Picking up my origami tools again after spending some time updating my website. Being able to code it pretty liberating. If you find the time you should teach yourself. Like origami it takes time to get going but once you're in it it's awesome. #origami #whiteonriceorigami #code
My old friend, Mr Horse. #whiteonriceorigami #origami #horse
Mask number 2. He seems content, this guy. #mask #origami #whiteonriceorigami
Kinda what I look like when I wake up... I've been playing around with these faces/masks for the last while and this is the first one I'm happy with. #whiteonriceorigami #origami #mask
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A tiny penguin on a wooden finger. Happy Friday! Workflow: Dragonframe ➡️ @adobecreativecloud Lightroom ➡️ @photoshop #origami #whiteonriceorigami #penguin
@nikkialbertyn and I ran down to the beach today to catch the sunrise. I really wanted to share how awesome it looked and all I could fold in time was a yellow crane 😋 #bali #origami #whiteonriceorigami
I got to share my story with Yuri. He has a podcast called Advance Your Art. He gives insights and advice to people wanting to move from artist to creative entrepreneur. I've linked the talk I had with Yuri in my bio if you'd like to give it a listen. Otherwise head over to www.advanceyourart.com and listen to some of the other great conversations Yuri has had with other creatives. Oh, and Yuri asked me to fold a lobster cos he lives in Boston :) Lobster designed by Michael La Fosse #origami #podcast
Butterflies and butter cream. I had the chance to do a job with the @sweet.lionheart team. Two origami butterfly toppers on a delicious white chocolate mud cake. If you ever have the privilege of taking a bite of a @sweet.lionheart product, you'll know why everyone is talking about them. #origami #sweetlionheart
I've been asked to be part of @traveldesigner 's “Cape Town Legends” series. You get to spend some time with myself and Ozzy (@traveldesigner) and be part of the Cape Town experience. We'll grab a coffee and talk origami and all things Cape Town and I'll fold something with you. If you're from out of town and are visiting Cape Town at some point, contact @traveldesigner for some details regarding the experience. #origami #traveldesigner
I can't think of a caption for this... you got anything? 🤔 #whiteonriceorigami #stopmotion #whiteonriceorigami
@instagramforbusiness just hit 1 million advertisers on @Instagram. That's quite a thing. There are so many alternative ways to start a business and put it to market these days and using social media is one of them. If you have an idea just put it out there and see what happens. You might just surprise yourself. Have a great weekend! #origami #stopmotion #whiteonriceorigami
Green penguins. That would be an awesome thing to see don't you think? Designed by Michael LaFosse. #origami #michaellafosse #whiteonriceorigami
My friend and legend origami artist @siphomabona taught me how to fold this Geisha he designed. Has a Princess Leia feel about it. #origami #geisha #whiteonriceorigami
I couldn't wait to share this! I worked with @tulipclean to help them launch their new coconut toothpaste... yes, I said coconut toothpaste. Cool huh??!! Go check out @tulipclean to find out more or visit tulipclean.com. And turn the sound on for this one 😁 #tulipclean #sponsored #origami
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