding the strength to be a more confident business lady took me 7 years, but now I’m happy to be able to tell people it wasn’t just luck! Visit for more information on how you can learn more about the strength gap and share your story with #StrongFeedsStrong #ad
Writing out some thank you cards whilst watching "Mary Berry Everyday" (new fave programme - bloody love that woman)
♥️ @tanyaburr @poppydeyes
Happy Mothers Day to my lovely mummy & all the other incredible, doting mums across the globe! I love this photo because it's 4 generations & 3 mummy's ♥️
It's a dungarees day. (Which is pretty much every other day for me) LOVE THEM 👍🏼
Did a @sugglifeshop shoot with @joe_sugg today! How cool is it that I get to work alongside my brother on exciting things 👊🏼
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