Yes, Gucci. 🐍✨
EEEEEEEE! Who's making you blush today? 😍 #ReefEscape #SandalLove #ValentinesDay
🍕🍕happy national pizza day 🍕🍕
Certified Platinum ✔️ #STARVING
STARVING is #1 on the #WeekendCountdown on @siriusxmhits1 and I thank you so much.
RELAX, pitches. I'm here. #PitchPerfect
I feel so honored, grateful and deeply humbled to have been at the Golden Globes last night as little ole me, let alone as a nominee. 🏆🌟✨💜
added a little sparkle to my fortune from last nights take out. 💗✨
Remember that time we got nominated for a Golden Globe this morning? 🙈 Tune into @fallontonight ! #EdgeOf17
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