My first attempt at a paper Juliet Rose. I don't think it turned out too bad. However, not 100% happy with the center, so I might try a different technique for that part. What do you think? #Journey2Johnson #aJohnsonTale
Open a door for someone today, give a compliment or a high five, ask if there's anything you can do for someone you care about, smile at a stranger, use the name of the person checking out your groceries and thank them! There's so many simple ways to be a nice human. What are you doing today?
I don't think I'll ever get over this color combo. ☀️ It's like sunshine in a little stack of super simple cotton adorableness. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
When was the last time you compared yourself to someone else? I'll bet you've done it already today {I know I have🙋🏼😳}. : Comparison can be one of two things: 1. Inspiration 2. Torment : We cannot legitimately get clear on our own path when we are constantly comparing ourselves to someone who is on a different path, different timeline, or in different place along their journey. : YES, get inspired!! But...don't let it devalue your own being, your own talents, or your own journey. Let it inspire you to own YOUR own unique qualities, share them with the world, and keep moving forward. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Wellness & Bliss}} Y''s the deal. I'm in an interesting phase of my life. Wellness is a HUGE focus right now. I haven't been hanging out here much (although I've been trying!) because I've been focusing on extensive learning and healing from the inside out and outside in the last couple months. I'll post the link in my bio if you wanna know the specific deets and info that's much too long to post in a caption. Ha! My new routine is keeping me VERY busy these days. And to avoid overwhelm and to keep stress down, I started with the most important fundamentals (food and nutrition) and have been building gradually on top of that as I get settled into new habits (exercise, protocols, mindset, hobbies, etc.), so crochet has taken a bit of a back seat. I promise I'm not done with my creative lifestyle and endeavors (it's just too critical to my being), but things are just a little slow for the time being. I appreciate you and am so grateful for you while I make this transition! 😘🤗💓 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Ever think about how mundane yarn is? Yet it can be turned into such lovely little (or big) things. I don't know...that thought of transformation just simply fascinates me. 🤗 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Y'all...I have been SO MIA over here lately! I think I've been struggling to find myself in the off season months of crochet. I can only make so much for myself and sales have dropped dramatically, so it's been slower going over here in the crochet zone. So, I've been mostly hanging out over at my wellness page, @tanyathurnau, documenting a new journey over there. I'll still be hanging out here, because I love my maker LOT! I'll try and make more of an appearance. In the meantime, if you want, come say hello at my other page, too! For those who have tagged me, I'll be catching up with you soon! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
🎶I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart...HEY🎶 ...because the cotton cloths went live in the shop today! 💓 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Not a typical message from me, but I hope that's okay with you. I've had a hard time feeling like I fit in in this world and that can be a tough place to be in mentally and emotionally. If that's kinda you (or TOTALLY you), too, I'm here simply to remind you that you're gorgeous and needed and you'll eventually figure it out. My mind always told me to stop and bury myself in a hole but my heart told me to just keep moving forward...just keep doing something - ANYTHING - until I was led to where I was supposed to be. Do I have it all figured out yet? NOPE. But I'm a lot further along now than I would have been if I'd sat in that hole I wanted to bury myself in. From one misfit to another, m'dear, I'm totally in your corner and you can hang in my tribe anytime you want to.
I'm trying to steer clear of cold brew coffee for a little bit...tear 😢 (more like temper tantrum). I've found there are a couple things that satisfy me in a similar way - one of those being golden milk. Ever try it? Think Thai tea, chai, or horchata. It's kinda in the same flavor boat. : The star ingredient is turmeric, which is a powerhouse spice for the body aiding in digestion and reducing inflammation, and it's even being touted as a potential cancer treatment. : I've added the recipe to the link in my bio, if you're interested in making it for yourself. : Crochet coasters: @thecozyknot
Oh...ya' know...just a little product testing going on over here. 😬 By the way, you tried golden milk?? It's kinda like chai, horchata, or Thai tea. Super simple, lots of health benefits, and deeeeeelish! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Happy Monday!}} Busy busy this morning with all kinds of goodies I've got planned for the week! 1. Started listing these lovely cotton cloth sets! 2. Prepping winter items for a big sale in the shop! 3. New pattern will be up and added, as well! Who says Mondays are a drag?! Not me! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
@melon.girl.knits and @detroit.crochet tagged me for #widn. Thanks a bunch, ladies (sorry it took me so long, Allison! 😳)! I'm taking my work back to where it all started and working on some cotton cloths today. They have a special place in my ❤️ and the shell pattern is my fave. How happy is this yellow?! 😃🍋☀️ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet What are @mageemade @offdhookcrochet @noahlea.knits and @crochetedbyamy up to? (No pressure, m'dears!)
Getting the hang of this knitting thing! 😉 Straight to cables. I don't mess around. 😂 Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! 😘 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Was tagged by @handmadebykunbi to share #widn (thanks girl!). Today I'm just getting a hat order made and put together so it's ready to ship out Monday morning. It's been a rainy day here in SETX, so it's been the perfect way to spend the afternoon. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet No pressure, but curious what @handmadebytiffany @signedlotsoflove_ @kalietaco and @teapraycrochet are up to.
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