I've always been thankful that we live in a detached house (it's not big, and we aren't rich, we just live in the North 😉). I'd hate to think of any neighbours having to endure our families noise every day. Amelia's 'singing' attempts, Penny's frequent tantrums and the occasional screams of frustration from Dom and me. Today, I was even more appreciative of our house, because today was the day I finally got to play with the new @bangolufsen Multiroom speakers. My incredible taste in music could be heard in multiple rooms of the house - Dom was thrilled, especially when I started on my 'School Days' playlist 😉. #multiroom #bangolufsen
I can't move, I can't speak and I can't caption. After eating soup, a Sunday lunch and a rhubarb crumble with custard earlier, all I can manage to do is put on my pjs, slide onto the sofa and sit for the rest of the evening. So here's a simple #allthatisthree; a one where Amelia chose the hairstyle and even did mine herself (clever little thing). Hope your weekend has been just as good 💕
I've failed miserably at convincing Boy Dom that we should have birds as pets - the fear of bird poo splattered around the house was too big of a hurdle to overcome. So, instead we've opted for these; decorative birds that don't poo, move, or make a sound. Couple compromises 🙄 Also, my dear friend @thisisjules asked me to take part in her interview series and it's all now live over on her blog. We delve into the world of Instagram (obviously), where I find my inspiration, the allthatisthree images, and what my journey has been like so far. Head over to her blog now to read the post (link in the @thisisjules bio). Copper Wire Fairy Lights c/o @lights4fun #bodenbyme
I’m throwing this out there in the hope that Dominic and the girls will get the hint, and with the help of @t2tea's beautiful new Mother’s Day teaware range, make my Mother’s Day look just as whimsical and pretty. I want cake for breakfast, dinner and tea, a lie in, never-ending cups of tea brought to me for the whole day, and a day of quiet - am I asking too much? #t2obsessed #t2moments #t2tea
Yesterday we were faced with a Saturday free of plans; no kids parties to attend, nothing on the to-do list, and no need to leave the house. This is something that never happens in this house - Saturday's are usually full of busy - so we took advantage by keeping our pj's on, opening a bag of popcorn and enjoying a film together. The film of choice was of course, Trolls, again. One day I'll be allowed to watch something that I choose again, right? 😉 #allthatisthree Matching pj's c/o @thebrightcompany
Has anyone else ever read 12 books in one day? No, me neither. I just wanted a pretty picture. So if reading a lot of books wasn't on the agenda today, what did you get up to? Anything exciting? I worked all day, started my first Instagram advice blog post, went to Dominic's Mams for dinner where I ate way too much of her homemade apple and pear crumble. I'm now rolling around the the sofa stuffed, but still considering a chocolate slice with my cup of tea. Foodie Friday 😉
We are all Wonder Women. Happy #internationalwomensday to all of the beautiful, strong and inspirational females that I have the pleasure of interacting with every day. To the men that support us, respect us, love us and become our personal tripods without a grumble. And to the little ones - our future - who are the fiercest of them all - I should know, I live with two of them. Massive thank you to @sirensandpirates - not only were your jumpers the perfect choice for today, you're one awesome female, too.
What else is better together? The #allthatisthree images, of course 😉. They wouldn't be half as interesting or even remotely as funny, if they only featured me. They need us all, together. Oh, and pamper days. They're always better when they're done together, am I right? #WHPbettertogether
After a tumultuous week, this family is ready for a break. Earlier in the week, we found out that Amelia had been offered a place in her first choice secondary school - hurray - but soon, we quickly realised that she was in fact the only one of her friends to be so lucky. We had the joy of being given a place at her most preferred school, but the sadness/worry/shock at the prospect that she would have to go alone. Her brave face soon turned to tears (and who could blame her, starting a secondary school without the comfort blanket of your close friends must be petrifying); however, now my super strong, brave young lady has turned the whole situation around. She's discovered that she knows six other girls going to the same school (and six is way better than the zero that she initially thought), she's excited for a fresh start, to meet new friends, and for the school dinners (apparently they were better than all the other schools and of course, that takes priority). My heart is bursting with pride for her right now, I always say that I'm a tough cookie, but she is just something else.
Hands up who's in a pancake induced coma? 🙋🏻 Should we all just be honest and divulge the team amount of how many we've all had? I managed three and covered them all in Nutella, sliced bananas and chopped nuts - yum! Amelia ate four and covered them in Nutella, cream, strawberries and sprinkles - I'm currently trying to pull her down from the ceiling (the ultimate sugar rush). As we're on the topic of sharing, I'm often asked what camera I use to take my photos and well, this is it. The @nikoneurope D5600 with a range of Nikkor lenses. If you have any questions about the camera, please fire away.
This weekend has been all about the flowers. Flower crowns, Penny's Floral Faffing Workshop (she sat for a good 30 minutes just cutting up petals and stems), flower baths, even the snowdrops decided to make an appearance in the garden. It's the bouquet that just keeps on giving. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. #WHPcolorful #allthatisthree
The new allthatisthree line-up, perhaps? My favourite Instagram girl, Sara (@me_and_orla) has started a truly amazing podcast series named Hashtag Authentic. Every episode is filled with Instagram goodness and this week's episode features me (with a little shout out to these two, of course). If you want to listen to us two chatter non-stop about this crazy but wonderful community, we all love so much, then the episode is now live. Just click the link in Sara's bio.
This wasn't taken today - it's half-term so moments like this are non-existent. But I've spent the day overusing the bathroom door lock, as a means to have a moment where I'm not hearing, 'Mam, I want something else' and 'what are we doing today?' And I don't think you'd want a photo documenting that 😂😉. Looks like my plan to take the girls out on a morning, in the hope that they'll wear themselves out so we can have a quiet afternoon isn't working. P.s. Thank you to all of you who sent me advice on how to ease the pain of a burn. You guys are amazing.
Following a night of celebrating my friends 30th birthday, I'm pleased to say that I'm alive and hangover free. Boy Dom on the other hand, well.... We now have a week of no school to look forward to, which some of us are a lot more excited about than others 😉 #allthatisthree
Well, I managed not to swear, I didn't mumble and I actually made some sense (I hope) - I think this means that my radio interview was a success. Hooray! Thank you everyone, for your well wishes and kind words yesterday and today. You all helped to ease my nerves 🤗
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