Spoke about my transeding self family @facebookny and @instagram last week. Spreading the love. #transisbeautiful #lgbtq #transgenderyouth #pride #facebook #instagram #nonbinary #genderqueer
One more by Request. Justin,8, and his brother. Transgender boy. Bay Area, calif. his mom -"in my heart I was sure too. When your child tells you something like that, you know it's real. You know in your heart they can't live any other way or they would not be able to be true to themselves. I told Justin I will always love you no matter what. Whether you are a boy or girl I will always love you! "Since Justin has become Justin he lets me hold him and cuddle with him. Before the transition he would barely let me touch him. I think that Justin is happier as a boy." #trans #genderqueer #pride #nonbinary #transkids #transgender #transgenderyouth #transformation #transisbeautiful #lgbtq
So I did this shoot for footwear news. All the kids in the shoot, except for Noah, who you see on the bottom left, are kids of people that work at the magazine. Because footwear news has awesome people working there, Mosha, asked me if a kid who happens to be trans would want to participate, so they can more inclusive. So adorable Noah,who is seven, on the bottom left, got to be a star for the day. He will be included in this project as well and you'll learn more about him in the future. This is what inclusion can be, and despite the horrors of our current administration, still gives me hope. @footwearnews @moshalundstrom #fashion #kidsfashion #trans #transkids #inclusion #girlgaze #sneakers #transgenderyouth #transgender
Leo,18, queer trans boy, NYC. Sharing his poem........ @geyavek . He is a brilliant artist poet and musician. one of his poems.. ......... Black boy With History like Her story So broke down Don't know its name or my name our yours (It was something ghetto she said) Do you find persona through screen? Validation in gleam and chrome Where you connect to kin? (Where you store your sores) Tell me /Black boy/ Where do you make your solace? A soft space within all this hardness I found a story in the watered lines on your fingernails Prayer in safe passage and a holy hellfire in the impressions they made Gods grace never burned so slow Aint seen ya like jump scare thought the hood might grab back but soft like pudding like lighting a match underwater like the fallacy of respectability You, Holy Like The ingenuity of Chitlins Gold from dust and gold to blood Seems like they'd sell just about anything these days on the back of a Blackman Like you sold your soul for soles Or was it your mama taught ya they bout the same price didn’t they? #trans #transgender #gay #blackboy #blackpride #ftm #lgbt #nonbinary #queer #strong #africanamerican #transyouth #transisbeautiful #transboy #girlgaze
Davi, 20, Gender neutral, Oakland, Calif. "In my experience being gender neutral, means that I feel very much in the middle and don’t always belong, but also I feel that I am always pushing the gender binary boxes out of the way to not let anything define me and that feels amazing. It is not always easy to be gender neutral because we live in a binary world and I can feel invisible. I try to be loud and proud, so people know I am here and gender neutral folk exist." #genderfluid #gender #nonbinary #genderqueer #genderneutral #trans #transgender #love #power #teens
Lilly,12, transgender girl, California. “While other kids are developing, you’re not. You’re either on hormone blockers or you don’t know what to do yet. Also, nobody really has a crush on you, because they think you’re weird or different because they think you’re really not the gender you are. “At the end of the day, people can say what they want about you, but the only voice that matters to you is yours. They just don’t struggle with the things we struggle with.” #transgender #trans #love #transisbeautiful #genderfluid #transyouth #genderqueer #transgirl #transcendingself #transkids #beautiful #strength
A few more days to catch @transcendingself on the @standardvision screen outside the @Marriott in Downtown LA. 10 min after the hour every hour. Till the 29. Thanks to @luciefoundation and @monthofphotola helping me share these beautiful #transgender and #nonbinary youth with #losangeles #trans #transisbeautiful #transyouth #transgender #genderfluid #love #photography #downtownla #genderqueer
Kyla and Mya, 18, Los Angeles, CA, non-binary twins Mya- "I think finding my gender has helped me be more open and true to myself. I hide who I am for the most part, but I’m learning how to open up.” Kyla-"growing up, I learned to keep my emotions and fears inside, and expressing my gender to others meant tearing down the walls I had built up around me...but, I am here, and I want the same as everyone else-to be loved, to be accepted, to be comfortable in my own body."#nonbinary #lgbt #genderqueer #transisbeautiful #trans #genderfluid
Chloe,20, Dublin Ireland, transgender female I understand that my gender does not define me or who I am. I refuse to let gender roles and female/male privilege control me. We have used gender for centuries to overpower each other and use our gender as an excuse to get out of doing things that we would prefer not to do. Your gender should not be effected in the workplace, in society, in bathrooms, in relationships. Your gender is your own personal identity. #trans #transgender #transisbeautiful #genderqueer #nonbinary #transgenderrights #lgbt
Azaj, 17, transgender girl, Oakland, CA. "I am a lover. I want to spread love everywhere I go. I want people to see me and think of my struggles. I want to be the reason people fight to be who they are. I love myself and I know who I am at the moment. I feel like I have a reason to live. I know I will do great things and I want to be the person that girls like me look up too. I no longer feel like I can’t do things, it’s more like how am I going to get it done." #transgender #nonbinary #trans #transkids #genderqueer #mtf #genderfluid #breakthebinary #transparent #transcendingself
Nathan, 19, Dublin, Transgender man. What do I want people to know about me? "I am trans, yes, but trans people are not *just* trans people. Being trans is not the sole thing that makes up my being. It is important and deeply necessary to have a full understanding of my story, but many people do not think of trans people outside of their being trans. As soon as someone's trans-ness is brought up, the individual becomes nothing more than "the trans person". I am trans, but I am also asexual, autistic, an actor, a singer, a playwright, an artist, a storyteller, a geek. There is so much more to me, but all many cis people see is "the trans person". I'm not saying my being trans isn't important, but it's not the only thing about me that there is, and I am still working on convincing the rest of the world that this is the case" #transgender #ftm #transparents #transkids #genderqueer #asexual #genderfluid
Zak,13 transgender boy, Isle of Wight England Zak's mom... I want them to know he is awesome. He has faced so many challenges in life, and somehow he's still standing. He's so strong, much stronger than he knows, and one day he's going to make someone an incredible husband/partner. I don't care whether people know he's transgender or not. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it just is. He's a person, he shouldn't be defined by his gender, none of us should be, he should be defined by his thoughts and actions. He's very caring, wise and mature and I'm so proud of him. #ftm #transcendingself #love #transgender #trans #transparents #transkids #genderqueer
See Ellie's story and others as I post to @opensocietyfoundations this week. #transkids #agender #transparents #transgender
My heart tells me I'm a boy and I'm coping it. This is Jay who is five. Best explication for being yourself I've ever heard. I'm posting on the open society this week. Please follow along. #transgender #nonbinary #agender #transkids
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