Holy loops, Batman!! Did a little extreme puff stitching this morning (if that's even a "thing"). #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
@thecozyknot 😁😁 I love love LOVE this hat!!!! The hat, the packaging and the hanging tags are perfect!!! 🍆 Eggplant is my favorite color!! #thecozyknot #thecozyknotcrotchet
Missing Minnesota today! This was from our last trip up there over Christmas - not long ago, but things have changed dramatically in such a short period of time. Being so far away is real hard at times and I received a lot of bad news today. My grandparents both suffer from Alzheimer's and my grandpa has caught a case of influenza. He mostly recovered from the flu but is still very weak and the flu caused his Alzheimer's to progress rapidly (literally overnight) to the next level. He is suddenly very confused and seeing things that aren't there. 😢 It breaks my heart and I feel so bad I'm not there to help out right now. If y'all can spare a few prayers for my family, I would sincerely appreciate it with all of my heart. 🙏🏻 #prayerrequest #prayersplease #prayersneeded
Took a day off yesterday to rest my fingers, but I'm back at it this morning! Happy Monday y'all! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Finally got a dress form mannequin to photograph items on. Thanks to everyone who helped weigh in on which style I should get! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
A brave brave soul ordered ivory. And I gotta say, I love the way it turned out. But, I personally wouldn't have the guts to wear it! 🤣 Would you??? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Someone I know gave cozy for Christmas! How cute does her sister look in the eggplant Signature Slouchy Beanie she gifted her!? I can't even describe the feeling you get when you know there are people out there wearing something you made with your own hands. 💓🤗 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Remember that basket I made a little while back? Well, here is version/attempt 2! I made it for my mom as a birthday present (she loved it). I gotta say, this one turned out way better than the one I made for myself. That color still gets me all googly-eyed. 😍 Oh, and I got started on my blog. I honestly don't know everything I'm gonna write about, but I'm just gonna go with the flow. If you have suggestions or ideas, shoot them my way in the comments section below. First blog is in the link of my bio. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I was able to rush some orders to the post office with a few minutes to spare today (whew!)! And..it's my first group of shipments that adorn my new little personalized tags from @saddlehillstudios! I 💓 them! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
MmmmmHmmmm! He sure done did! 🤗🙏🏻💓 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I introduce to you...the new colors for the Haley messy bun beanie! Since the multicolor was so popular, I decided to add more options into the mix. I seriously can't decide which is my favorite. Which is yours?? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Bring yarn...always. Right, maker friends?? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
It took a lot of work, but I finally got my second messy bun beanie design how I want it! Meet Haley's new little sister, Trina! They'll both be available in the shop soon. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
🎵Do you wanna build a snowman🎵 So happy to be back in Minnesota and have a white Christmas this year. Yesterday James and I built James' very first snowman. So. Much. Fun. #TheCozyKnot #theCozyKnotCrochet #Journey2Johnson #aJohnsonTale
{{Cozy details}} Loving the marbled black and gray contrasted with the wooden tag. 😍 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
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