Our last day today. It will be hard to leave this place but my goodness, I'm missing my babies bad now 👨👦. We are on that awful midnight flight home so going to make the most of the sunshine while we can ☀️🏊🏻‍♀️🌊🍹🍺 #theannavilla #theloop #canggu #bali #baliindonesia
The first morning without rain for days...and nothing but warm nights. Our last night has consisted of beers at @oldmansbali, margaritas, Mexican, walks and bintangs and beats at @deustemple. #hardlife #canggu #theannavilla
Canggu vibes...our own villa with private pool within a small eco resort. The bamboo structure and thatched roof is pretty amazing, housing the infinity pool and the restaurant (And no children allowed #sozkids) #canggu #canggubali #bali #theannavilla #balibible #balidays
Lunch yesterday at one my fave places to eat in Bali 🐳🎪 It's not hard to eat well here, the food is amazing. Hubby and I just had a wonderful massage, now out for dinner. It's a hard life! 💁🏻#eatsleepswimrepeat #seacircus #myweekoffood #festivalofforty #childfreeholiday #luckyducks
Waking up in the island of the Gods 🌴🌊🍹☀️#festivalofforty #serenitynow #bali #balidays #happyweekend #timeforanothercocktail
The look of a woman about to board a plane for a week away to a warmer climate...the #festivalofforty well + truly continues! 🌴☀️🍹🌊💆🏻🎈#vacaystartsnow #canyouguesswhere
Being contacted by Channel 4 in the U.K. to film Max and Lola's rooms for a new interior design series...only to realise you are in Australia, and not the U.K. Wahhhhh!!!! 😭 Oh well! It's a massive compliment all the same. This is Lola's room, designed and styled by me. If you are after a design for your little one I would love to help! My e-design services are available worldwide. Have a look at the link in my bio for more info 😊#myminiabode #myminiabodenursery #childrensinteriordesign
Sorry/not sorry for the selfie spam 😱 but hey, it's my birthday so I'll post if I want to 💁🏻 What could be better than spending a public holiday in the sunshine at a winery in the picturesque Adelaide Hills drinking bubbles and sharing laughs with the dearest of friends? Not much. My cup? Filled that baby right up to the top today ☕️🔝#bestday #festivalofforty #fortyandfabulous #amireallyforty!
Truth // I have really mixed feelings with how much to share on social media. Sure, it's easy enough to share what I did on the weekend and the boring, the mundane and happy parts of motherhood and life in general. But, my private life is my private life. I don't feel the need to share everything (and I don't). It's not about not being authentic or "real". There is a real life that goes on behind these squares that is just for me, my family, my friends. But, yet, sometimes, I go to a place where I feel like shouting from the roof tops. Today is my birthday. I will be honest and admit it's been a struggle. For people that haven't experienced loss a birthday is about joy and happiness and excitement. For those that have experienced loss, like myself, birthdays just aren't the same. God how I wish it was different. My actual birthday brings with it some pretty traumatic memories (two years ago today, on my birthday, my brother was put in an induced coma). Grief comes in waves like the ocean and today a huge wave crashed over me. I wish my life was innocent and joyful like it was before my brother passed away. I really envy others that walk through life without pain, without grief, and loss. Don't get me wrong, I feel incredibly blessed for another birthday and for all that I have. I am not about complaining about my age...I think it's an absolute privilege to be growing older! I'm not writing this for sympathy or pity but just to share that everyone has a story, and this is mine. The laughter, the fun, the champagne, the embraces from family and friends, the celebrations, they start this weekend 🙌🏻 Because, after all, it is the Queen's birthday 👑💁🏻☺️ #fortyandfabulous #happybirthdaytome
A fun little shoot this morning in preparation for some celebrations this weekend. Oh what fun! It's going to be filled with food, fun, family and friends. Oh and lotsa 🥂❤️🌈🎈#thebest #birthday #lifeiscolorful #balloons #nothingisordinary #ourportadl #dsrainbow #myminiabode_lola #countryroadstyle #bansky #theweekoninstagram
Interiors Inspo // Mustard + Ply a match made in heaven. Not to mention the grey tones. These colours work well in a boy or a girls room. Just add hits of mint for a boy like here and blush accessories for a girl. Love this @plyroom 👏🏻 #interiorsinspo #interiorsobsessed #plyroom
From our magical morning today at @carrick_hill...see previous post ✨🍃🍂#WHPgetaway #CarrickHill #makingmemories #livethelittlethings #myminiabode_lola #mummyanddaughter #myweekofcandid #fms_besties
One of the things I love about where I live is it only takes a short drive to take you slightly off the beaten track, yet still be close to home 🍃🍂 Lola and I spent a magical morning at @carrick_hill and I'm embarrassed to admit I don't think I've ever been here. We walked the Story Book Trail which is such a great thing to do with kids. We explored the gardens, shared lunch and soaked in the winter sun. Next time I'm bringing the boys and packing a picnic. It is such a fantastic thing to do with the family and Carrick Hill estate has such a fascinating history (the land the estate is on was a wedding present for the marriage of members of two of Adelaide's most prominent and wealthy families)...I think it might be worthy of a blog post. Can't wait to go back soon ✨#WHPgetaway #CarrickHill #Adelaide #whereilive #heapsgood #southaustralia #myweekofcandid #myminiabode_lola #mummyanddaughter #fms_local
I suffered from a massive case of the CBF's today 😴. Completely unmotivated on this cold, wet and wintery day. So, I went shopping for bathers 😂🙈 As you do! Makes total sense, right? Not sure what was more confronting...trying on bathers or taking off 23 layers to do the former! But, two pairs for under $100 #winning. Because, one might need 👙for a warmer climate 😉#nobikinishere #onepiecealltheway #needtolosethebabyweight #babyisnearlytwo #oops
I thought if I gave her a mini Easter egg to unwrap herself I would have the luxury of time to take some shots. I got 6. Ha! She unwrapped, ate and scooted right outta there in no time!🏃🏻‍♀️😂// On another note, after about 4 years of umming and erring what to do with this small space (at the end of our hallway) in our open plan living/kitchen I'm finally happy with how it's turned out. Loads of storage and a place for pretty things. So far, no permanent texta marks 🙈 (this one ☝️ cannot be trusted!). ✨ Hope you guys had a fab weekend. Netflix (new Bloodline eps! Yaaaas! 🙏🏻) and heater cranked, purrfect 🔥#netflixandchill #notthatkind #pocketofmyhome #myhome #hbmystyle #myweekofcandid
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