This Morning I jumped out of bed. Oh trust me, Literally Jumped out with such a jolly, happy and a grateful heart! The way the Lord has shielded me and Kept me far far from ugly experiences, Days of struggle. I have never had to question his existence. EVER! and I am just soooo grateful. I am a witness that He takes care of His won, undeserving as I am! I urge you all to take courage that He has you always despite what you are facing! Count it all joy, Keep yourself in a happy place by how you take things in!
Singing Mode trying me this morning, Song in my heart. Mama I want to stop 😭😭😭.
Day 2 of Do nothing 🙈 Sitting in the yard enjoying the morning Sunshine. The problem about these days is when I dont work I have too much energy, I dont know what to do with myself. I ddnt sleep at all lol even went out for breakfast Part 1 at 6 am 🙈. Good Morning and Happy Thursday eerybawdi 😊😊😊
Thought I should try this trend too...... my favorite @drtumisang song
💔💔💔💔💔 So heart broken this morning. Lord I trust you to be a healer over @thatdudedeon. Praying for you and your family bro! Now the victory we sing about, we're about to live it! #CancerSucks #PrayForDeonKipping
Oh Lord have Mercy!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
I never ask it back but they have the nerve to be dissapointed when they ask again and I refuse.
The way God keeps on making away for me!!!!!! Gets me everytime!!!! Thank you Lord!!! Still dont know why the most impossible to me is the one you get me with all the time!!! Unto you oh God I extend my gratitude and recognise your unfailing Love and goodness over me!!!
Mine is Madea's Halloween.... lets hear yours, im already Laughing at the comments before I see them!
When 2 or 3 gather. He shall be there. I felt him this morning 😇😇😇😇😇
Back from ze Church. So refreshed!!! Hope Y'all had a good one 😇
MD duties.....
Aint tryna write no Social media love letter. U know I love you. Happy birthday Wewe 😍🎀🏮🎉🎁🛍️🎈🎐🎎
But If we or one between us decides we are staying away from each other, Lets stick to that no matter what. Im too old to be entertaining regrets from the choices made previously especially when one of us figures being apart is not working for them. We used to survive before each other, we probably will do just fine after!!!
Takin a walk....... uVanD sisambulala simfaka iFoil manje simyisa eMortuary, we will cremate him bese siphakela izinja zakwamakhelwane. Feeling like a million dollars.
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