Intense scenery during yesterday evening's flight ✨🌥️✨
IM SO DEAD 💀✨⭐️ @ladygaga #superbowl
🏈🏈🏈 #superbowl
I love watching the city become encapsulated in grey & white 🌫️🌬️❄️
new work released today! had such a blast shooting @sulenemusic for her debut EP a few months back. Check the link in my description to hear the 1st single exclusively on @billboard 💙💙💙
Women's March NYC
back in my city, but just for the night. Missed these sights and sounds 🏙️📢
fire{ice} _ rural ND _ date: ???
Street Art_Brooklyn_Dec 2016
gotham textures v3 - loving how these turned out from last week!
gotham textures v2
Late-Autumn Sun in SoHo
more from last weekend in Central Park with @dmb3nb!! Sunrise vibes 🌇
🎹 🎶🎹🎶 - @afarm22 a couple weeks ago at The Beacon with @matkearney & @needtobreathe. Always great to see frans doing awesome things!
just over here tryin to figure out who the real me is 🤔🤔🤔
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