Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Lots of love!
Season seven #workaholics tonight! I'm not in it but these dudes are and they fuckin rock. 🤘
Merry Christmas! #thatsnotcreepy #yesitis
#Repost @chrishemsworth with @repostapp ・・・ The unsustainable production of palm oil is pushing orang-utans to the brink of extinction •On November 25 a ministerial vote will finally take place to decide if palm should be labelled by law in Australia. •Palm oil is in around half of supermarket products and yet is a hidden ingredient - commonly labelled as vegetable oil. •Australians can now send a clear message to those voting that palm oil cannot remain a hidden ingredient any longer by visiting Australian consumers deserve the right to choose products that don’t impact their health and the environment The EU and the US have both recently passed palm oil labelling laws. #labelpalmoil @zoosvictoria
Just blending in/thinking of something super interesting to say...the thought never came though. At least the jacket looks cool 😜
My dog posse and I (not all pictured here) are supporting young Aussies living with cancer by wearing @canteen_aus bandannas. #bandannaday is today in Australia so get behind this great cause and shop for your favorite style at And on a side note if you look closely 3 out of 4 of these dogs have their upper lips caught #perfectsnap 😛 #bandannaday @canteen_aus
Thanks @chrishemsworth happy to also be a @polishedman and paint a nail this month to say NO to violence against children. 1 in 5 kids globally are subjected to physical or sexual violence before they turn 18. I nominate @hemsworthluke @kellyslater and @jimmyfallon find out more and how to help/donate at @auschildhood #polishedman
Let's go bulldogs!! #westernbulldogs #afl
NICUs have saved more than 73,000 babies with the help of @BraveBeginnings. #NICUawarenessmonth
That looks comfortable.
Me and Mary Jane chillllllllin... 🐾✌️
Just another day at the office
#takeyourdogtoworkday #Tani #Dora #Rescue 🐾
I'll never forget the day we met the toughest man on the planet. RIP Champ.
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