Be cool. Be kind. As a mother of an almost 11-year-old who will soon be starting senior school (when did that happen?), the word 'bullying' is never far from my mind. Is my child being bullied? Are they too scared to speak out? Or worse still, are they the ones sending the hurtful messages? Social media to me, has always been a happy place, a safe place, a community that I enjoy being part of; however, for some, unfortunately this isn't the case. That's why I'm honoured to be part of the @war_agency's anti-cyber bullying campaign #becool. Being kind takes and costs nothing; kind people are cool, they're brave, and they're what I encourage my girls to be. So, if you're feeling the effects of cyber bullying or any bullying for that matter, speak out. If you know someone is being bullied, reach out. And if you're just about to send a message to someone that you wouldn't like to receive yourself, stop, delete, and instead, just be kind. Together, we can stop this, so let's do it. Let's be cool, let's be kind. #BECOOL #STOPBULLYING
Bare feet and bare-faced; fewer clothes, and less makeup - one of the many perks of summer. What do you love most about the summer? Once the weather gets warmer, I do start to steer away from applying any makeup to my skin. So, the @garnieruk Anti-Imperfection Protection Cream - with it’s anti-shine, anti-imperfection and 30 SPF - is the perfect substitute. Carefree and makeup free all summer long. More from me over at @GarnierUK #SunAndTheCity #ad #WeAreGarnier
Pulling Ivy from the side of our house and then draping it over the bed seemed like a good idea at the time. But now there's a family of spiders there, asking for a sleepover 🙈🕷️
This book was bought for Penny by her auntie a few weeks ago, and she's been hooked ever since. It tells the story of Maya Angelou and is part of the Little People, Big Dreams series - books about inspiring women. She's fascinated by the fact that this woman was real, that the story is true, and by the photographs that feature on the final page that show what Maya Angelou really looked like. I'm hoping it inspires her in some way, with a story like that, how could it not? Who inspired you when you were younger? • • • Penny's cool little one piece: @rags_to_raches
First, it was going to be a cinemagraph, then a Boomerang, and finally I settled on a straightforward, no-fuss video. Boy Dom mowed the lawn today (we were creeping back into the 'scruffy neighbours' zone again), but along with the metre high grass went all of the daisies, too. When the lawnmower eats your daisies, you have no other choice but to paint your own.
Don't know if you'd noticed, but things have been a little crazy over here. After what you might call a viral image on Sunday, @instagram chose my #WHP entry to be featured on their account (cue lots of happy dancing, and squeals of excitement). It's only natural then to get stage/posting fright after the whirlwind that's occurred over the last 48 hours, right? So, here I go. For all of the new followers, seeing as though you've met three of the females of my family, I thought you should meet the fourth - meet Bugs the Rex Rabbit. Everybody else has already acquainted with her cuteness, so for you, I would just like to say a huge thank you. Hello and thank you to you all.
Three-year-olds can be quite the food critics - this cucumber tastes funny, this food looks different, I liked it yesterday, but not today - and while Amelia will eat anything that is put in front of her, I’m sure Penny enjoys sending her complaints to the head chef (usually me). Now, thanks to @saykallo, we've found a meal that keeps everyone happy. The girls choose their own toppings, they help to make them, and I can relax in the knowing that what they're eating has fewer, more premium, natural ingredients. A no fuss, simple meal - smiles all around. And that is why, I’m extremely excited to announce that I will be working with @saykallo and will be part of the Kallo collective for the rest of the year. They’re a brand that shares my philosophy and desire to keep things simple - because life tastes better when it’s simple. #keepitkallo
We're such a croissant loving family. I'm pretty sure that Penny's (and probably my) diet is 96% pastry. So, when @thewhitecompany asked me how I was escaping to the summer this year, I immediately thought of food and al fresco dining. There's nothing better than to use the lazy weekend mornings to get out into the garden and enjoy a breakfast banquet, in the sun (I'm sure the neighbours love to hear us there bright and early, too 😉). #EscapeToTheSummer Summer #MyWhiteCo • • • Pyjamas, Aubrey Outdoor Mattress, Mango Wood Serving Platter, Picnic Blanket, Rattan Dining Basket, and Pembridge Stripe Napkins all c/o @thewhitecompany #sp
The holiday mode button is still firmly switched on and I'm determined to keep it that way for as long as possible. So far, I've managed to avoid doing any cooking, cleaning, or washing, and instead I'm just enjoying my Saturday. Hope you're all doing the same. Happy Saturday indeed 😁👍🏻
When you run out of paper in the house 😂 Boy Dom went out for the night, and both girls are now in bed. I've just made myself a cup of tea and have the chocolate tray in front of me. Apart from the fact that I've had to leave the sofa to make my own cup of tea (something that Dom usually does), nights just don't get much better than this 😉
I'd forgot all about that irritating, tingly sensation that you get after walking through nettles, bare-legged - thanks to this photo, I now remember it very well. I also now remember why dock leaves were like gold dust when we were kids; those things really do have magical healing powers.
Yesterday morning was spent filming a segment for a BBC programme, talking about how to make money on Instagram (exciting stuff!). Then just as my excitement peaked, the illness that my germ monster (aka Penny) had passed on to me, struck. It's no secret that bugs caught from kids are always 100000x more severe than others, and this one was no different. It was deadly. Penny had a slight cough and a sore throat; I didn't leave the sofa, my whole body ached, my skin felt sore to touch, and my head almost exploded (no exaggeration). Do you think it was payback for not letting her have chocolate for breakfast yesterday? (Edit: I'm feeling much better now 😁)
After driving around yesterday for almost an hour, stopping at every cherry blossom tree we could find, only to drive away sheepishly when neither of us dared to steal a branch in public, the cherry blossom idea was scrapped. While you must all have nerves of steel, the scaredy cat of the Instagram world (me) had to settle for a head of herbs instead 🙈. Who needs cherry blossom anyway? #allthatisthree
This is how we've decided to spend our weekend - how about you? Also, if you've ever wondered how we (when I say we, what I really mean is Boy Dom) made this book headboard, then there's a full step-by-step guide over on the blog. Link in bio.
Who you calling transparent? 😉 Inspiration from: @laurajanewilliams_
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