Summer with the Peters
another of Puma Blue @ Scala
King's, x May 2017
The moment C Duncan and band silenced Islington Assembly Hall by playing a completely acoustic song from the very front of the stage mid set. Check out more photos and some shots of Laura Groves + band over at The Line of Best Fit now
I wasn't a fan of this clown (literally and pejoratively) . First of all, can you really claim to be a clown when you aren't wearing clown make up 🤡? Secondly, he was slapping his volunteer's asses like it was going out of fashion. I'll give him one thing though; boy could that clown fly.
This Charlie Chaplin impersonator was in the courtyard of Covent Garden getting prepared to perform. I hid behind a pillar and started taking shots of him as he finished putting on his tramp costume. Just as he finished putting his gloves on he spotted me taking photos of him. With everyone else around unaware he proceeded to perform the briefest of routines, a mini demonstration of the physical comedy Chaplin impersonators make a living replicating to an audience of just one. Then, without either of us acknowledging what happened, he put his leg back down, pulled a bright blue iPhone 5c from his pocket, slumped against a pillar, and started texting.
Although I love reading I find it incredibly difficult to wrench my concentration away from fleeting thoughts in order to properly focus. Often I need to re-read paragraphs multiple times to actually process the words rather than reading without any real exchange of information occurring. This is a damning indictment on my concentration skills, however it's exciting to be reading regularly again. Anyway, here's a haiku I wrote on this subject. New music on the way soon.
Here are the lyrics to our latest release, Atoms. Visit the link in our bio to watch the video or find us on Spotify to stream.
Embankment, April 2017
Sun come up, it was blue and gold Ever since I put your picture in a frame
another Cigarettes After Sex shot for The Line of Best Fit
Cigarettes After Sex backstage at KOKO for The Line of Best Fit - see the rest of this set on their website.
inspirational quote
Dear friends, we're back. Please follow the link in our bio to hear the first single released from our new album The Nothing, Atoms.
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