Feminism Fighter Queen "Christiana Aguilera" @xtina Pointillism! This is one of my favourite portrait! I've worked more than four weeks on this (Less than fifteen minutes per day) βœ’οΈ I'm really glad this gone well! Love Christiana music so much! She's one of my favourite female vocalist, & one the the biggest musician of the generation & all time! Legend of Pop culture of music! Thank you Christiana for being such an inspiration, love you & your music so much! #ChristinaAguilera
Thank You by @meghan_trainor! Meghan Trainor is one of my favourite musician since she started making music back in 2014! From her album "Title" to "Thank You" all of the songs are really well artistically proven & should be appreciated more according to my opinion & taste in Bass/Pop music culture! Just can't stop listening to one of her best song "Better" from her latest album! This is a really quite old drawing of her from last year June/July! I can't remember properly! 🎨 I really hope @meghan_trainor will notice my drawing one day! Wish you all a really beautiful time out there! Wishes with you all βœ‰οΈ X #Meghantrainor #Music
Happy new year "2017" Vibes! Hey wonderful people! So finally it's time to the end the year 2016! Believe it or not but it was quite hard year of my life, & there are many more to go, but I'm really happy it finally came to end! This gives me confidence that every problem of life isn't permanent! πŸŽ‰ So all my wishes goes with you beautiful people! Thank for supporting me, showing so much love, & the most importantly thank you for becoming a loved & soft part of my life! Here's something I made to start this new year. All my wishes goes with you people! Wish you a really happy start! Happy new year to all of you! #HappyNewYear
❄️ Jingle Bell alert ❄️ Sending Christmas wishes to all the people out there! I wish all your lovely & kind wishes will come to life, this Christmas ❄️ let's spread some love by showing kindness everywhere! Spread your glitter by helping & praying for others it can give a really positive impact to present or future of this world! I was waiting to share this pen and ink illustration from a really long time. Wish Santa will visit to check your wish list & come to see my drawing! πŸŽ… #merrychristmas #whpcometogether
Eid Milad-Un-Nabi greetings πŸŽ‰ Wish you all a really happy & peaceful lives! May Allah give all of us patience to handle all sorts of problems of our lives! Best wishes & prayers to all of you out there 🎈🎁May Allah bless all Muslims out there! Here's something I made of beautiful Khana Kaba! #EidMiladUnNabi
πŸ‘‘ Billboard Woman of the Year πŸ‘‘ Here's something for the Queen @Madonna . Congratulations for the "Billboard Woman of the Year" you truly deserves that. Rebel heart was such an flawless album with such wonderful hits! Have an incredible time with yourself & keep inspiring us. Wish you good luck for the future! I really wish you guys a really happy & incredible weekend! Have fun with you family & friends! Freaky love – TariqπŸ’• #Madonna #Queenofpop #Womanoftheyear
β™ͺ E M I N E M β™ͺ King of rap music world! @Eminem ❀️ I've no idea how this drawing looks? But still kinda in love! I really hope Eminem will notice my drawing! γŠ™οΈ A man who is not afraid to love the way you lie! Can't wait for the day he'll drop his new album that'll be release in 2017 according to rumours! Hopefully they come real γŠ—οΈ Wish you all a really lovely December ✴️ #Eminem #Rapgod #Kingofrap
♦️|Cristiano Ronaldo|♦️ Here's a really old drawing I made for the amazing @cristiano β™₯️ I really can't express how much love this guy. He's always & forever will be an inspiration for me. This is really old drawing but kinda in love with this. I really messed a little & feel sorry about it. But I really hope if Ronaldo see's this he'll like it. A really special & wonderful wishes goes to him. Really want to say; he's such an amazing man. I really wish all of you a really happy & successful life.. I didn't came for thanksgiving this year & I really apologise about it. I'm bit busy in exams (Wish me good luck). Have a lovely weekend all. X #Ronaldo
Hey Wonderful people out there! Remembering one year of a huge accident happened on this date #Parisattack One of the huge darkest day of human history. Its not only about Paris. Its about world! Every year we all have to face so many huge disasters & accidents that really kills humanity. Let's pray for our world together, the only reason I named this drawing "Pray for our World" Wish you all a really good time out there ❀️ #Prayforworld #Peace #World #Humainty
#Halloween is here! Its 31st October! The time to celebrate all the monsters spells we waited for entire year! I'm spooking some Halloween spells, & enjoying all the Halloween costumes, people made with creative minds! ❀️ Just a bit curious to know what is your favourite Halloween costume or what you wore this Halloween? Here's a little monster doodle I made days ago for the Halloween! Happy Halloween & welcome November ❀️ #halloweencostume #whpsupernatural
Fashion icon @Caradelevingne is forever & will always be an inspiration ❀️ A real stylistic & iconic image & huge inspirational role model for me! I'm practising her portraits from a really long time! This is one of a sneak a peak pencil portrait of her I made months ago! Just wrapped it here because I think it looks so beautiful & more classic & I'm quite agreed with the results! Hope you all will do good! Wish you all a really happy & wonderful time there. #caradelevingne #fasion #icon
"I'm still breathing, I'm alive" ❀️ Queen Sia @siathisisacting is one of my favourite musician! Her vocals & lyrics slay! I love the style she give the message of peace, praising lord, be strong, self-defense, unity & feminism by her music with incredible illustrated words. She is one of the reason I'm still moving on my life after falling apart! Just can't describe how her music gives me strength of following my dreams & make them to glory! Your a face behind diamond so better call you "Diamond Queen" thank you Sia for everything! Hope you'll see this message ❀️ With a lot of love –Tariq #Thisisacting #Sia #Queen
Illustration part 2! I guess I messed a little on this one! & I really need to focus on all the details! But still love this piece! Hope you all will enjoy this week with a lot of happiness & achievements! Love you all! ❀️ #Illustrations #Art
Hey beautiful people! So I decided to share my drawings with you guys! Here's a random doodle I did months ago & decided to share here on my Instagram! Its my first post ❀️ hope you'll will do good this upcoming weekend. #Art #illustration