evening into night 🔮
Quick portrait session/catch up with @iamlaurenjenkins yesterday. Always good seeing old friends come through town. Go see her out on tour with @deltarae!!
Caught up with @maxfairclough when he was in town a few weeks ago. He brought his camera and we did some portraits...was a little rusty, being in front of the lens again, but Max is a total pro. Always good seeing you, mate
summer sky in my favorite place
Today's location: on top of Manhattan ✈️
@kiyoko11 // Bowery Ballroom // March 2017
Fun weekend with @kiyoko11!! Always fun seeing/working with the crew #Repost @kiyoko11 ・・・ I can't tell you how freeing it is to sing about girls with you. Thank you for creating a space for me in the music industry. I'm forever grateful. 💚 #onebadnighttour 📸: @ivanclow
Working them weekends #Repost @andrewxweir ・・・ editing @jeffreyfashioncares promo with @ivanclow & @riverviiperi @soulartistmgmt @jeffreykalinsky @toddsears @mmorenonyc @theleadpr #acw #acwworldwide #nyc @modelsdot
BTS with @carsonaldridge from yesterday’s @jeffreyfashioncares promo shoot at @milk Can’t wait for you guys to see this one!!! @andrewxweir @mmorenonyc @soulartistmgmt @modelsdot
shooting this morning with @ivmusic .. be on the lookout for some amazing songs from this guy! Thanks to @mr.allangeiger for the pic & @bradencarney for setting the shoot up 💥💯
Don't look down 👀
Intense scenery during yesterday evening's flight ✨🌥️✨
☔️ one more from yesterday ☔️
I love watching the city become encapsulated in grey & white 🌫️🌬️❄️
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