She Bad! @camerondallas 🔥 Pointillism portrait of Cam I recently did last month during my stay at hospital, I was sick af! Now feeling sad that I can't draw for almost two months because of school & exams, & soon my college is going to start & before going to college I'll surely watch "Outfield". I still remember before highschool I watched "Expelled" & all the rumours gone the same way it gone in the movie! Behind this all I wish all of you a really happy & peaceful weekend! Wishes & love! Xx #CameronDallas
Hey angles! Its been a really long time I made this drawing! So "Happy International Women's Day" ✏️ I represented this as "She wolf"! Let me explain this drawing with the quote that describes the specialty of wolf, "The power of wolf gets stronger &, stronger by all the hard times, & sharpness of life they face" same with woman! The more the hard time she face, the more she gets strong! Well tbh I made this drawing inspired from Sia's (@siathisisacting) song "She wolf"! I used that quote just to describe the meaning behind this portrait! It was the first time I used charcoal with pencils for hair & I'm really satisfied! Freaky love & respect to every women of this world! ✉️ X
Here's goes a pointillism portrait for the talented, handsome & charming Umair Jawal (@umairjaswalofficial) this took me too long to draw in such details, but one of my favourite & best one! A message of peace & love goes toward him! Regards – Tariq ❤️
"World is filled with colours, & here I'm filling black & whites" –Tariq's Life Is Art Besides art, I love myself too! ❤️
Diva Dangerous Woman🔪 @arianagrande ♪ So here's a really old, about last year pointillism drawing of one of the most beautiful & lovely girl Ariana Grande! She got a voice of an angel! "Dangerous woman" is honestly a really amazing album! It's going great & it's one of my favourite albums from last year & honestly I can't wait for your new single "Everyday". Wish you a really good luck girl thanks for your music, & we all love your impressions from your performances! Wish you a good time with Mac. Xx #ArianaGrande #DangerousWoman
Dear @manurios1234! ✒️ Here's something I made for you months ago, but sharing it today! So as your such a talented person, it would be nice to say that you'll be really huge one day when you'll start creating your own music, but still love your effort & must need to appreciate it! We both are on the same road so it's so nice to appreciate each other & spread kindness! Just few words to say keep inspiring, & keep the effort! Wish you best of luck for your future! Love –Tariq✉️ #Manurios #Art
Thank You by @meghan_trainor! Meghan Trainor is one of my favourite musician since she started making music back in 2014! From her album "Title" to "Thank You" all of the songs are really well artistically proven & should be appreciated more according to my opinion & taste in Bass/Pop music culture! Just can't stop listening to one of her best song "Better" from her latest album! This is a really quite old drawing of her from last year June/July! I can't remember properly! 🎨 I really hope @meghan_trainor will notice my drawing one day! Wish you all a really beautiful time out there! Wishes with you all ✉️ X #Meghantrainor #Music
Dear @instagram! Here's something I made for the amazing @Kevin as a tribute to thank him for creating such incredible application/website in which millions of people share their talents & introduce themselves to the world! Such an incredible way to connect people from all across the world through photos! Just as I'm an artist it is my responsibility to thank the person with the help of whom I'm here! I wish besides so many notifications & messages from people of all across the world you'll see my drawing of yours! So much love to @Kevin ✉️ Love – Tariq
♪ E M I N E M ♪ King of rap music world! @Eminem ❤️ I've no idea how this drawing looks? But still kinda in love! I really hope Eminem will notice my drawing! ㊙️ A man who is not afraid to love the way you lie! Can't wait for the day he'll drop his new album that'll be release in 2017 according to rumours! Hopefully they come real ㊗️ Wish you all a really lovely December ✴️ #Eminem #Rapgod #Kingofrap
Cristiano Ronaldo! Here's a really old drawing I made for the amazing @cristiano ♥️ I really can't express how much love this guy. He's always & forever will be an inspiration for me. This is really old drawing but kinda in love with this. I really messed a little & feel sorry about it. But I really hope if Ronaldo see's this he'll like it. A really special & wonderful wishes goes to him. Really want to say; he's such an amazing man. I really wish all of you a really happy & successful life.. I didn't came for thanksgiving this year & I really apologise about it. I'm bit busy in exams (Wish me good luck). Have a lovely weekend all. X #Ronaldo
"I'm still breathing, I'm alive" ❤️ Queen Sia @siathisisacting is one of my favourite musician! Her vocals & lyrics slay! I love the style she give the message of peace, praising lord, be strong, self-defense, unity & feminism by her music with incredible illustrated words. She is one of the reason I'm still moving on my life after falling apart! Just can't describe how her music gives me strength of following my dreams & make them to glory! Your a face behind diamond so better call you "Diamond Queen" thank you Sia for everything! Hope you'll see this message ❤️ With a lot of love –Tariq #Thisisacting #Sia #Queen
"When you touch my body got me singing like Mariah" A really old portrait of young & beautiful @Camila_cabello from @fifthharmony of her photo @algarinstudio ❤️ That's my girl! Hope she'll notice my drawing. It'll be great pleasure if you'll will help me let her see my drawing ❤️ a really huge fan of beauty queen like her! Hope you all will do good! #camilacabello #fithharmony
Illustration part 2! I guess I messed a little on this one! & I really need to focus on all the details! But still love this piece! Hope you all will enjoy this week with a lot of happiness & achievements! Love you all! ❤️ #Illustrations #Art