denim diaries
Family time = extreme spoons #boomerang #boomerangoftheweek
Number 20 on the field, number 1 in our hearts 😉 ⚽️ #prattinstitute #cannoneers
we'll find somewhere the streets are paved with gold
one point eight
young love
b r o o k l y n
I wish the Happiest Birthday to my cutie Julie 😘 I can think of no better way than to spend the day watching Penn State BEAT Maryland!! I am so happy that I got to spend the weekend with you and the family. The night has just begun 🎉 love you so much 😘
All we were missing was @kladidas on this beautiful day 🍂🍁🍃
it's not hell. there's way too many angels in the atmosphere
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night ✨
Black and Gold Style 🏈
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