Who wouldn't love a stack of tiny bowls 😄👌 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haven't been to the workshop for a few days now 😣 Because I'm busy doing other stuff that requires my attention (😧). Well, soon I'll be back where I belong. 😉 🔪
So far so good. Did put some Pentacryl on it to prevent it from cracking too easily when drying. Don't really know how this wood acts when it's drying compared to green wood, if there's any difference. Anyone knows? Anyways, hope you all have a great evening! ☺️👍
Found this world map from the 15th century, hidden inside a poplar 🌳 Maybe not that accurate anymore..or can you find your country?
Having fun with newly sharpened tools. Tried out my new wolverine sharpening system this evening, and now I can't stop turning. Should have been in bed right now but why stop now when I'm having so much fun 😄👌
Finished this one today, so now it just needs to dry. ☺️
My new apprentice 😸 He's not too much help, that's for sure..
[Sound 🔊] My wife @elin__ingrid, came to the workshop and played around with the 📽️, then she went home and made this. 🤓 Loved it! 👌 Film by: @elin__ingrid Music by: Latchė Swing
I have had a vase on a shelf for half a year or so, that I never finished. But today I took it down. Thought I'd give it another try. ☺️💪
Friday night 🙌 Working on my website still. Photographing, editing and uploading.. It feels endless 😥 Been doing the same every evening this week 😅 Hope you guys are having some fun tonight at least. 💃
A blurry picture through the workshop window that my wife snapped. I kind of like it. 😊 Thanks @elin__ingrid for the pic 📷
Here's the natural edge bowl I made recently.
Making something from an off cut I found on the floor. Why burn it when one can do something nice from it. 😉✌️
Focusing 😑
A bit personal. The last two years of my life have been kind of different. And sometimes it's good to take a look over your shoulder to see what's been done and then look forward to see where it all is heading. | Two years ago I had just ended my 3 year old construction firm. One reason was because I had rediscovered my interest for wood carving, and as a self-employed I new I wouldn't have the energy or the time for a time consuming hobby. The other reason was that I was a bit overworked and didn't have the inspiration to continue. So the decision was quite simple. Well, quite soon after, I got depressed, and it took me almost 6 months before I was back in shape. During that time, carving stuff helped me a lot. And since then, it have helped me through tough times. I'm not that good at expressing my inner feelings for the people around me, but somehow I'm able to do it through my carvings. For example, when I want to express my love for my wife I carve her something beautiful. And perhaps you remember the "monster fish" spoon I made last year (you'll find it down in my feed), well there I was dealing with more darker feelings that I had to process. Guess we all have different ways to express and deal with inner feelings, good or bad. Main thing is that we get them out somehow. These last two years have been different, there's been happiness but also a lot of sadness. But one thing that have been a steady rock is my family and few good friends that have been there, always pushing me forward. And last but not least, all of you guys that have followed my journey here on Instagram and given me so much love and feedback. So Thank you all! Well, I guess it's time to turn my head forward and see where I'm heading. I belive 2017 will be a different year. (Just for the record, this text took me over 2 hours to write...)
About yesterdays event. 🚢 So, for those of you that don't know, I was on a Craft festival on board @wasaline_ferry. I was invited there to talk about and demonstrate spoon carving. I think it went okay, first time doing something like this so I was pretty nervous in the beginning. I was supposed to talk max 30 minutes, but somehow I manage to go on for almost an hour. Thankfully no one complained about that little over step. 😅 Anyway, I'm happy I went trough with it even though my nerves told me to stay home. Best of all with this cruise was all the new creative people I met. Was fun getting to know other like-minded. 🙋 Big thanks to @loftetvaasa for the invitation! 🙏👍 #slöjdfestivalen2017 #käsityöfestivaali2017
Here's a little throwback to last week's birch bowl. It's definitely the prettiest bowl I've ever made. Gave it to my wife, since they kind of have the same description. 😉😘 @eisoderlund