Money can't buy real friends. 🙏🏾
#OHB That new CB 🔥
U can never style like me! 😏 #bulletproofheart
Bangerz for summer 17 🔥🔥🎬 #soonerthanyouthink
Repost @mrflawless1
Watch me flex..
For old times sake!! We got 1!! 🔥🔥
Sky high
Can't wait to link with my brothers !! 🙏🏾 our mood forever!!
Vegas with bro!! 🌊
Forever ting! @small_god 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿
Get that New @koredebello !! 🔊🔊 #bellovedthealbum 🇳🇬
Studio vibes all day! 🔊🔊
So solid forever!! 💪🏿
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