Missing Texel!
Let's take a dive..
Sad stray Pit, unrecognizable after three years living in the streets of G├╝zelcamli. But alive and kickin'!
In a few weeks there will be leaves..
Leading lines at Railwaystation Mediapark yesterday..
Diving into the world behind the scenes @nationaleoperaballet was like a fairytale! Thanks so much @senns_less for the invite and thanks for the hospitality in Amsterdam!
The last winterpicture.. (I hope!)
Left my raincoat in @stedelijkmuseum yesterday.. storm and rain today here, so I have to stay in bed!
Let's stick together
Icy boathouses, just one week ago
From last week's wintermornings.. #fmtflbrgh
Looking down on the Van Brienenoord Bridge, from the control-tower.. the sun shining in the water. What more can you want! #instawalkrws
Old picture, new edit.. This spiral staircase you can find in Hogeschool van Rotterdam, a real beauty!
It's cold in Turkey.. hope the straycats I feed when I'm there, found good hidingplaces.. This is Pit, born behind my gardenwall in 2014..
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