Arguing In Public video is out now!!!! (Link in bio)
In New York shooting something special 🦋🦋 hair by: @jesstheebesttcolor @cleencuts
young avatar 🦋
Desert babies 🌵🦄 mua: @lou_flores
What's a pool party if no ones in the pool? 😈😂
Strawberry baby 🍓🌵 @lou_flores @_vanessaflores_
Unicorn dandruff 🦄🇬🇷
How would you describe yourself? 🤔👇 I'm reading every single comment, printing all of your comments out, and then posting it on a wall so I can get to know you better. 😘 #describeyourselfchallenge
How Jane met Tarzan 💪💕 w/ @brockohurn (full vid in bio)
I never show pain in public 😳😫 w/ @klarity
Those who know me know that I never stop laughing... under any circumstance. 😂 (Tag your laughing buddy)
OPA!!! 🇬🇷
When your cheating ex makes you go crazy 😫😜@juhahnjones @hanagiraldo @iamstevenspence (full vid in bio)
How To Get Back At Your Ex new video! I LOVE THIS ONE! Link in bio 🙌
Like we're the only ones in the room. Just me & you. ❤️
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