Show a little happiness 🎉 #wemadeittotheweekend #boomerang
come together #mychicagopix
as the rain smashed against my face, I felt everything and saw this beauty, mingling with danger. sooooo bitter cold 🌀❄️ #winter #boomerang
We made it to the weekend 🎉🙌 have a safe and beautiful one 💕 #boomerang #wemadeittotheweekend #thatsdarling
Live boldly. Estella shared she was secretly scared, but at 5.5 she learned to trust and take a risk making today unforgettable. The Skydeck is amazing! #skydeck
Pre-partying a spectacular girl's half birthday. At 5 1/2 it is her magnetic joy, independence, kind heart, cuddle style, squirrel eating infectious smile that wins everyone over! Love you, Estella-bella-mozzarella 💟🍪🎇
Anticipation 🎅 #km_christmas
I took advantage of a free afternoon to explore the city with Eleanor and Estella. An immense feeling of holly jolly came over us (perhaps after candy canes were distributed 😜) We are together! I am present. No item on a to-do list can't wait. These moments build my heart and a lifetime. 💟🌲🎀 #mychicagopix
Strike a pretty pose Estella 🌷 #aerialdancechicago
Eleanor crushing it in the middle of the screen, dancing with slings. 🎈🎆
Thorowing snow until hands froze! Stunning scene last night and I love when we wake up to sunny skies and the whitest snow. Good Morning! 😍 #mychicagopix
Coupe glass and snow gazing #whpframeit ❄️
Like two darling sweet ladies Lara and I stitched towel designs for hours 🎆🎉 @lpres76 you are the funniest + most outrageous + beautiful woman. Thank you, I couldn't have done this without you! 💟💫😘🎅💋❄️ #handmade
Favorite mornings #familylove #mywildbliss ☕️❄️😘
Safety in numbers 🎅🎅 best Santa ever! #whpmagic
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