summertime and the livin' is easy. i see a lot of new faces out there πŸ‘€hi! πŸ‘‹ thanks for following along and the kind words about my @instagram feature! this photo was also taken on drummond island. if you're lookin' for a summer getaway, i highly recommend putting @puremichigan on your list!
an acai bowl a day keeps the doctor away.
summer nights.✨
our funny, fun sized, makes-everything-more-fun, gus. (even kayaking πŸš£πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ)
the air was warm. the breeze was just right. and one by one the cherry blossoms took flight, soaring through our hands and above our heads. the pink petals slowly drifting downward while we danced in their rain.
punch, please.
girl (and guy) on the train.
a 5 minute escape from the city: step inside @thesill, breathe deeply, breathe deeply again(the air is that good!) and pick up a pretty plant. πŸ’š
amazing american art with a side of incredible views.
the decisive moment.
the long subway ride was worth it. incredible european medieval architecture, sculpture, and decorative arts. gorgeous grounds and gardens. one of the most beautiful museums i've ever been to!
cake batter + dunkaroos cookie dough. πŸͺ
i got the salty pimp.🍦
the sign said kiss here so we did. πŸ’
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