Oak Smoked tomato and garlic pie with spiced kale pure - don't really know what time of day you eat this ! Could be a breakfast item ?....also..in bed watching huge snowflakes pile up high on the blackberry gates and the sky is actually pink! I discovered that the sky often go pink with heavy snow here in the north/forest ! Don't really know what makes it pink, maybe both the latitude and forrest or lack of heavy artificial lighting?
Honey and lemon "pickled" salsify with grape and blood-orange, pickled elderflower buds (and an unpictured oven roasted grape and blood-orange dressing ) I want to try this dressing on everything now! Have you ever made a roasted fruit dressing? - I wonder now why I never done this before! Completely changed the flavor of the fruit and made for an interesting dressing πŸ‰
Smoked onion broth with oven-roasted onions and chili oil
I made this a while back ( when my citrus trees was still in bloom ) for one of my favorite feeds then current obsession - its clementine sorbet, almond milk gel's, segmented citrus salad, candid lime peel and "four citrus curd", the flowers of lemon and lime
Joining @shisodelicious matcha extravaganza #shisomatcha with: 🍡 vanilla poached pear and matcha frappe! 🍡 Its so easy to make, poach the pears with lots of vanilla, some lemon peal, coconut-blossom sugar, (some optional pear liquor like xante) , let cool and then freeze the pears! When making the frappe put the stirred matcha, still frozen pears and 2 tablespoons coconut milk in a blender and mix until frappe consistency ( like a thick shake with tiny ice crystals ) This will be my new go to drink and mine was made using @matchaeologist "Meiko matcha" - full bodied with subtle floral Aromas ! Can't wait to make it on a hot late summers-day now 🍡
Lunch: panko fried tofu, mini king mushrooms, pear onions, dinosaur kale, new born green cabbage leafs ( you can grow in the window all year - eat them young ) - to finish an unpictured Agedashi broth to be pored over at the last minute ( classic version this time ;)
My Scandinavian version of "Agedashi tofu" is ready - the new addition is kale, and spruce juice along with the original ingredients! It gives the original savory flavors a strange but wonderful taste of the forrest 🌲
Thinking of making a bizarre version of "Agedashi Tofu" - ( my first real vegetarian love moment - 10 years ago ) - you shouldn't mess with perfection but I will anyway! I want it to taste of Scandinavia and xmas 🌲✨ do you have a special moment where you fell in love with a dish or produce? ( I have so many - I can start a blog with that as my main topic )
All my kitchen things cant live in my kitchen all the time! I have a box in my studio full of random things, These little things get to come back and live in the kitchen for a while now! #props or #necessities P.s a Guess who got their stolen truck back? ❀️
This picture is for my friend Stella - we had a tea drinking tradition in Australia when I lived there! I am crossing all my fingers that her visa will come through and that she can come live here in Sweden in the blue house she dreams of ! πŸ’™
4 citrus curd πŸ‹ Lemon/lime/mandarine/grape curd
Cant get enough of bathsalts : making another one but with bergamont, limeleaf, limepeel and matcha to give it a green hue ! Recipe for bath-salt a few posts back πŸ›€πŸΌ
Tea ✨ pears ✨ staranise ✨ glâgg spiced apple kombucha - what will become of this?
Making bath salts πŸ›€πŸΌ went through the whole of gothenburg to buy bath-salt last week but impossible, its fallen out of fashion...sad because it doesn't just smell great its actually great for ridding the body of toxins if its done right! 6 dl of coarse ocean salt, 3 dl of bitter salt or epsom, salt, 1 dl of bicarb soda, 2 big table spoons of honey ( i used heather honey from the xmas market ) , 2 tablespoons of camomile oil, A few drops of rose water, a few drops of your favorite scent Meadow flowers and some beautiful corn flowers πŸ’«πŸ›€πŸΌ mix everything up, store in airtight container. πŸ’• The beautiful cornflowers was a gift from my great mountaindwelling friend @tastyasheck πŸ’• ( bittersalt or epsom salt can be found in health stores ) #donteatthis #bathsalt
I know it is ridicules to buy citrus trees if you live in Sweden - but I did πŸ™ˆ and I grew a whole lemon and a whole lime this year - an epic harvest ! So I will make lemon/lime curd to celebrate my gardening greatness and maybe use a few of the leafs in a bath-salt! The one thing that made me feel slightly less ridiculous was that I put my trees in the bathhouse over winter ( my house is to old to have a bathroom in the main building, you have to go to the bathhouse built later ) and that made them flower....so it smelled like riding through a citrus plantation for over a week in thereπŸ›€πŸΌ :) #smallpleasures