After driving around yesterday for almost an hour, stopping at every cherry blossom tree we could find, only to drive away sheepishly when neither of us dared to steal a branch in public, the cherry blossom idea was scrapped. While you must all have nerves of steel, the scaredy cat of the Instagram world (me) had to settle for a head of herbs instead 🙈. Who needs cherry blossom anyway? #allthatisthree
This is how we've decided to spend our weekend - how about you? Also, if you've ever wondered how we (when I say we, what I really mean is Boy Dom) made this book headboard, then there's a full step-by-step guide over on the blog. Link in bio.
Tea with P. Except, it's not tea, it's coffee. And Penny's drink is hot chocolate that she refused to drink; apparently, it's 'yuck' (is she even my daughter?). But it rhymed, so...🤷🏻‍♀️ In other news, the first of my spring What I Wore posts is now live over on the blog. Link in bio.
Happy Easter from the #allthatisthree gang 🐣 . The one day of the year where eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and wearing bunny ears) is totally acceptable. And to the parents who now have to attempt to get your sugar-induced children to bed (a battle I'm currently facing), I wish you luck. We can do this 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Tops from @monsoonuk // Bunny ears from @monsoonuk
I've learnt a few things about train journeys today, so I thought I'd be kind and share them with you: • Always book the quiet coach, especially through the school holidays. • Always reserve a seat on a train, especially the evening before the Easter weekend. • Never use all of your phone battery before you board the train, assuming that you'll be sitting next to a plug. It's silly to assume these things. I know all of this because today I wasn't sitting at all, I had to stand, packed like a sardine, in front of the toilet door for 2.5 hours. My phone battery died 15 minutes into the journey, I had nowhere to place my laptop, and the token drunk man decided to get vocal very early on. Now where is that tea and chocolate.
Day two of the school holidays, and already I'm worn out and running out of ideas to keep them both entertained (which explains our painted faces 😉). Any advice? What activities are guaranteed to keep your little ones busy for longer than five minutes? Or is there no such thing 😉 #allthatisthree
If only our ideas for Instagram images grew on trees - can you image? We'd forget all about the magnolia trees and the cherry blossom; we'd be far too preoccupied standing beneath the inspiration tree waiting for the next one to fall. It's no secret that inspiration and image ideas are what we all struggle with on a regular basis. And although I haven't created a magic tree for us to plant in our gardens, I have created another free eBook that will encourage you to find new ideas, get creative and will also reveal how I keep inspired. The Inspire Your Instagram blog post and additional eBook is now live over on the blog. Link in bio.
For my spring capsule wardrobe (which I'll be sharing on Friday) and going forward from now on, I'm hoping to include more sustainable and ethical clothing brands. However, it's not as easy as you would think, or as it should be, and many of the brands which I thought fell into this category, actually don't. Not only that, the ones that do aren't always my style. So, do you know of any eco-friendly brands that I should be aware of? Thankfully, I did find an absolute gem when I discovered @peopletreeuk (you can see the items I was kindly sent from them on my stories). I'm completely blown away by the quality, the fit, the style, just everything. This whole outfit is c/o @peopletreeuk - and I'll let you join my trouser adoration club, if you want? 😉 😍
The air is fresh, the sun is shining, the daffodils are out, and I've listened to the sound of the neighbours mowing their lawns all day (we haven't yet and probably won't until it's long enough to lose the kids in it. We're always the owners of the most embarrassing, overgrown and shabbiest garden of them all). I guess that means spring has arrived. I almost forgot just how bloody lovely it is #allthatisthree
The @bangolufsen multi-room is proving to be a big hit in this house. Amelia gets to listen to her Little Mix-style garbage in her room, Penny can rock out to the Trolls Soundtrack in the living room, and I can listen to whatever podcast I want in my room (did I mention that I like podcasts 😉). And as for Dom, well he can just sit in the office and enjoy the sound of all three combined - he's so lucky 😂 #multiroom #bangolufsen
Instagram world meet Mr. Nice; Mr. Nice meet the Instagram world (just look as those blue eyes 😍) After a week of a very depressed Bugs, we decided to invite another bundle of fluff into our family. They haven't bonded and aren't friends, yet, but even so Bugs still seems to be a lot happier. We just need her to give the little guy a break and be nice to him 😂. Any advice on rabbit bonding, please let me know.
I checked the weather forecast to make sure I wouldn't be bragging about the unusually warm weather we were having in the North East (it's very rare that we do). But thankfully, the rest of the UK was also covered in ☀️☀️☀️, so I can go ahead and shout about it. The weather today has been glorious - spring is finally here! Perfect timing to update your wardrobe and add a few new spring pieces, don't you think? Well, I've selected a few of my favourite pieces from @nobodyschild, and you can now get 20% off any item from my curated category (including this dress) by using the code MUMSTHEWORD20. Treat yourself, it's sunny, and it's Mothers Day ☺️. Link to all of my favourite picks is in my bio. Valid from 25/03/17 – 27/03/17 12:00pm.
Final calling for anyone who would like to enter my giveaway. If you want to be in with a chance of winning this pretty spectacular @ohhio blanket, then you can find all the entry details by clicking the link in my bio. I'll be picking the winner at random tomorrow - happy Friday! ✨
And then there was one. It was an unexpectedly sad day today. Our poor little Velma (the orange one) took ill yesterday evening and sadly didn't make it through the night. RIP Velma, we'll all miss you ❤️
She looks so angelic when she sleeps or just shuts her eyes and stops talking for a millisecond. But this little angel is strong-willed, and tonight she disputed that this photo wasn't even her. I stood my ground (it is Penny), she stood hers (said it was Amelia), and then I realised that I was battling against a three-year- and that's just silly. She's now gone to bed happy in the knowing that I finally yielded and agreed that it was Amelia (it's not Amelia but don't tell her that) 😂😉
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