The beautiful Aseel, who is just as radiant and beautiful as her cousin @shiyamgalyon! She's an architecture student who learned Turkish by watching soap operas 😎 💜#beauty #woman #syria #syrian #radiant #love #kind #heart #student #architecture
The beautiful Bosphorus from the Galata Tower--doing the thing with @shiyamgalyon who is gracing me with her presence for two weeks in Istanbul. #bosphorus #istanbul #galatatower #travel #bird #seagull #uphigh #aerial #flyhigh #sky
Looks like another world up here. En route to Lima 💙💙#windowseat #inflight #sky #blue #mountains #travel
"Mishandled." Women's March on Washington. #womensmarch #mishandled #art #washington #monument #trump #march #dc
Women of all ages March on Washington. #womensmarch #dc #march #women
Thousands and thousands of people at the Women's March on Washington! #women #womensmarch #washington #dc #march
❤️Link in bio: It’s with a heavy heart that I'm back in Lima due to the death of someone I cared about so much. Tamara, who was the first trans woman I met and started photographing in Peru, passed away this week from health complications. Here she wipes away her mom's tears. Over the past two years, we got to know each other so well, to the point of calling each other “sister.” I am most worried about her mom because they were extremely close, they lived together, did everything together--I can’t imagine how broken her heart must be right now. Her mom played a big role in helping her stop working on the streets and everything seemed to be getting better. It is sudden and shocking news. There are so many great things I can say about Tamara, but what stands out the most was her resilience and her fight. Any time something would afflict her, she fought back, even if she had to get through depression and frustration to do so. Hearing the story of what happened, I believe that had she been given proper care and attention from the hospital, she would have been able to fight back. We cannot keep turning a blind eye to the alarming rate at which trans women die and are murdered around the world. It’s a grave injustice that someone cannot pursue a positive life because society will not make a place for them to do so. When Tamara would get sad she would say that she’d rather die than live, because what’s the point of living when she doesn’t even have a life? When I wished her a happy birthday on Dec. 23, I asked if she was going to celebrate and she said she was going to wait for me, for when I got back (I was going to travel here at the end of this month.) I will miss her so much and I’m sorry I couldn’t say good-bye. I hope she knows how much she meant to me. ---- Please help Tamara's mom, Evila, raise the funds to remove Tamara's body from the morgue and provide her with a proper burial. (It costs around 2,700 soles, which is about $800). Tamara's mom works in a restaurant and makes less than $300 per month. Evila has very little family and she is in need of help. Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated. Click the link in my bio to donate. Thank you ❤️❤️
So much eye candy flying into NYC, what a beautiful welcome! Let the adventures begin! 🌅#nyc #windowseat #inflight #eyecandy #nature #beauty #love #glowing
I'm going to miss this lone star state 🌟#texas #homefornow #homesweethome #lonestar #ontheroad #moon #sunset #love
Nowhere else I'd rather be during the holidays than in sweet, foggy Port Aransas. #holidaze #fog #texas #family #beach #home #porta #homefornow
The best thing about riding the bus is that you see places you'd probably never see. The worst thing is that you can't get off to photograph them. (Somewhere on the way to Tenosique, Mexico). #ontheroad #windowseat #pueblo #calle #street #colorsplash #bluesky #smalltown #mexico #travel
Been spending a lot of my time up in the clouds lately ✈️
Follow along this week as I post images on @OpenSocietyFoundations of Syrian refugees who are working as migrant laborers in Turkey and as a result face many health issues due to the lack of adequate living facilities, food, clean water, medical care and sanitation. //// A portrait of 17-year-old Hanadi Ahmed, who is pregnant with her second child. She says she wants to give birth in the camp with a midwife because in the hospitals Turkish doctors treat Syrian refugees poorly and saw doctors beating them. #humanrights #health #war #syria #refugee #turkey #injustice #fairwage #osf #opensocietyfoundations #healthcare #women #pregnancy
Look at the cute dog and sheep I photographed in Macedonia, featured on @nytimes today for an @nytimestravel story I shot about the country’s ecotourism industry! Check out more images and read the story by following the link in my bio! -------------->>>> @nytimes: 25 years after #Macedonia peacefully won independence from the former Yugoslavia, its capital, Skopje, is in the midst of a huge face-lift. The construction of some 40 monuments, sculptures, facades and buildings is meant to sweep away the post-Soviet pall and attract tourists. But tour operators who aren’t closely linked with the country’s state-run tourism office are focusing on a different reason to visit Macedonia: #ecotourism. This nascent industry is more keen to spirit travelers along the country’s hiking trails to tucked-away Byzantine monasteries and caves, and arrange cycling tours and homestays with cordial Macedonians who can talk about their country’s culture and history. @davillasna photographed a flock of sheep in Bistra Massif, one destination for travelers who’d prefer to see views of wild horses and shepherds with their flocks, as well as clusters of almost supernatural, purple-stemmed cotton thistles. Visit the link in our profile to read more, and to see more photos by @davillasana #macedonia #dogsofinstagram #sheep #dog #animalkingdom #ecotourism #bistramassif
I am incredibly honored that @Instagram has profiled me and my work on issues affecting women around the world. It could not have been featured on a more important day. This reminds me that nothing should hinder our efforts to continue fighting for women and equality. Huge thanks to @Instagram and to @coleenjose for their support, I'll never forget it. #women #equality #thegoodfight #hearusroar #strongertogether #united ////////////////////////////////////////// Danielle Villasana (@davillasana) has her #EyesOn the resilience of women, both those experiencing the aftermath of Boko Haram violence in Nigeria and being transgender in Peru. The documentary photographer splits her time between the two countries when she is not at her home base of Istanbul. “It’s really important to focus not only on the negative things that can happen to a woman because she’s a woman,” says Danielle, “but also her strength and her resilience to push beyond those hardships.” In northeastern Nigeria, she met families, among the tens of thousands of Nigerians, suffering from acute malnutrition. In downtown Lima, she spent two and a half years documenting the challenges facing transgender women: domestic violence, stigmatization and lack of treatment for diseases including tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Danielle is drawn to underreported places and issues in part because there is room to add to the conversation. “As long as you care about it, then you should pursue it — even if the whole entire world is focused on something else.” Photo by @davillasana
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