One of the most peaceful places to watch the sun rise. First light over Smoky Cape on the Mid North Coast of NSW.
The road less travelled... This tunnel is probably very familiar to a lot of people from ground level, see if you can recognise the location from this angle 😏
Follow the light.. 🤘🏼 Hope everyone has a rad long weekend, I'm keen to finally be able to pick up the camera and get out again. New content coming soon!
Moments of serenity in the Northern Rivers.. 🌿 Literally 24 hours after this photo was taken, Northern NSW was hit by a deluge of rain, received over 500mm, the dam we were standing on would have been overspilling and the area suffered major flooding. It's kind of a strange feeling though looking back at these photos from such a still morning, when we had no idea what was about to happen; couldn't have timed it any better.
OzShot Sunshine Coast meet, 1.4.17 (swipe to see full series) Best community of photographers you'll ever meet. @ozshotmag #ozshotmag #ozshotsunnycoast
Ghost ship ⛴️ 👀
House of the rising sun 🌞
Forest runs... 🍂🍃 Springbrook looking moody as ever.
Winding through the valley, one of the classics 🏞️ If you only do one hike in NZ, I would definitely recommend the Hooker Valley track.
Highway aesthetic (can you spot the 🚗s?)
Post storm clarity. 🌥️ My favourite weather to shoot in, bring on more!
Afternoon escapes to the Scenic Rim 👌🏼🌞
Noosa always providing the goods! Had the entire beach to ourselves for sunrise, couldn't think of a better way to start the day 🤘🏼🌞
Casually doing a quick live video on the top of Roys Peak, what a time to be alive 🤘🏼 Unfortunately I didn't get the light I was after at this spot, so it looks like I will definitely be returning at some stage 😎
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