...because you can just put a cozy hat on! 👍🏻🤗 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I've been eyeing this pretty salmon colored alpaca blend yarn for quite a while. I finally decided to get some and make something with it. 🤗➰ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Happy Valentine's Day}}❤️❤️ What are your plans to celebrate love today? Since James works a double I've just been working and trying to finish my giveaway hat. But...we celebrated all day yesterday with a picnic lunch, dinner (he cooked) last night (complete with candlelight and flowers), and he stopped by with a bunch of goodies this morning before heading off to work. I'm one lucky lady. 💓 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet #AJohnsonTale #Journey2Johnson
Every multicolored yarn is like opening up a surprise. You just never know exactly how it's going to turn out. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
And repeat. Mi día hoy! @thecozyknot #thecozyknot #aquilinatejidos #crocheting #trapillo #craft
And repeat! 😉 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I've been eyeing up 👀 some serving trays lately. I've been on a serious hunt for something super simple yet slightly rustic looking...and affordable. I found this unfinished gem @hobbylobby (shocking, I know😂), and I'm undertaking some semi-DIY staining it dark brown. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Teaser!}} Just a tiny sneak peek at what I'm cookin' up for Spring/Summer! Any guesses? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Would you like the good news or the bad news first? I'll start with the good. 👍🏻 The good news? Oceanside is available again (whoohoo!)! The bad news? I only have enough to make 4-5 hats, so get 'em before they're gone. With the season winding down, I'm not sure I'll buy more. Available in full fitted beanie or messy bun style. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
One of the most rewarding parts of being a maker is seeing your items being worn/used. Samantha from @teensytoppers shared this beautiful photo of her all cozied up! Check her work out, as well, 'cause she's a maker, too! 🤗 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
A little crochet this morning before getting ready for church. Then playing around with some new ideas this afternoon. What are you up to today? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
The tiniest member of #TheCozyKnot family! Ha! A braided headband with button closure. #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Gettin' my yarn on!}} Orders are finally starting to slow down a bit, so I think the giant Hobby Lobby winter hauls are coming to an end. I'm a little sad, but I'm also excited, because I've got some fun stuff up my sleeves for spring and summer items, and I can start working on some patterns I've been promising y'all for like...eva'. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Heads-up! Whole basket full of happy mail on the way! 💌 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Any other knitters/crocheters find it hard to balance your time during the busy season???⚖️ Spent some time passion planning 💡this morning. With the busy season slowing down a bit, it's time to reevaluate my to-do lists 📝 and balance out my time a bit. This week's focus? Intentionally pursuing healthy habits and workouts! 💪🏻 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet #FitBliss #PashFam
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