90's Jane.
Jane undone. #setlife
#WCW it's Wednesday right? Ah, who cares these ladies are fierce and changing the game. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #Oitnb #onedayatatime #ProudLatinaProudWoman
Jane. The...
YAAAASSSS QUEEN @gabby3shabby
Throwback Thursday. Ha. First comp card age 13. Took me years to get to where I am today and god willing I have many more years left to get to where I want to go. #tbt
Happy 6 months bubba. So happy you slid into my life. #donquijote #realLove #MCE
We don't live in this world alone. Lil man Jude brought me so much joy this past weekend. Thank you Nike for including me #teamnike #equality
#MovementMondays The latino community in the United States makes up 38% of the ticket buyers every weekend at opening box office. That makes the Latino community the majority of movie goers every weekend but sadly we don't see ourselves or our various Latino subcultures represented on screen. This year Latinos are scarce in the Oscars and that is because we are scarce in movies. What excites me about Movement Mondays is that we can find those that represent our community and support them so that this statistic changes. There are amazing Latinos doing fantastic work out now in the theatres. If we support these artists opportunities for the latino community will grow. I want to see that growth. I want to see that growth for all those communities underrepresented and it starts with the support from us! Check out these two incredible films starring @karlasouzaofficial and @gaelgarciab #MovementMondays
I have known love but never have I known a love like this. You make my heart smile. #RealLove
#MovementMondays When I first started Movement Mondays it was out of the need for highlighting and uplifting other artists of Latino background because we don't often see them highlighted. I found recognizing other Latinos felt powerful and reminded me I was capable of following my dreams because they did. Then I branched out to artists of all backgrounds that we often didn't see in our pop culture. My warriors are incredible and they support me to no extent and now I am finding other incredible artists we can all go support. I found @oranicuhh on @xonecole page and I watched all her videos and recently bought one of her paintings. At the age of 19, this Nigerian artist, born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama is doing some incredible work. When I asked her a few questions this is what she said: Born and raised in montgomery, alabama. My parents are both nigerian immigrants. I identify with spoken word poetry and music the most, but I also paint. I stand for equality of all people, body positivity and self-love. #love #selflove #equality Her simple words make me melt, so simple and clear. Love it, love her and love this #egochallenge she started and hope you all take a minute to check her out and support her work. We all need support on the journey of life. We can't do it alone. #MovementMondays
Trench coats and gold shoes kind of Wednesday.
You are my partner in artistic crime. We did two plus seasons together and I will never have the words to express how you changed my life. Thank you @brettdier #teamMichaelForever #janethevirgin #DreamComeTrueActingPartner
These two 😻. #janethevirgin
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