SOOOO stoked to finally be able to share the cover shoot with the beautiful @zoella for @blogosphere_magazine :) We got to have real fun on the shoot and I got to work with my best friend @wonderful_u who killed it at styling, and the lovely @katepopemakeup πŸ‘πŸΌ . This year has brought many amazing things, and am so happy with this gem of a shoot and getting to work with Zoe Sugg again :) . Keep a look out for more images in the coming weeks, and don't forget to pick up a copy! The interview is inspiring ☺️ #drawmejuni
Excited to share the new images of @zoella on Thursday!
Throw back to @lauren_hallworth in the ferns 🌿excited to share the Blogosphere Magazine spread of Zoella next week! Keep a look out πŸ‘€
Do you ever wonder how rich and freeing your life would be if you had the full capacity to live in the moment? No complaining that it's too cold, or you're tired, or your period cramps hurt. No thinking about where you are or how you'll get home or talking to a stranger. The freedom to start your day somewhere and let it take you absolutely anywhere, no fear, no anxieties, just trust that the universe has your back. To live so in the moment every day that you can't help but smile? Yeah, me too. I think I'm going to try, and I mean really truly try and live this, in the moment, just grateful for being alive. Wanna try it too?
Was in an editing mood today so here is @alicepins 😊
Aaaaaand stretch. @piptings_
Throw back to shooting @jasminethompson earlier this year.
A cloud of smoke with Will πŸ‘πŸΌ
Will and I have been together nearly 3 freakin years, that's madness man! This year he inherited an amazing, if not slightly derelict, house. In a few weeks he should be able to start doing up the house and maybe sometime next year we will be able to live there together. I am so excited to have a home with him, and tonight we are having a bonfire after cleaning the garden, the first stage of it becoming our home. I'm going to take photos of all the different stages and excited to, one day, share a big blog post with all the photos showing how it became our home. After my family home got sold this year I'm excited to belong somewhere again, to call somewhere home. (Did I say home enough?)
Just watched AmΓ©lie, again. I should be made to watch it at least once a week to remind me of the beautiful simplicities in life.
More from my adventures in the fog :)
Autumn surprises πŸƒ
Last red dress self, I promise πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
Still booking confidence shoots if you're interested :) the light is still wonderful! Email πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ
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