I had a request to post the Oceanside Haley Messy Bun Beanie as a flat lay so you could see the whole thing. Here you go! 😊 (Un)fortunately, it was so popular that it temporarily went out of stock this morning. I'll get more as soon as I can (which usually doesn't take too long). So, if anyone is interested in this color, let me know so I can hopefully get as much as I need. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Oh...ya' know...just a little product testing going on over here. 😬 By the way, you tried golden milk?? It's kinda like chai, horchata, or Thai tea. Super simple, lots of health benefits, and deeeeeelish! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Happy Monday!}} Busy busy this morning with all kinds of goodies I've got planned for the week! 1. Started listing these lovely cotton cloth sets! 2. Prepping winter items for a big sale in the shop! 3. New pattern will be up and added, as well! Who says Mondays are a drag?! Not me! #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Anyone ever get a little stumped by packaging? 🤔 Spent a good chunk of the day trying to figure out packaging for these little guys. I've tried a bunch of stuff and I just haven't been 100% happy with any of it. But...my final attempt might work! Fingers crossed!🤞🏻#TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
If you ask real nice, I might even throw in a personalized note for you. 😉💓 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Was tagged by @handmadebykunbi to share #widn (thanks girl!). Today I'm just getting a hat order made and put together so it's ready to ship out Monday morning. It's been a rainy day here in SETX, so it's been the perfect way to spend the afternoon. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet No pressure, but curious what @handmadebytiffany @signedlotsoflove_ @kalietaco and @teapraycrochet are up to.
I miss making hats! Now that the busy season is over I feel a little lost. Anyone else feel that way? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
While I was home, B (Bentley) was a big help with my latest project. 😂🐶 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
A cozy life is THE life. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
...because you can just put a cozy hat on! 👍🏻🤗 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Happy Valentine's Day}}❤️❤️ What are your plans to celebrate love today? Since James works a double I've just been working and trying to finish my giveaway hat. But...we celebrated all day yesterday with a picnic lunch, dinner (he cooked) last night (complete with candlelight and flowers), and he stopped by with a bunch of goodies this morning before heading off to work. I'm one lucky lady. 💓 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet #AJohnsonTale #Journey2Johnson
I've got the Monday blues...but in a good way! 💙 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Every multicolored yarn is like opening up a surprise. You just never know exactly how it's going to turn out. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
And repeat! 😉 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I've been eyeing up 👀 some serving trays lately. I've been on a serious hunt for something super simple yet slightly rustic looking...and affordable. I found this unfinished gem @hobbylobby (shocking, I know😂), and I'm undertaking some semi-DIY staining it dark brown. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Teaser!}} Just a tiny sneak peek at what I'm cookin' up for Spring/Summer! Any guesses? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet