Golden Tree Shadows. Top of the tower at Lapham in the winter leads you to this awesome view of the snow covered forest floor. Expect a print winner announced tonight through IG story!
Sharp Edge of Dusk. These nights are getting longer, and the sunsets are getting better and better! I'm going to try something new tonight! I will be giving away a free print! I will mail out a free print of my past work to one of you who comments on this post! Here are the rules! 1. Comment on here if you want one! 2. Tag (@) 2-3 friends! That's it! I don't want this to turn into a "you must be following me" routine. However if you actually enjoy my work, of course I hope you choose to follow my daily adventures! I will announce a winner tomorrow night and I will hopefully mail it out by Tuesday!
When a storm front looks like a mountain range. Keeping the composition simple tonight. Thursday nights in the suburbs.
Marshland Blues. No matter where I go, I manage to get my feet wet. (Seriously, drying my boots off every time.)
Foggy Endings. This is the last shot that I'm going to post from my foggy urban series. Reflections always show the truth. Was this night really pink? No. However, this is how I remembered it. @thepastorstephen asked me tonight: "What did your eyes see? What does your brain remember?" Great quote to live by when you're editing your photos. The point of Instagram is to show your creativity, at least from my perspective. Personally, I don't see myself ever posting unedited shots on here because the camera sensor can never come close what the human eye can see, or how the moment made you feel. I hope you guys enjoyed these shots, back to the sunshine and the Wisconsin parks tomorrow!
Another night, another puddle. I went around this park in 30 mph winds trying to find those reflections. I've got a few shots left from this shoot, I want to keep them all together in a nice series for you all!
The line that mirrors. Stepping outside the box tonight with a city reflection! The brown grass and muddy paths everywhere leave a lot to be desired. Also, snow again next week?
The Icy Marsh. Good thing I waited 30 min past sunset to see these hues! You can see the icy reflecting under the water.
Find the Puddles, wait for Dusk. If you saw where I was, and knew what this place normally looks like, you wouldn't believe me.
The Barren Road. Explore everywhere you can! #saintselection
Golden Overlook. It's snowing and freezing out today. It was 70 and sunny 2 weeks ago. Wisconsin.
Lining up the light. @mke.meetup got me to step outside my normal routine. I traded natural silhouettes for a much different type of skyline last night! Needless to say, I was the only one left on the lake waiting for this light to appear. #mkemeetup1 #WHPcolorful
Marshland. I love this small area of land in Brookfield where the trees are bare and the sky runs orange.
Ink Blots. Sunset from last night was unbelievable. The post-sunset fire lit up the sky over the horizon for 20 minutes. So happy I went out and experienced this! #loves_reflections
The Bluff Run. It takes a good 20-30 minutes to get down to this spot from the time you're at the start of the bluffs. I sprinted to make it for sunrise here. Well worth it for that reflection!
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