Ball is life, and these shoes are way too big for me. 🏀 (tag someone obsessed with 2k)
When you're on the same movie as your best friend 😫🙌🎬 Can't wait for you all to see it in theaters soon
If girls acted like guys 🙄😂 w/ @nickineckdrums (full vid in bio)
When he tries to get out of the friend zone 🙈😫 @johannes.r.bartl
Competitive relationships 💀😳 w/ @melvingregg (tag someone competitive)
Before a night out VS. After a night out 😳😂 w/ @maxgoodrich @lelepons @inanna
After a blurry night... 🥂😳 (full vid in bio)
Watch the super modern version of Romeo & Juliet I created 🌹 LINK IN BIO! (wait until the ending 😂)
Finally having the confidence to make a move on your crush 💋😳 @twan @lelepons @inanna
Thank you @lelepons for nominating me for the #BraToss challenge 💕 Toss your support to women you cherish and admire. I nominate @inanna #internationalwomensday #girllove
I was addicted to the hokey pokey but I turned myself around 🙃✌️
"You three are like a shot of adrenaline" 😂👊 (tag someone you love) thanks for the fun event @mufzwear @destorm
Jumping to conclusions like... 🏐😜 (what's your favorite sport?)
My first love 😜🏐 (Tag someone who loves volleyball)
The roof to El Dorado 🏠🌵
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