Golden hour bluffs. The Gorge is looking very west-coast in the morning light!
Finally caught the flames. I've been chasing sunsets all week, racing the clock as I left work for the evening color. Thankful I was able to see this beauty tonight!
The line that divides. Everything is melting! Today was phenomenal for hiking, did you guys get outside?
Snow Moon Rising. There is a golden hour for the moon as well! I took this last weekend during the "snow moon". Even though I've been to the beach at night multiple times here in Milwaukee, it's always important to put safety first.
A 1/2 mile walk out on the icy marshes led me here at the foot of the lake. I was out chasing that sunset but found these buoys instead!
Reflection Hunting. I've been debating on posting this for a few weeks now, I figured it was time to try something different on my feed. Reflections off ice have been a big part of my inspiration to get out there this winter. Thank you all for your continued support!
Pine Silhouettes. Stick around 30 minutes after sunset for that golden horizon!
Shipwrecked. Hidden treasures are everywhere around this state, you just need to start the adventure.
Searching for light. The trek out to this lighthouse was like being on a slip-and-slide. Safety first, take the shot after!
Ice Bubbles, Part 2. Closing out my frozen lake series this week is another shot of the ice bubbles I found last weekend. They were tiny and I had to get down and focus close to see these things. This is the perfect example of finding a great shot a few days later as you look through the hundreds you may have taken over the course of the day!
Inlets of Stone. Frozen Beaches part 4. This is from a few weeks back but still relevant as the temps are falling again! On the bright side, it's light out again when I'm leaving work! When did that happen? // On another note, thank you all so much for the support! I never would have imagined 10,000 people would want to see and follow my adventures. I hope you all enjoy these photos and can see and feel my passion for landscape shots as much as I do!
Frozen Domino Beaches. I'm continuing this frozen beach series with a trip down to Big Bay Park. If you don't use a polarizer with landscape shots, I suggest getting one now! Look at how it makes the sand and water colors pop!
Tall Pines. I miss these days filled with blue skies. Nothing but clouds and snow on the horizon for this week... Which do you prefer: sunny and blue or moody and grey?
Smooth, choppy, frozen, sandy, repeat. The layers of Lake Michigan at sunset are ever changing!
Reflecting. My camera comes back tomorrow after a cleaning(while still under warranty). I'm looking forward to get out again this weekend. There are few things I'm excited to try with the clouds and the fog! Until then, enjoy a nice winter scene in the canyons of Wisconsin.
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