There's nobody like you and there's nothing like a mamas love. Happy 7th Birthday, Eleanor. 🎈💟
Today is my girl Eleanor's 7th Birthday and she's hosting her 4th Annual Food Drive to celebrate. 🎈🌱🎯 She took this box to school yesterday to collect donations. A few students asked her what the box was for and she got to share why she's collecting food. 1 in 8 Americans struggle with food insecurity. Food insecurity is harmful to all, but it's particularly devastating to children. Let's help! Her classmates have all week to contribute to the Food Drive and then she will tally the donation and deliver to The Friendship Center, our community food pantry. Do one thing for a better world; no action too small and kids love to help. We are very proud of Eleanor. 💕 #fooddrive
Coffee snap ☕️ kids are all....wheeeeeee so good! They're my coffee loving cuties 💕✌️ #morningslikethese #allegrocoffee
🎇🎇 Friday, March 24th Shop Whole Foods Market Lakeview at 3201 N Ashland and you'll support my darlings, Eleanor & Estella's Chicago Public School🎇🎇 Bread. Wine. Produce. Bulk. Chicago Instagram friends, save all your grocery shopping for next Friday! Whole Foods Market Lakeview is giving back to 5 schools as part of their opening week celebrations. They will be donating 1% of their net profits on Friday, March 24th to our school. The more shoppers that shop at Whole Foods Market on Friday, March 24th the greater the donation to our school. What an incredible give back, you will feel good doing good, I promise! The fundraiser goes all day long, simply by grocery shopping for your weekly essentials - you will be helping to give back to our community. We hope to see you there, post a pic and tag @wholefoodschi 📷🌱
Perfectly imperfect. We are standing in a room full of elementary school parents flexing our voices 🎤 and dance moves in the coolest basement; which uniquely feels like we stepped back into college days. 💕 These gatherings deepen our friendships and are a giant bonus to growing our community. I love this place, support Chicago Public Schools 💫 @chancetherapper #wildaboutwaters #mychicagopix #supportCPS
Atomic blast overnight and the kids couldn't be happier ❄️❄️ instantly noticing how different everything looked covered with white. I grew-up with snow and can't imagine living in a climate without it. #mychicagopix
May your Sunday be full and your coffee hot. ☕️💕🍀
Woohoo another @chatbooks arrived, I can't wait to show the kids! Pictures say a thousand words. The girls will always feel my love from their hearts and these simple life moments they can hold in their hands. I'm happy ☑️📷 Friday! What plans do you have this weekend? Do you intend to take photos? #holdwhatmatters
This had me all wow ☀️👆😍 mom perks while the kids are in class. 💫 #mychicagopix
Gushing Gratification | Eleanor's1st research project in 1st grade. Memorable for all of us even her sister Estella, who was motivated to join and create planet Earth. I've got mama amazement 😍 perpetual joy is circling me like the rings around Saturn. Mondays this brilliant and satisfying must be held 📷🌟🌿💫💕 #makeportraits #lifeandthyme
F A M I L Y joy is the greatest gift. We invited our kids downtown for lunch to share in our 10 yr anniversary celebration 💟 remember this moment girls! 😘😘
"Mom, we don't wear ties this is crazy!" Yes, the Virgin Hotels are beyond eclectic and cool. 🌈💟 #whpcolorful
10 year + this 💘💘 #family
10th Anniversary splendor. This hotel and our friends who helped make our weekend memorable are everything ❤️ #love
Open AIR 💨 February ❤️ happy hour on repeat 💫 find your locale and pinch me harrrrrrd because this doesn't seem real ☀️🎇☀️ #mychicagopix
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