Blue otter pops were always my favorite
Gladiators' view entering one of the first roman amphitheaters. Originally built in the 1st century BC 😳
"The nightman cometh" 🌙😏
When "one more photo" actually ends up being the best one 😆
The moments in life you'll never forget
SoCal sunsets 🌅 Last rays of light reflecting off the tide pools in laguna Huge congrats to my brother @jdpegan and Mary Dickson (she's the one walking over the tide pool) on giving their PhD defenses and graduating from UC Irvine!!
Watch out London, you're about to get @antoniarose_ when she starts her MBA at LBS next year! Excited to make to LOTS of visits 🇬🇧😊
If she looks back, it means she's into you 😄
These stripes of color 💈 from Dante's View after an impromptu 8-hour roadtrip to the hottest, driest, lowest US national park
Several trips and I'm still finding new gems in "the city of a thousand spires" 🏰
Post-currywurst hiking goals in the elbe sandstone mountains
Black Forest, Germany - where fairy tales come from 🌠
Light speed is too slow. We're going to have to go right to LUDICROUS speed!
Thanks to my little sister @kpegan for running two peaks down the mountain for this 👸
Spied through the trees, this Disney-esque castle in Germany💫
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