Straight chillin with my villain 😎 @loganrae_hill 📸 @michaelstephenshank
Contemplating if I'm in heaven 💛
Tate the great ☀️💛
When Kirk makes you werk you gotta make Kirk werk 💪 @kirkmyersfitness @dogpound 📸 @michaelstephenshank
The secret for perfect salon hair every day, @lorealpro 💕#serieexpert #justforme #hairrecipe #powermix
I'm really bad at captions but basically this night was awesome and I want to post every pic so I must find some self control 🤗
My second Met Gala ✨ just as magical as the first and such an honor to attend. Thank you @houseofherrera for making me feel like a princess ❤️ and thank you to my team I couldn't do it without you @lesliefremar @daniellepriano @patrickta @michaelstephenshank
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY @chase_hill !!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 you are now officially an adult and I can't believe it!! It's been so crazy watching you grow up into the young man you are today, the one boy out of three girls (poor you) and not only that but the youngest of four! We constantly teased you and picked on you and even sometimes left you out just to bug you (Pretty much the second picture sums that up) but we love you sooooo much and you are so special to the three of us!! And considering you were constantly surrounded by women you are truly something special, I don't even know how you managed to turn out the way you did... But, here you are full grown and pretty fucking awesome, an amazing snowboarder, skateboarder, artist (you have some serious drawing skills) and a seriously chill dude. Which I have no idea how you turned out so chill because just to mention it again you were constantly surrounded by some pretty crazy and loud ladies, you're always down to do anything and just go with the flow and you're one of my favorite people to just go have a good time with. So Here's to being 18 and having so much more to still look forward to and I'm so lucky to be one of your sisters ❤️🎉 also thank you mom and dad for reading the book on how to have boy we really needed a brother. @jenhill8 @dg_hill
"Hi I'd like 2 beefy five layer burritos please" *insert me and Romee*
This blonde girl keeps following me around. 🇬🇧 @romeestrijd
Peace out Girl Scout ✌️ Coachella it was real, till next time
Fam bam
Day 2 ✌️
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