After yesterday's post which contained copious amounts of love, emotion and general soppiness, I thought it would be good to get back to the inane. So, my What I Wore posts are making a comeback, starting tonight. My What I Wore posts are basically a collection of my outfits from the current week and are a great insight as to how I live my life with a 30-piece capsule wardrobe. If you want to see a capsule wardrobe in action, then click the link in the bio.
Dominic didn't buy me these flowers; I bought them myself. He did, however, hand me a cup of tea at 9 pm, like he does every night. And we all know tea trumps flowers, right? I've written a new blog post about how two people with almost the same name - Dominique and Dominic - met. I've also included some of the beautiful and heart-warming comments that some of you left last week, when I asked the question - what is romance to you? Get the tissues at the ready and click the link in my bio.
The full line-up of my current capsule wardrobe is now live over on the blog. I daren't call it my winter wardrobe (even though it quite clearly is), as the first signs of spring, are already upon us πŸ™ˆ. But to cover up my blogging negligence, I've included links to that very beautiful, flared arm, pink jumper that so many of you asked about. I've also thrown in a little rant about what pieces of clothing I won't be wearing anytime soon. Link in bio.
Following a night of celebrating my friends 30th birthday, I'm pleased to say that I'm alive and hangover free. Boy Dom on the other hand, well.... We now have a week of no school to look forward to, which some of us are a lot more excited about than others πŸ˜‰ #allthatisthree
Another wonderful morning chatting nothing but Instagram with @theslowtraveler today (#travellerandshedotea). A little more relaxing than my Instagram chat tomorrow morning, when I'll be live on BBC Newcastle radio - eeeek! At least I don't have to worry too much about toning down the ol' accent; however, my mumbling and 100mph speaking speed could be an issue πŸ˜‚. Wish me luck!
Penny is currently fascinated with her body and how it works. We once told her that your body is home to lots of little men and women whose job is to keep everything functioning properly. They help fight illnesses, and they fix any cuts or bruises that she might pick up - just long as she feeds them the right kind of food. So along with our little white lie and her @vitabiotics Wellkid Soft Jelly Pastilles, we can relax that our chip-loving-monster is getting all the vitamins that she needs. #Wellkids #Vitabiotics #Ad
Drinking tea makes me happy. I do it numerous times a day, I'd struggle to live without it, and I'm pretty sure that every time I take a sip of that glorious, tan coloured liquid, my body releases a tonne of endorphins. I think they call this love #WHPloveis
Moments to myself are non-existent these days. If the toilet door is being unlocked by Amelia and Penny (true story), my space is being invaded by these two fluff balls. They might not be able to shout 'Mam!' a hundred times a day, but they still have their own unique way of pestering us. If you want to know a bit more about what my day-to-day life looks like, there's a new post on the blog explaining all. Link in bio.
Day number 27467 of feeling shitty and no, that isn't an exaggeration. That really is how long I've been poorly for, honest πŸ˜‰.
After spending the morning freezing our little tooshes off at the farm, and after taking Amelia to her gymnastic class, Penny has willingly agreed to a movie night. This is kind of a big deal, as usually she can't sit still for longer than five minutes. I've grabbed a bag of popcorn and put Return To Oz on to make this wondrous occasion last as long as possible. Could this be the start of lazy Saturdays? I hope so. Now I just need Dominic to magic up some food (take away, hopefully) and then I'm all set. Hope your Saturday night is looking as exciting as mine πŸ˜‰
I've not been 100% over the last few days. I've been struck down by one of those really mean illnesses that lead you to believe that you're better and comes back, only this time more fierce and more deadly. But I'm not about to be all doom and gloom as this week was also the week that I was featured by @instagram for the second time this month and I also hit the 100k follower mark. So yes, January, you've been amazing, and I only hope the rest of the year follows suit. Starting with the release of my All That Is She Photoshop Filters/Presets, that you can buy now over on my site. Link in bio.
Anyone seen my rabbits anywhere? We didn't intentionally go out to buy rabbits that matched our home interiors, honest 😬 #whpdisguise
Finally, the weekend is upon us (I'm actually a lot happier about it than I look, really 😬). Our allthatisthree images were featured by quite a few online publications this week (sorry if you're sick of looking at our faces, I know I am), so things got a little crazy around here. It's all been very exciting, but very full on too. We've also been spending a lot of time at the computer, creating a Photoshop filter pack (that will mimic my feeds style) which you'll be able to buy in a few days time. I'm worn out, but it's ok because tomorrow is Saturday, and Saturday is my lie-in day πŸ˜‚
All of the signs we saw during yesterday's #womensmarch were filled with love and inspiring messages, but to me, this one really stood out. The term 'fight like a girl' used to be thrown around as a negative remark, but those days are definitely over. If fighting like a girl means standing strong and together like the men, women and children did yesterday, then I'll fight like a girl everyday. We couldn't be there yesterday, but we're not staying silent either (my girls never are ☺️) #allthatisthree
I wouldn't like to admit as to how long I sat here for, just waiting for these two to decide to make an appearance. A long time, that's all I'm saying. #bodenbyme
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