I've always prided myself on honesty, but this is by far my hardest truth. The face of depression. Here I am. Untouched, unedited, completely raw, honest and true. I’ve always found the process of sharing my thoughts online therapeutic – but this is as much for you as it is for me. I wanted these photos, these words, to be a slither of reality in an otherwise seemingly perfect world. To say to you that you are not alone. This part of our lives, it doesn’t define us – depression doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of greatness; depression doesn’t mean we aren’t already magnificent. You can read more on my blog now. Click here: @wonderful_u and follow the link. Ph. by my amazing @alex_cameron #WHPimperfections
Yeah you're right, I am wearing this shirt every day of my life for the rest of time 🌸
Just one day with this one has lifted my spirits. Love you @alex_cameron ✨ ph. @conzomg
Today was a good day @alex_cameron ✨
I BLOGGED! AND HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I know I've been gone a wee while, but I'm back ❤️ And today's post is all about what I'll be doing this Valentine's Day...it might be slightly different to what you'd expect. Click here: @wonderful_u and follow the link in my bio to read it! ❤️ Ph. @joegalvinphoto
My favourite lady this week is @gabiiirae 🌼 She's a mummy, wife, florist and all round beautiful human. Gabi had followed me on here and would always like and comment on my photos and so I clicked through to her feed a few years ago and fell in love. Her style is effortless, from the clothes she wears to the flatlays she creates, I'm constantly inspired by her. Definitely a lady you should all be following - be prepared, you'll have found your new girl crush right here ☺️ #WonderfulYouLoves
🔥 Colour re-fresh by my favourite lady @amyfishcolour at the incredible @larrykinghair salon using @redkenuk 🔥
Okay so the new @larrykinghair salon is EVERYTHING 😍 #redken #redkenready
Sunday's ✨
Rub-dub-dub, I wish this was my tub 🛀🏼 Pinning like mad over on @pinterest to get all the interior inspiration for when I have my first home 🙊 (Find my pins: Wonderful You)
🎶 I'll have you, maybe baby, you'll be true 🎶 @joanieclothing
This is my 'I'm going to the cinema on my own for the first time' outfit. I felt oddly nervous, but actually really enjoyed myself. Cosying down with a hot chocolate on a row full of other people who came on their own too. I might do it again next week! 🐧
I'm thinking about content moving forward on my blog...I'd really love to know what you'd like to see more of? Fashion? Beauty? Personal posts? Something else? What tickles your pickle? Please let me know! 🌸 (ph. @jamie_gough)
And relax 💕
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