@nikkialbertyn and I ran down to the beach today to catch the sunrise. I really wanted to share how awesome it looked and all I could fold in time was a yellow crane 😋 #bali #origami #whiteonriceorigami
All origami fish are flammable Koi designed by Michael La Fosse #origami #koi #whiteonriceorigami
The idea behind this was to have the shadow as the crease pattern of the butterfly. Just tryna get creative over here. #WHPgeometric
I had the privilege of hearing @loyisomkize speak on Friday about his journey and his work and I was inspired to try something different. #origami #comic
Would you rather be made from wood or clay? 🤔 #whiteonriceorigami #origami Rose designed by @siphomabona
So here's a story for you... I was asked by a friend to help make a little promo stop motion video for a product they wanted to launch on @indiegogo. They called it Nimuno Loops. It's an adhesive toy block tape that you can use with the likes of @lego and various other blocks. Their goal was to raise $8000 in order to launch the product. Last week they hit $1 million and it's not stopping. If you want to check out the campaign there is a link in my profile. Or just google Nimuno Loops. Congratulations to the team! Another inspiring South African story! #indiegogo #stopmotion #stopframe
Green penguins. That would be an awesome thing to see don't you think? Designed by Michael LaFosse. #origami #michaellafosse #whiteonriceorigami
My friend and legend origami artist @siphomabona taught me how to fold this Geisha he designed. Has a Princess Leia feel about it. #origami #geisha #whiteonriceorigami
I couldn't wait to share this! I worked with @tulipclean to help them launch their new coconut toothpaste... yes, I said coconut toothpaste. Cool huh??!! Go check out @tulipclean to find out more or visit tulipclean.com. And turn the sound on for this one 😁 #tulipclean #sponsored #origami
Seeing as it's the month of love I thought I'd throw this one in there. Tag that lovely person in your life. Or if you wanna get risky, tag someone you'd like to have in your life (celebrities included) 😁 #origami #heart #whiteonriceorigami
A stop motion video I'm working on for a client. #stopmotion #animation #origami
If you could take only 1 thing and 1 person with you to an island, what and who would it be? I'd take some paper and @nikkialbertyn #origami #whiteonriceorigami
I spent the day being interviewed by the @cnnafrica team. The next time you see a short interview on TV, just respect how much work goes into it. Moving a truckload of equipment around, finding the right locations to shoot and making sure the shots look great is damn hard work. Thank you to @jomunnikcnn and her team for helping me tell my story. I feel honoured to have been asked to do this. I hope this story inspires at least one person to follow that whisper inside of them. #origami #cnn #africa
What would you do with your last dollar? #origami #dollarbill #pig Pig designed by @kadechan_origami
I was inspired by @almedapottery to create this. His account is so rad. Go check it out. Thank you @arlaalbertine for the tag 😁 #origami #whiteonriceorigami
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