The preliminary base is one of the most used origami bases. It's a square folded into a smaller square. It is also the foundation for a few other bases. Give it a go :) #origami #tutorial #whiteonriceorigami
😼 #whpimitation
Working on some new designs. Sometimes I surprise myself at how fast I work... #origami #whiteonriceorigami #timelapse
I'll let you caption this...
Merry Christmas 🎄😊 Pegasus designed by Robert Lang
So... are you a cat or dog person? #weeklyfluff #origami #cat
"Luke, I am your father... Christmas" So if you don't know, the new #starwars movie starts today! Tag your star wars buddies. Yoda designed by Fumiaki Kawahata #rougeone #yoda #origami
This little guy was awesome to fold. He needs a name please... looks like a Shaun but I'm open to other suggestions. #whpframeit Robert Lang's Turtle
3/3 The final piece that I did with @keithvlahakis. This collab was inspired by @keithvlahakis's rad illustration style that I'd seen on Instagram a while back. I hope you've had fun watching this project unfold(see what I did there?) #collab #origami #illustration
2/3 The second collaborative piece I did with @keithvlahakis. Keith is an illustrator based in Cape Town, the best town. Swing by on Friday to see the final piece. #collab #origami #illustration
Every week I find new accounts that inspire me. Go check out @rusticbones and get inspired. Leave your favourite account in the comments below so I can go check them out. Robert Lang's lizard. #origami #lizard #whiteonriceorigami
Dragonfly on black crease pattern. I designed this with a rectangular sheet, not the usual square. What do you think the crease pattern could be used for? #origami #whiteonriceorigami
My origami friend @alibhmni designed this origami flower. He calls it Flower X.⠀ He's one of the few origami artists and teachers in Iran. I wanted to share this model and to help him spread the origami word. Follow him here -> @alibhmni#whpinmotion
Happy world origami day!! Let's spread the word. Grab a piece of paper, fold it into something, post it, tag me in it and I'll swing by and have a look, I promise. Thanks @martybleazard for this rad origami lettering Aftereffects plugin! It's awesome. #origami #worldorigamidays #origamiday
What makes you share a post or tag a friend in it? I'd like to know. I will tag someone in a post if it makes me feel something or if I think they will appreciate it. Let me know your thoughts on this. I'm honestly interested. Robert Lang's KNL dragon
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