What a whirlwind trip for #nbcupfronts! Happy to be home and finally get over this cold and also.... kinda ready to get back to work! Sadly we don't start until July.... 🙁.
Here are some of us on our @theuso tour of @jbmdl. Thank you to all of service men and women we met that took time off to show us around and also work so hard & make so many sacrifices to keep our nation safe. #betheforce
Pearson pride. Love these guys. 💥🎬❤️
Back at it with the fam. #thisisus #nbcupfronts
This was from nearly one year ago, when @nbcthisisus was picked up to series and I walked the red carpet with these guys for the first time (where we collectively scratched our heads trying to explain the concept of our show without revealing anything). I can't even begin to comprehend how much life has changed over the course of these past 12 months but I sure am super grateful. Can't wait to celebrate 2 more seasons with the entire cast next week. #bestjobever #thisisus
😳 Well, that's pretty cool. #jeopardy #thisisus
Aaaaaaannnnndddddd scene. Life. Made. Thanks @tommylenk. We're not worthy. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (cc: @streicherhair @ecduzit @jennstreicher)
Happy 60th (!) Birthday to my mama. She's not on the 'gram but I love her and she's worthy of celebration today and every day!! 💕💕💕
Not the world's greatest photo but geez, the highlight of my evening was hanging with these ladies. Listen- these big events are an anxiety fest for some of us. I was flying solo and knew not a soul but they kindly took me under their wing. What a pair of inspiring, grounded, kind women they both are. I felt lucky to be in their company. 💗
What a day! Wish we could have stayed longer but thank you to the people of #pittsburgh and the entire @steelers organization for the hospitality. Can't wait to come back soon with the rest of the cast (and hopefully shoot some scenes for #thisisus 😉). #steelernation
We're coming for ya, Pittsburgh! We can't wait to see all of you @steelers fans tomorrow at @heinzfield for #fanblitz! #herewego #thisisus
It's finally happening! Nearly 2 years ago, @claireholt and I spent 2 months underwater in both London and the Dominican Republic to shoot #47metersdown. It's a race against the clock thriller, complete with sharks and a rapidly dwindling supply of air. Pretty much my nightmare. 🦈🦈🦈 Coming to a theatre near you on June 16th.
NBD, @markobrienforeal and I are total action movie pros now. #thedarkestminds
My very first professional photoshoot. The powers that be let me take it home after the shoot and I thought I was just the COOLEST rocking my favorite CD singles on my cross-body discman. #tbt #1999
Wow @people- you know how to make a lady feel good. I'm honored to be included on this list with so many talented and beautiful humans. Check out the #mostbeautiful issue on stands next week- April 21st. 📷 by @jerseyjim1453
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