This weekend, @MirandaKerr married #Snapchat co-founder #EvanSpiegel in Los Angeles. Read more on (click the link in our bio).
Bring on the waves. Photo by @_glen_luchford, styled by @jane_how.
Ready for the weekend. @AnnaEwers photographed by @venetialscott.
Who doesn’t want to glow? A #prettyliteral trend: dewy skin is in. Click the link in our bio to see more. #Produced in collaboration with @Maybelline. Photo by @professor_ohlsson.
"I remember seeing the steps and thinking, ‘One day maybe, that would be amazing.' And now, I’m walking the steps, linking arms with my co-stars. It is such a crazy, magical experience!" @lilyjcollins experiences @FestivaldeCannes for the first time (click the link in our bio to read more). Photo by @VSteves. #Cannes #CannesFilmFestival
"However big or small your spotlight is, you have to focus it on issues beyond yourself.” SWIPE to meet the new class of philanthropists, from #AshtonKutcher to @StellaMcCartney. Photos by @MarkSeliger, @MartienMulder, @Afinsky, @MrChrisBrooks, @MaryMcCartney.
Good is the new cool. Supermodel and mom @NataSupernova founded the @nakedheartfoundation in 2004 and has since dedicated herself to a life of philanthropy (click the link in our bio to read more). Photo by #StevenMeisel, styled by @Edward_Enninful.
"Meeting her was like a thunderclap." @Bruce_Weber met @NataSupernova 15 years ago, before she earned the nickname #Supernova. SWIPE for intimate photos of the supermodel, shared by the legendary photographer.
"It's a wonderful mess." In a rare, intimate series, photographer @PatrickDemarchelier captures @NataSupernova, Antoine Arnault and their five children at home in Paris. SWIPE across to tour their art (and toy)-filled duplex.
@NataSupernova is a woman of many hats. Click the link in our bio to read an intimate interview with the supermodel, mother of five and philanthropist in W's June/July 2017 issue. Photo by #StevenMeisel, styled by @Edward_Enninful.
"If I hadn't become a model I would probably have ended up living on the street." At 17, cover star @NataSupernova was scouted in her native Russia and moved to Paris, where she rose to fame so precipitously she earned the nickname Supernova. Photo by #StevenMeisel, styled by @Edward_Enninful.
"I went from being someone that was begging for a meeting or an audition to someone whose phone was running off the hook." @NaomiWatts opens up about how David Lynch's #MulhollandDrive changed her life, her bestie @LauraDern and the new #TwinPeaks. Read more on Photo by @AlexPrager, styled by @patrickmackieinsta.
"Nutrition is number one for skin, at least in my book, before anything else." #JenniferLopez's makeup artist @1MaryPhillips reveals the secrets to flawless, glowing skin (click the link in our bio to read more).
Street style is more fun down under. Click the link in our bio to see more of the best looks from @MBFWAustralia in Sydney. Photos by @le21eme.
"It was really, really wet." @DakotaFanning, @MarionCotillard, @NicoleKidman and more share their (somewhat awkward) first kiss stories.
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