The turquoise waters off Channel Five Bridge in the #Florida #Keys. Photo by @morismoreno. More from @imjasondiamond on his road trip through the state at
A fisherman on #LakeJackson makes one of his last casts before sunset at Jackson View Landing on Highway 27 North in #Tallahassee. Photo by @swingtradr. More from @imjasondiamond on his road trip through the state at
#Sissinghurst Castle, near Cranbrook, Kent, is one of Southeast #England’s gems. More on the spot where the legendary Bloomsbury Group congregated. Photo by @andyhaslamphoto.
The farmers’ market, commonly called Naplavka, on the Rasinovo Nabrezi embankment south of Old Town in #Prague. In recent years, the Czech capital has embraced its natural beauty, especially the #Vltava River, which slides through the city like a serpent. Photo by @milan_bures. More from this week’s special issue on our favorite European waterside spots at
Scenes from #Santander, #Spain, where we sent @danirodriguesphoto for our special issue on some of Europe's finest waterside spots. More at [Note: post replaces one from last week, which we took down for technical reasons.]
#Brighton — now nicknamed London-on-Sea — has been home to several famous piers. Today the Brighton Palace Pier, opened in 1899, is Britain’s most popular. @andyhaslamphoto shot it for this week’s special issue on our favorite waterside spots in Europe. More at
The #Oudegracht in #Utrecht. Created in medieval times, the city’s canal system was used for trade and transport of cargo, and the wharves led on to cellars used for storage. Today, they have been adapted to serve as houses, restaurants and cafes. Photo by @ilvynjio from this week’s special issue on Europe’s watery gems. More at
Your end of week moment of zen: Waves breaking on the shoreline at #Vernazza, #CinqueTerre. We sent @sw_photo to the Italian town for this week’s special issue on our favorite watery gems in Europe. More at
Two kayakers pass through the canals in #Utrecht. The Dutch town’s canals have a different look and feel from those elsewhere in the #Netherlands. Notably, they have wharves, which means boats can glide right up to the side and dock. More on the watery gems of Europe, with photos by @ilvynjio and others, at
A footbridge Parc des #Buttes-Chaumont in #Paris. Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel) designed the metal-and-wood bridge that spans the artificial lake and leads to the marquee attraction: a jagged mountainous island topped by a Roman-style temple. Photo by @alex_cretey_systermans. More on our favorite watery destinations in Europe at
The seaside village of #Vernazza, in #CinqueTerre, with its curving harbor and jumble of pastel buildings the size of Legos from this height, is perched in a spot where nature intended nothing but towering cliffs dropping into the Mediterranean. Photo by @sw_photo; more from this week’s special issue on Europe’s waterside gems at
Scenes from #PlitviceLakes National Park in #Croatia, captured by @sw_photo. (Swipe left for more.) Established in 1949 and named a Unesco World Heritage site in 1979, this chain of 16 lakes, 80 miles south of Zagreb, is the crown jewel of the country’s oldest and largest national park. More on the watery gems of Europe at
Where in the world are we? 🔍🌎 Video by Andreas Meichsner for this week's special Europe issue, with an on-the-water theme.
The (leaning) Church of San Martino on the island of #Burano, in the #VenetianLagoon. Photo by @sw_photo.
Squid noodles with apple and oyster at Cure, on Keong Saik Road, in #Singapore. More on the emerging neighborhood, with photos by @laurynishak, at
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