Somehow, the women learned to say: That's my depression talking. It's not "me". As if we could scrape the colour off the iris and still see. -Maggie Nelson 213/365
For to wish to forget how much you loved someone – and then, to actually forget – can feel, at times, like the slaughter of a beautiful animal who chose, by nothing short of grace, to make a habitat of your heart. - Maggie Nelson, “Bluets” 211/365 I've been spending some quality time with my inner bear lately. I miss the hugs. So, since I can't have one physically, I thought I'd photoshop one instead <3
At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough. - Toni Morrison 209/365 ❤️
The Fall I've come to realize that love, for me, was not a smooth, gentle fall No fluffy clouds or ballet jumps, toes pointed, eyes ahead I was never going to glide gracefully into his arms But I was going to clatter down a staircase With the chaos of a road rage Carnival Shattering the parts of me I needed Bruises on my head, my spine would break, and snap Just like my words. And like my heart. This was going to be serious, and this was going to hurt. (This was a poem I wrote in October 2015 that I've finally got around to creating a photo for! 205/365)
People are rivers, always ready to move from one state of being into another. It is not fair, to treat people as if they are finished beings. Everyone is always becoming and unbecoming. - Kathleen Winter 204/365
Leaving London 🇬🇧 202/365
199/365 I had a totally badass concept planned today which failed totally spectacularly so instead I'm posting a picture of me in some grass looking happy, because I've spent the last few days with my friends and I am glowing with all their love <3 :D
The Final Piece What I've learned this year, is that sometimes the pieces that fit you perfectly don't look like they're supposed to fit at all.. I learned that sometimes, the world can fall apart in a phone call, and the way things fit before just won't fit together the same way anymore. This time last year, I thought I had this life-thing worked out! And I suppose I did, for the circumstances. But circumstances change, and with it so must we. I learned that sometimes the most important piece of the puzzle is the ladder that helps you slot it into place - the friends, the partners, our families. Even though this year has brought me the most heart wrenching, gut clenching moments that brought me to my knees and lower still, it also brought me moments that were worth crumbling for, and for that it's been a year I'll cherish for the rest of my life! So today, I'm putting the last piece into the puzzle of 2016, marvelling at what an adventure it has been, and keeping some Blue Sky for myself, to hold onto forever :-) 197/365
195/365 I have a massssiiive to-do list today, and this is how I feel about it! (mainly because my to-do list reads: "Do Taxes" over and over again, cry)
194/365 I'm going to be selling some of my photoshoot dresses over on Facebook in the new year! ☺️ keep your eyes peeled!
Getting my 'Snow Angel" on for 190/365! Finally starting to feel a little festive ❄️
The chains that keep you bound to the past are not the actions of another person. They are our own feelings, our own anger, stubbornness, lack of compassion, or blaming others for our choices. It is not other people that keep us trapped; it is playing the role of victim that we all enjoy, because we get a payoff from it. When you figure out what that payoff is - then you will finally be on the road to freedom. - Shannon L. Alder 189/365
187/365 Busy day today - had a dance themed shoot at Hallam Mill, so I dug out this ballerina tutu for my 365! Needless to say, my dance moves are rusty and will require honing over the festive period Today's mince pie count: 6
Hanging with my bro this afternoon! ☺️
Don't scorn your life just because it's not dramatic, or it's dull, or its workaday. Don't scorn it. It is where poetry is taking place, if you've got the sensitivity to see it. If your eyes are open. - Philip Levine 184/365
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