Hiking with the older brother - Learned crater lake is a collapsed volcano 🌋😳 Also what mars looks like, probably 😉
Serengeti or Northern California? 🦁 Happy New Year! This year was beyond incredible - Here's to an even better 2017 🥂🎉
New house goals 🏡 Looks like something lemony snicket dreamed up
Looking toward 2017 like 😳
Watch out London, you're about to get @antoniarose_ when she starts her MBA at LBS next year! Excited to make to LOTS of visits 🇬🇧😊
Do I really NEED to go back to work? 😂
More Death Valley ☠️ and this cloud's heartbeat at sunset ☁️💗
Several trips and I'm still finding new gems in "the city of a thousand spires" 🏰
Post-currywurst hiking goals in the elbe sandstone mountains
Feel you, Britain
This half-frozen lake tucked away in the Italian alps
Hiking around Lake Eibsee with @ellekaiser she spied this house shrouded in trees and fog across the lake Shout out to @theimaged for yesterday's feature! Really made my night 🙌
Spied through the trees, this Disney-esque castle in Germany💫
San Francisco skyline, pre-Salesforce tower 🏙️
Crisscross applesauce
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