Today's location: on top of Manhattan ✈️
A few outtakes from the @jeffreyfashioncares promo spot we shot a couple weeks ago. Excited to see everyone tonight on the Intrepid! @andrewxweir @mmorenonyc @riverviiperi @davidgenat @lordxprynce @modelsdot @milk @intrepidmuseum @ejaf @hetrickmartin @lambdalegal #nyc #jeffreyfashioncares #milkstudios #newyorkfashion #mensfashion
Working them weekends #Repost @andrewxweir ・・・ editing @jeffreyfashioncares promo with @ivanclow & @riverviiperi @soulartistmgmt @jeffreykalinsky @toddsears @mmorenonyc @theleadpr #acw #acwworldwide #nyc @modelsdot
Quick lil shoot earlier this week with David Hyde Pierce, @alexandrasocha, @therealvictorgarber, and more for the @alzassociation! Here's a sneak peak of some social media content we shot. Always good seeing you again, @kaiserbear_inc #Repost @alzassociation ・・・ We all have a reason to #ENDALZ. Thank you to longtime champion David Hyde Pierce for raising Alzheimer's awareness in honor of his loved ones.
BTS with @carsonaldridge from yesterday’s @jeffreyfashioncares promo shoot at @milk Can’t wait for you guys to see this one!!! @andrewxweir @mmorenonyc @soulartistmgmt @modelsdot
one of the last pieces of open land on the waterfront in my neighborhood
🙇🏻 #riseandgrind
Intense scenery during yesterday evening's flight ✨🌥️✨
IM SO DEAD 💀✨⭐️ @ladygaga #superbowl
a snow globe kind of day ❄️🌎❄️
I love watching the city become encapsulated in grey & white 🌫️🌬️❄️
Much respect to our women in blue. #womensmarch #WMNYC
...not a creature was stirring...
fire{ice} _ rural ND _ date: ???
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