Immersed in nature 🍃 The waterfalls in the South of New Zealand are next level. @purenewzealand @ozshotmag
Moogerah; damn 🤣
Head in the clouds... ⛅️ Mornings to remember in Bald Rock National Park with good views and good company 👌🏼 ... Want to know how to achieve these tones and colours? This photo is edited with my 'golden' preset, available in my pack which is for sale on the @ozshotmag store! Message me for a link
'Dare to be different' 🏄🏼 Peak hour on the crystal clear waters of the @goldcoast, it doesn't get much better than this! 👌🏼
Zenith 🌊🌏 @visitnsw @ozshotmag
Is this the prettiest suburban street in Australia? Autumn colours in Tenterfield, NSW. 🍂 @nehighcountry @visitnsw #ilovensw
Winding through cane fields 〰️ Grafton, NSW This section of the Pacific Highway is the last remaining single lane section, the new dual carriageway being constructed is visible in the background, due to be completed in 2020.
There's just something so captivating about ocean pools that make then so enjoyable to shoot, whether that be from water level or from above. 🚁 It's pretty ironic that 'the sunshine state' that is Queensland only has about 3 on it's 7000km coastline whereas our southern cousin has over 100 of the beauties... #qldneedsmoreoceanpools #mynewcastle
Exploring an abandoned train tunnel in the middle of nowhere late at night with no lights except phones when we heard fireworks going off at the other end of the tunnel 😬 More than a little unnerving... PS, go follow @ozshotmag get us over the line to 10k!
My type of Byron lineup 🌊👌🏼 @visitnsw #iloveNSW
Split toned Ocean.. Crossing the Tweed Bar ⛵️
New beginnings... 🌌 Hope everyone had a great Easter! This is a composite of two shots I took the other night (yes the shooting star is real 😝) Check out my story if you would like to see how I edited this! #iloveNSW
Follow the light.. 🤘🏼 Hope everyone has a rad long weekend, I'm keen to finally be able to pick up the camera and get out again. New content coming soon!
Hokitika Gorge, Westland NZ. Unfortunately when we visited the usually vivid blue water was a dull grey. Good thing I had a drone, as I was able to capture the Gorge from a different angle. 🏞️
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