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Just moved out here it's already been lit ✨🤘🏼
This that unblock all your EXs just so they can see this shit weather.
@kalghani was a lil bit excited I could do a little sign language lol. I want to be fluent in at least 3 languages 😩 Who knows what I said? Leave your comment below✨
New Gold chain bralette available on @frostcollection ✨
Wearing all your imperfections like a muthafuckin crown. ✨ @photosbydarrin
Only pic I have w my Mom and Dad and we were all looking pretty rough. Me especially. I look like a slimey fat alien at birth. And now you all know where I get my "beak" from 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
On the way to steal your father from your mother. 🙃 #gottablast #tb @photosbydarrin
@Russ forever creating magic for you ladies to thirst trap with ✨ Bra and Pantie set from @fashionnova use my code: xowiintrr 💸✨
Wassup NEW YORK. Starlets Tonight ✨
I didn't get as many cute pictures as I did funny videos on my birthday 🤷🏼‍♀️ @amiclubwear shoes use code: WIINTRR50 to save 💸
Sunday April 30th The #BadGirlsClub Invades #StartenderSundays hosted by Me @dreamdoll__ & the Official Startenders @starletsofny 49-09 25TH Ave Woodside Queens #StarletsOnSunday s/o @artisticcurves @artisticcurves_events @5050barclaystray @flowmoney__ @kingofstripclubs @kevstarboss @martymar718
Orien is so nosey. Thank you all for the bday wishes and support I truly love you all. 💖
When you're out enjoying life with your man and you see your boyfriend 😂😂😂 #gottablast
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