Beetroot soup with hazelnut cream fraise and pickled fiddle heads ( they must be minutes away from sticking up out of the ground 🌱) I'm writing the recipe for the hazelnut cream fraise down and will share it along with the 4 citrus curd that I also promised;)
Adelaster was started from the beginning to showcase food for a pop up I did in the woods, the pop up is hibernating at the moment but I'm still cooking food on here like it's meant for a table of dinner guests! I love inventing plates of food but its not an accurate description of what I eat day to day, so I thought I would add in some of the things I eat daily or weekly as well and with recipes. This here goes in pretty much everything- caramelized onion. It is the base in most things, from vegan sandwich spreads to sauces, stir throughs and to top thing of! Its the perfect savory taste that can totally save things from being boring! To save time make lots at once - because done correctly it takes 1 hour plus to reach perfection! Slow and patient, can be done in butter or oil 🙈 but it works just as well to start it with a little water in the pan.
Vegan plantain pancakes with figs and a matcha/mint coconut whip! My creation for My friend @tastyasheck breakfast party! They have a few tricks to make them taste as close to normal pancakes fried in lots of butter as possible but without any normal pancake ingredients or butter! Firstly instead of using a normal banana, use Plantain ( the cooking banana - its starchy and rather dry and doesn't taste like will have to mix it with a stick blender - with 1 dl coconut milk or oat milk to get a thick thick batter, add 2 vegan seaweed eggs ( comes in powder sachets ), 1 teaspoon of Afghan black salt ( gives a little egg flavor), 2 tablespoons of oat flour - if the batter is to thick then add a bit more coconut or oat milk! You want the consistency of thahini! In a little side bowl mix any oil with a few teaspoons of light soy sauce ( extremely important that its light soy and not normal soy ) - fry the pancakes as normal in the soy/oil mixture, add a little to the pan every pancake! The soy caramelizes similar to butter and give that beautiful toasty savory flavor to the pancake that I have been missing like crazy! And I like normal banana pancakes but I was missing the taste of my childhood pancakes and this satisfied it perfectly. Fluffy, toasty, savory and crispy and no banana flavor! #tastymorninglove - ❤️️your one of a kind hun ❤️️
Not my usual nordic ingredients today but today I'm cooking for a great friend of mine @tastyasheck ! I spent some time in France last year with @tastyasheck @bettinas_kitchen @shisodelicious and @ritaserano - I was so blown away by how much these girls know about healthy but delicious eating! The things I took away with me have been life changing in my kitchen. I have been thinking about what to make for Heike's breakfast party and if I close my eyes and go back to France then she is up way before me and making pancakes downstairs at Ritas beautiful French Rock house! I wanted to make a vegan pancake - i like banana pancakes but I miss real savory pancakes fried in plenty of real butter! So I have had an idea 💡- what if you could use cooking bananas ? They don't really taste like bananas and are quite dry and starchy, and what if you use a pinch of Afghan black salt ( egg flavour ) in the batter. And final crazy idea 💡, a teaspoon of light soy and canola oil to fry in? Maybe just maybe that will create that crazy umami savory flavor of a classic pancake ?
We had a great dish at Stedsan in the woods! ( maybe you saw the video of the big beets coming out of the fire on my stories) It was Enormous beets that been roasted in the open fire, then served with goat cheese and hazelnuts! Simply perfect! Inspired I made my own vegan version of beet carpaccio, fermented hazelnut cream fraise and pickled fiddle heads, picked elderflower buds, leek ash and the first herbs from the garden.
@mettehelbak serving our first course at the fantastic 'Stedsan in the woods' dinner! A few days left on their kickstarter campaign- ( link in Mettes feed ) you don't want to miss becoming a stedsan forever guest ! The restaurant they are building is a huge greenhouse where the tree-trunks are left inside to crown over the greenhouse-roof and you will be dining among the blueberry bushes, lingonberries and rest of the forest floor! Can you imagine it? I can and I want to see it come through in all its beauty, grounded in sustainable ideas worthy to be passed on into the future I support for our planet! 🌎
Black produce Friday - can you name them all?
Sun-choke, salsify, broccoli leafs, white truffle butter, pickled elderflower buds and white pearl onion ( a few things still grows under the snow, apple mint, thyme, brassica leafs, leaks and sun choke )
Oak Smoked tomato and garlic pie with spiced kale pure - don't really know what time of day you eat this ! Could be a breakfast item ? bed watching huge snowflakes pile up high on the blackberry gates and the sky is actually pink! I discovered that the sky often go pink with heavy snow here in the north/forest ! Don't really know what makes it pink, maybe both the latitude and forrest or lack of heavy artificial lighting?
I can't wait to tell you about a project thats happening in South of Sweden! It's the talented team of two @mettehelbak and @flemming_stedsans from @stedsans_cleansimplelocal ! They have sold their house, closed the rooftop garden in Copenhagen and bought a huge forrest block in Sweden where they will continue to build a restaurant greenhouse on the lake surrounded by tiny cabins so you can spend the night while visiting! Attached to the restaurant they will start the labour intensive project of a permaculture garden to supply the greenhouse restaurant with the freshest of produce! They are also adding a lab, focused on sustainable ideas for the future! My favorite thing about @Instagram so far has been to watch how creatives support other creatives! I am so proud to be part of an community that has that mindset and where powerful, well engineered dreams can become reality! In @mettehelbak homefeed you can find the link to their Kickstarter campaign ( takes 1 min to sign up if you don't have an account already ) - and it's the fasted I have ever seen anyone hit target! Maybe because what they are giving back is so awesome! Exclusive packages like mini weekends in the cabins, harvest parties and special invites for Stedsan friends, even options where you can visit alone with someone special! I'm tagging a few of my friends and favorite accounts with likeminded ideas about food, fresh produce, health and sustainability ( hm only 20 allowed, I have many more favourites ) ✨❤️ 📷 credit @mettehelbak
Smoked onion broth with oven-roasted onions and chili oil
Merry Xmas - We celebrate today, the australian way ❄️ I had to use a picture I took when I got snowed in at the summer house in October because no white xmas in Sweden this year ;) wishing you all a great holiday ✨
Joining @shisodelicious matcha extravaganza #shisomatcha with: 🍵 vanilla poached pear and matcha frappe! 🍵 Its so easy to make, poach the pears with lots of vanilla, some lemon peal, coconut-blossom sugar, (some optional pear liquor like xante) , let cool and then freeze the pears! When making the frappe put the stirred matcha, still frozen pears and 2 tablespoons coconut milk in a blender and mix until frappe consistency ( like a thick shake with tiny ice crystals ) This will be my new go to drink and mine was made using @matchaeologist "Meiko matcha" - full bodied with subtle floral Aromas ! Can't wait to make it on a hot late summers-day now 🍵
A rather odd collection of xmas food items? 💫
Black 'chai and honey infused' rise pudding - with hot coconut/rose/cardamom cream, pomegranate and a hidden chestnut! ( in Sweden we eat rise porridge with orange sauce for xmas and the one who gets the hidden almond will get married next year - thats why I swapped out the nut cus it would be terrible if any of the 3 enjoying these bowls would marry next year! Have to find more suitable folklore to go with the chestnut )