Lord I just wanna say thank you 😇
Thanks for having us @vusidiva the food was amazing 😬😄
On a Sunday @vernon_90 💫
Be you,the real you because all of you is beautiful even your bad needs to breathe 📍🌻🌹
Waking up to this smile,surely it's gonna be a good day I'm blessed 😍😘😍
@vernon_90 ❤️💙💕
Date night @vernon_90 @iamndaba @vusidiva @mohlatlegomoafuriwa 💃🍹
Best gift ever,thanks for the bible @vusidiva I love it 😘📖
When I'm with you my word is alright ❤️💙❤️
2016,What an emotional year i can not even write about it without my eyes being teary,everytime I hoped things were getting better they just got worse.i kept on asking myself if the Lord is punishing me,I've never prayed so hard in my whole life,never cried so much,I learnt so much about myself,learnt so much about people I've known my entire life. The people that were 'meant' to be there for me weren't but that's life...So many people showed me so much kindness these people will never know how much their kindness meant to me I'm greatful for such love.They say God does some of His best work when our hearts are broken I'm thankful for him showing me so much love and giving me strength to overcome what was meant to destroy me,2016 wouldn't be 2016 without the life lessons. Hello 2017 I'm ready for you 💃💞🙏🌴
Ro jena venda 🍹💃
Doing it the kasi style🍔🍗
Merry Christmas 🎄🎉🎊
Good morning😉
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