shock, It's da dog filtaaaa 🐶
Them ones 🙄
xmas night out, my wee honey ❤️
mini appreciation post for my one and only ❤️, (mate trying to find a decent photo of us is insanely hard 😂) but basically I just wanted to say that I love you to the moon and back, you have had my back day in day out and you have been there for me through all my hardships and successes. you have given me your shoulder to cry on and your hand to hold when I've needed it the most. the past few months have been an emotional roller coaster for us both to say the least but we've gone through everything together and we know we've always got eachother. Whether it be coming to my house with roses and chocolates or treating me to Tony Macs 🌚 or even just letting me lay on your lap whilst I pour my heart out to you, I appreciate it all and I appreciate you. You are like my other half and there is nobody on earth that will ever replace or come close to the bond we share. I've said it before but sometimes the your significant other isn't always a relationship partner but your bestfriend and saying that you are mine. you make me smile when I'm sad, laugh when I'm angry. You bring out the best in me and I am so blessed to have someone like you in my life. I'm so grateful for you and for everything you do for me. You're my family and I promise I will return every favour you've ever done for me. I will have your back like you've had mine and I will always make you smile even when you feel like your world is falling apart. You've been my rock these past few months and honestly without you I don't know where I would have been. Seni seviyorum ikizim. (Soppy post now over, back to my heartless self 💁🏽) @sxv.x
what even is a picture without a snapchat filter?
mia bellissima ❤️
889 gals ❤️
since day one ❤️
the one person who I KNOW I can rely on. She sticks by my side through everything and no matter what happens it's always me and you in the end. Goes to show that you're my better half. as long as I have you in my life I'm blessed and happy. Seni seviyorum ❤️ @sxv.x
constantly being comforted. needy I am 💁🏽 @sxv.x
somewhere inbetween emotional and emotionless.
little tb because you know, 'no new selfies' also pree the jammies 💁🏽😩
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