Today I'm not just happy but so thrilled and excited! First my buddy and inspiration @ehovu ask me to help him photograph a book cover and then I spent 4 hours filming a club promo 🎉 and after their practice when we took this photo together I got to know that all of them have been following me for some time 😍 Thanks for today #wonderwhatawaitstomorrow
Monday - New week, new possibilities @emmylindgren #rhythmicgymnastics #smoke
Happy weekend ❤️🙌 Elin and Ellen @rhythmicgpics #rhythmicgymnastics
I don't miss Sweden beside family, friends and some people I worked with several times. Without these two hyped gymnasts, alway down to create I would most probably not have kept doing this as much 🙌🎉🎁 one of our pictures reached 100k likes two days ago on @instagramru 🎉 High 5 and big up to Elin & Ellen @rhythmicgpics, hope to create soon again! #rhythmicgymnastics
Happy Sunday @aliciafernandez29 #rhythmicgymnastics #tibidabobarcelona
@yuliamiralmar last summer #fuengirola #malaga #rhythmicgymnastics
Just reached Gothenburg after spending a few days filming up in snowy, magical mountains around in Norway 😍 have had a blast (and cold feet). @fridaevelinapersson, taken in Sitges, Spain.
Spring heat is in the air, I look forward to start photographing a lot more 🙌 @adelina_fominykh.
I got some great film footage at @missvalentinegymnastics! Gymnast: @pauline_krivchun?! thanks to the event, coaches, parents, gymnasts and participants who brought the heat and good energy. I had a awesome week! Ps. I did not photograph but just had to try it out 😂❤️🕊️
Ellen & Elin @rhythmicgpics "An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience." - Mitch Hedberg #rhythmicgymnastics #stockholm
Where are you from?
This year has started of great! Working hard, booking sessions and Miss Valentine is confirmed ❤️🎉 loving 2017 so far! Thanks for following #rhythmicgymnastics
Many of my all time favourites are taken with this stunning gymnast, Ellen ❤️
Had no idea how passionated I would become when this journey first started 😂 the biggest reason I kept going was this community. I have never studied photography or funny enough barely used my camera beside these sessions. After many ups and down during several year I now feel mature and ready to grow and learn from my mistakes. 2017 - work hard, reach my fully potential at both work, as a photographer, in life, family and friendships. It's time to wake up, love myself, what I do, the results and as always YOU! Ps. Forgot to centre the image and it's totally bugging me out hahaha let's see if I'll be able to keep or delete 😓😅😂
Happy Sunday 🎈 We get one shot at this life. I can say we will regret the risks we were too afraid to take, the things we didn't say, the love we withheld, and the moments we let slip away! Don't live for tomorrow, live today. #poledance
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