Church on the Hilltop. I took this last week on my drive through Hubertus. So recently I learned of the term "shadowbanning" and one way you get "banned" is when you post too many hashtags. I use hashtags to reach out to all of you! For those of you that aren't already following me, you probably found me because I used a particular hashtag. So now I'm trying only half as many tags in hopes that at least a few of them work. Instagram should be about engaging with others but now it is doing the opposite of that and limiting its creators. Either way, enough about that! How about this sunset? 🌅 #wisconsin #holyhill #travelwi #naturalwisconsin #discoverwisconsin #natural_wisconsin #realhappiness #onlyinwisconsin #conquer_wi #themidwestival #midwestlivingmag #explorethefifty #ig_color #visualambassadors #igsilhouette #igsunset
Spring Color Explosions.
Mirrored Ember. I look forward to these skies every night. I am rarely disappointed. What lake do you visit for sunsets?
Line of Fire. These clouds are so hard to find. Planning sunset shoots with landscape photography is very unpredictable. You have to constantly be on the move to get the best light!
Colored light is fading. Silhouettes and reflections are quite possibly my favorite shot to take! I have great news for everyone! I finally designed a website for all my photos which I will be updating regularly! Check out the link in my bio to see what I have so far!
Driving away from the sunset. This is the time of night I'm frantically looking for those back roads and points of interest for silhouettes. Golden hour is fantastic especially when there is a bit of haze in the air!
Natural Bridges. About 30 minutes from Devils Lake lies this great hidden rock formation standing tall. A little piece of Utah right here in Wisconsin!
The Burning Bush. This time of year we spend anxiously waiting the return of summer and foliage. This is also the time of year I spend gathering photos in the golden hour and during periods of low light. Yesterday I took a trip to the Dells and I want to start a new series for you tomorrow night! Canyons, rocks, and water will be the major theme. Please check it out tomorrow and for the rest of the week if you want to see Spring in Wisconsin!
Small Currents. On this gloomy Saturday night we all could use a little inspiration!
The Splitting Point. I've got a backlog of so many shots from the past few weeks, I want to start showing off some of my non-sunset shots. Don't get me wrong, it's so fun to post those and I have PLENTY of amazing ones (more every day) but I don't want to be a one-trick-IG-pony!
Driftless Symmetry. I love a curvy road. Where is the closest curvy road that you can think of? I'd love to visit it!
Hand planted. This is the last shot from my Nagawicka Lake series. Happy Saturday!
Symmetry, Color, and Fading light. I try to incorporate these aspects into every reflection shot. While it may not always happen, these things define who I feel like I am as a photographer. What defines your shots?
Always look the other way. The best views could lie behind you.
Midwest Suburban Beaches. There's something that draws me in to the sand and waves no matter where it is. Where do you go to get away?
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