Sooo, we're well past Christmas and it's entirely possibly that I'm, just now, putting all the decs away.πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆHad to share just one more festive pic of probably my favourite tree to date with my favourite littles. Finding the absolute perfect real tree is kind of heartbreaking, in the end because you can't keep it forever. Any one else still have to put away their decorations? Please tell me I'm not alone!
Saturday night! What are your plans?! Are you hitting a dance floor like this cutie? Having a quiet night at home? I'm headed to the πŸ’Leafs/Sens πŸ₯…game with the hubs and his fam. The stakes are high! Loser's team makes breakfast. 🍳 Any other hockey fans here?? Who do you predict will be making breaky tomorrow?? Go Sens Go!
Mommies need to be taken care of too, sometimes. Especially if it means extra kisses. 😘
The Oosterhof's would LOVE to support and partner with Mighty Warrior Designs! We're an outdoor loving, Eastern Ontario farm family of 5. 1 Farmer Daddy, 1 Photog Mommy and 3 busy, adventurous boys - Isaac 4, Judah 2, Reuben 4.5 Months. We love to support Canadian Small Biz and I think our "team" would make a great addition to #mightyteam17
We'd love to support local Canadian Boss Momma @willbirdbaby. Isaac is 4, Judah is 2 and Reuben is 4.5 months and they'd all live to be a #wbbbrandrep17 (3 for the price of 1 πŸ˜‰.)
Going through my photos for content for my website (😬) and came across one of my all time favs of my favourite twinsies! How can you not smile looking at these 2?!
I miss this bright eyed smiley face. This poor little munch has a nasty bug, and though he continues to smile through it, it's just not the same as when he's feeling πŸ’―. Breaks a Momma's heart. Are you managing to stay bug free this winter?? Bandana Bib: @pinkpancakedes
It's dreary ice rainy day here and we're trying to keep our hands busy and out of each others hair by making this super easy bread in a bag from @leighanne_yourhomebasedmom How's your Tuesday shaping up?
A little Christmas ✨magic✨always brings out the πŸ’! Did you or someone you know get recently engaged?! 1) CONGRATULATIONS!! So exciting! Let the planning begin! 2) Let's talk! I'd love to spend your special day with you, making sure that those memories will be forever captured for you to revisit again and again and again! 2017 dates are almost filled!
Winter wedding ❄️magic❄️
I'm dying!! 😍😍 He's mine, so I'm totally biased, but I just can't get over the cute! My little Reuben has been a sweet little part of our family (outside the belly) for 4 months now and it's been wonderful!
#brandrepsearch @bebold_kids
Sometimes as a mom, when you look back on your day, you need to count only the good things. What happened after this, doesn't matter because this was perfection. Ya feein' it Mommas??
Best 9 of 2016? The results are in! Thanks for all your support this year!
Loving our pretty new tree skirt from @brightswancreations Looking forward to putting it out for years and years to come!
Albums are in and being sent out over the next little bit!