I had a request to post the Oceanside Haley Messy Bun Beanie as a flat lay so you could see the whole thing. Here you go! 😊 (Un)fortunately, it was so popular that it temporarily went out of stock this morning. I'll get more as soon as I can (which usually doesn't take too long). So, if anyone is interested in this color, let me know so I can hopefully get as much as I need. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I've been stocking my kitchen with lots of new dishcloths! I was in desperate need, so I was going to buy some, but then thought, "Duh! Make some!!" Sometimes we, as makers, forget we can make things for ourselves when we need something. πŸ˜‚ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
40% OFF! The sale items are now available in the sale section of the shop. I may add a couple more items yet, but there's a good start to choose from in there, if anything tickles your fancy. 😊 #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Not a typical message from me, but I hope that's okay with you. I've had a hard time feeling like I fit in in this world and that can be a tough place to be in mentally and emotionally. If that's kinda you (or TOTALLY you), too, I'm here simply to remind you that you're gorgeous and needed and you'll eventually figure it out. My mind always told me to stop and bury myself in a hole but my heart told me to just keep moving forward...just keep doing something - ANYTHING - until I was led to where I was supposed to be. Do I have it all figured out yet? NOPE. But I'm a lot further along now than I would have been if I'd sat in that hole I wanted to bury myself in. From one misfit to another, m'dear, I'm totally in your corner and you can hang in my tribe anytime you want to.
It's the simple and homemade things that really get to me sometimes. I try and make a lot of my own stuff as opposed to commercial and store bought (unless it's something I truly value or believe in). The new cotton cloths are fitting in perfectly with my homemade beauty and kitchen products. πŸ’“ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I think I've got the packaging halfway figured out. Progress y'all...progress. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Superfood berry smoothie and scarf progress. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Anyone ever get a little stumped by packaging? πŸ€” Spent a good chunk of the day trying to figure out packaging for these little guys. I've tried a bunch of stuff and I just haven't been 100% happy with any of it. But...my final attempt might work! Fingers crossed!🀞🏻#TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
If you ask real nice, I might even throw in a personalized note for you. πŸ˜‰πŸ’“ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
Was tagged by @handmadebykunbi to share #widn (thanks girl!). Today I'm just getting a hat order made and put together so it's ready to ship out Monday morning. It's been a rainy day here in SETX, so it's been the perfect way to spend the afternoon. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet No pressure, but curious what @handmadebytiffany @signedlotsoflove_ @kalietaco and @teapraycrochet are up to.
I miss making hats! Now that the busy season is over I feel a little lost. Anyone else feel that way? #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
While I was home, B (Bentley) was a big help with my latest project. πŸ˜‚πŸΆ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
A cozy life is THE life. #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
I've been eyeing this pretty salmon colored alpaca blend yarn for quite a while. I finally decided to get some and make something with it. πŸ€—βž° #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet
{{Happy Valentine's Day}}❀️❀️ What are your plans to celebrate love today? Since James works a double I've just been working and trying to finish my giveaway hat. But...we celebrated all day yesterday with a picnic lunch, dinner (he cooked) last night (complete with candlelight and flowers), and he stopped by with a bunch of goodies this morning before heading off to work. I'm one lucky lady. πŸ’“ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet #AJohnsonTale #Journey2Johnson
Just completed this custom request. I aim to please, y'all...I aim to please. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #TheCozyKnot #TheCozyKnotCrochet