#MovementMondays Gina Torres is an American television and film actress born with multiracial Cuban descent. She has appeared in many television series, including Xena: Warrior Princess, Alias, Firefly, Castle, 24, Suits, The Shield, Hannibal, and Westworld. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month in 2015, Gina wrote a blog entry in The Huffington Post. In the post she exclaimed, “Nevertheless, I happily became a willing participant in an industry that has a really hard time seeing me as a Latina woman. This Business of Show that has an incredibly unapologetic history of eradicating ethnicity, changing names and hairlines and, well... history. I honestly didn’t see it coming. Much like the Cold War, Hollywood’s past had nothing on me. Has it been challenging? Even heart breaking? At times, yes. Soul crushing? Por favor! Ignorance doesn’t get to define me! And pretending all this deliciousness isn’t Cuban, doesn’t make it so. And so, like my parents before me, I saw a future in a world I believe in, and I continue to make space and create realities that are truer reflections of the world we live in.” You can currently see Gina as Agent Justine Diaz on season 2 of The Catch on ABC. #MovementMondays #ginatorres
Two more days till the seasons wrap on #janethevirgin and I'm taking it all in. (Season four starts august! 😻)
She writes Jane. I play Jane. Meet Jennie Urman, the brilliant mind behind #janethevirgin she is my muse. #deadlineContenders #emmyConsideration #prayersUp
My beautiful, weird, funky tv family. God. I love them all. #janethevirgin #seasonFinale
Today is Equal Pay Day. It's got me thinking about how the fight for equality can sometimes seem hard. But it doesn't have to be. We can take on the gender wage gap through small acts, together. This is a real issue. There are real women of all different backgrounds in various occupations, that are being affected each and every day by the gender pay gap. Empower yourself through education (check out @aauwnational and join the conversation! Follow @LUNAbar to see how we're teaming up to take on the gender pay gap, one small step at a time. #EqualPay #LUNAbar #EqualisEqual #Partner #20PercentCounts
Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.
#nationalpuppyday #tbt #CasperSan
90's Jane.
Catch tonight's hilarity on #janethevirgin yes y'all that's some fierce election helmet hair. Don't hate! (I stole this wig, I'm ready for my political debut. This happens to also be my #snl audition)
#WCW it's Wednesday right? Ah, who cares these ladies are fierce and changing the game. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #Oitnb #onedayatatime #ProudLatinaProudWoman
YAAAASSSS QUEEN @gabby3shabby
#MovementMondays Milana Vayntrub is an American actress & comedian born in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. She moved to Los Angeles with her parents at the age of three, fleeing religious persecution. She started acting in commercials at the age of five, due in part to her family's financial problems. She also starred in College Humor videos & launched her own Youtube comedy channel. She has taken minor roles in TV & movies. Since November 2013, she has portrayed a saleswoman named "Lily Adams" in a series of TV commercials for AT&T. In January 2016, after visiting Greece and meeting with refugee families fleeing the Syrian Civil War, Vayntrub co-founded a website and social media movement called #CantDoNothing to spotlight the European migrant crisis. She currently appears in the television series This is Us. For all you do Milana we celebrate you! #MovementMondays
Throwback Thursday. Ha. First comp card age 13. Took me years to get to where I am today and god willing I have many more years left to get to where I want to go. #tbt
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