Where you'd rather be on a scorcher like today! Gotta love summer 😅☀ī¸
The endless river đŸ”ŧ ... So this place definitely lives up to its name
Solo exploring hidden gems of Main Range National Park. 🍃 Being alone in pure nature is the most refreshing thing I can think of doing.
Sunset from the top of one of the many rocky headlands that are scattered along the Coffs Coast. Obviously the person that named Emerald Beach was colourblind 🙃
Cinematic BNE
Shot the shooter 📷
NYE is just kicking off here in Australia, hope everyone has a fun filled (and safe) night! Currently on my way into the city tonight to catch the fireworks 📸 This photo was taken exactly one year ago when I managed to score myself a prime position on the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Catchya on the flip!
What do you call a building that lacks habitable space between levels? Flawless 😏
Spent sunset in the company of a couple of rowdy locals.. Oh and I saw a couple of kangaroos too 🤔
Ceiling zero
Adventures are calling... Exploring the Blue Mountains, NSW
The weather was against us for the last couple of days, but the mood was turned all the way up to 11.. Currently coming off the back of two successful @ozshotmag meetups, cheers everyone who came along 🙏đŸŧ Got plenty of epic photos to come so stay tuned #ozshotsydney
Currently on my way to Sydney to host two meets with @ozshotmag over three days. If you're around Sydney tomorrow afternoon we will be down at Bradleys Head from 6pm, anyone is welcome to come! Hope to see some of you there 🤘đŸŧ
Starting to feel like Brisbane is copping an entire years worth of storms in 5 days 🌩ī¸ One from last nights efforts, shooting off the side of a bridge during a downpour
Spitting straight flames
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