Ice Shanty Blues. I like to show a few different scenes from my adventures at first to create a sense of scenic diversity in my day. I could post 10 more shots from the blue hour but my mind races a mile a minute on what I want to share with you all every night. So here's a shot from before we went hiking up the bluffs, 20 minutes until sunset!
Frozen Lake Beams. Yes, we are standing in the middle of the lake in this photo! A few things about this shot. I've never walked on a frozen lake before in my entire life. I've never attempted night shots before because I didn't own the necessary equipment. Finally, I never thought I would hike up and down these bluffs in the dark! Yesterday was a whirlwind of an adventure with @kschoyck leading the way, and of course @ashleypolomis! I've got a few more starry photos for you all, but I had to start off with this one! 🌌#nightphotography
All alone. It's hard to find minimalism in today's world. When was the last time you sat down to do one thing without worrying about 2-3 others? Our brains are constantly in overdrive. Tonight it's time to relax!
If you can't find a story, create a story. I was looking through countless pieces of driftwood on this pier to get a great angle looking toward the water, but I then found this guy. How many of you change the scene to create something special yourself?
Heat Wave! As I sit home sick from work today with a sinus infection (or flu?), I'm wondering how I never noticed that you could actually enjoy a sunset on Bradford Beach before! This was taken a week ago when we had that really "warm" Sunday.
Frozen edges. Another example of getting way too close! Tomorrow I will be changing my series again, I hope you all are ready for the sunset!
River Mirrors. I'm always getting way too close to the water as I stand in these creeks. @puddle_gram @reflectiongram #loves_reflections @loves_reflections
Path into Darkness! Thank you all so much for the comments, likes, and messages today! I am beyond humbled and ecstatic that @instagram posted one of my sunrise shots! I hope I continue to inspire you all to get out and hike! Please enjoy one of my favorite spots in all of SE Wisconsin. This part of the gorge is magical and makes you feel like you're somewhere other than the midwest.
Same Spot, 60 minutes later. This is the final post from my sunrise series to start off 2017 with a bang! I went back to this same spot later in the morning thinking I would see how it looked in the light. I got a little gutsy and stepped right through the ice, left leg completely submerged under the water. Within minutes, my pants leg was frozen solid hard-as-a-rock as I limped back to the car. Lesson learned: always bring a spare pair of pants and socks! My Instagram goal for 2017 is to start posting more series like these. Single posts are great, but I want to create a sense of story to my shots. Hoping to visit many new places this year, meet many more of the instagrammers from the Midwest, and hopefully stepping outside my comfort zone taking more portraits and city shots! #WHPresolutions #ig_color #strangertones #hq_globe #discover_landscapes @hq_globe
Overlooking the Fire.
Barely Visible. I don't have too many sunrise shots left, but I love the theme I've created on my account. If I can show you all a different take on this I will. I'm saving one of my favorites for last on Sunday (Jan 1st) to start off 2017 with a bang. Hopefully this happens again this winter!
Path to the First Light. I'll be back out again next week for this. Anyone else?
Another Christmas has come to a close. Thankful for all of you guys for your support over this past year. I was much more dedicated to posting my work based on the feedback I kept receiving. I took many trips this year around the state just for photography, adventure, and relaxation. Landscape photography is one of the most calming and rejuvenating activities that you can do. If you're ever stressed, get out to your local park and try to create something unique for yourself and share it with everyone!
The Path to the Light (or the frigid path back to the car). Sometimes there might be another world waiting on the other side of the horizon.
Path to the Light. Right about this time, the temperature rose to all time Monday high of -1 degrees F with the sun shining!
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