Found another of pretty @jodilakin that I liked :)
Lovely 😊 caught in a moment ❀️ xx
I love your photography
I thought this was Ariel Winter at first, gorgeous 😍 @alex_cameron @jodilakin
Had an awesome time shooting @gemmastyles today! Freaking hot day in the garden so we broke out some ice lollies before shooting, pretty sure I sweated my entire face off but it was all worth it! Amazing woman! πŸ‘πŸΌ
So excited to be able to share an image from the upcoming @blogosphere_magazine which stars the freaking awesome @louisepentland - it was a really fun day and I'm stoked to show you all the cover! Till then I hope you enjoy Louise's saucy side, cause she really is a saucy minx x
Reflecting on the old me. Where I was, where I'm going now, what I've learned, who I am now. Reflections. #whpreflections
That pretty one @wonderful_u and awesome flowers by @rougepony 🌸 currently binge watching The People v. O.J. Simpson, anyone else? DID HE DO IT??
Simple pleasures. Like the light on leaves, like the embrace of a warm breeze, like the the touch of skin, like the small feeling of hope. Model is @pererauk and mua @emily_jane_makeup - have to mention again, one more week to register to vote. If you're young and new to voting, please just register, there will be much more information coming before the election which will help you decide, but for now, please register #millenialsunite
Had a really lovely time shooting for @johnlewisretail last week with a bunch of beautiful ladies. Here is @bangonstyle rocking a yellow jumpsuit πŸ₯cutie! While I have you I just want to urge anyone who hasn't yet registered to vote to PLEASE do so, there are only 9 more days left to register, and I especially want all my fellow millennials to have their say! This is our country and our lives, make the voice you have count! Just google 'register to vote' and boom, the link will be there and it only takes a few minutes. MILLENIALS UNITE!!!
The sun is out again!!!!!! Gimme a tan baby!! Model: @gracebowker
The shy princess. With @gracebowker and @emily_jane_makeup 🌿
Juggle. With @gracebowker πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅
Queen of Hearts. With @wonderful_u ❀️beautiful flower crown by @rougepony
When the weather was warmer and brighter I grabbed @sarahelizabethpeters and persuaded her to chill amongst this flowering mass of amazingness πŸ‘πŸΌ thanks Sarah!
Red rose. More from the weekend, this time with a bit of red ☺️ with @pererauk πŸ‘πŸΌ
Wait for rescue. Another photo from the weekend with at the workshops I hosted with my pal @georgiarosehardy - model is @gracebowker 🌿and mua @emily_jane_makeup
Yesterday was warm and spectacular πŸ‘πŸΌ running workshops with @georgiarosehardy in beautiful places and shooting with a bunch of awesome people, it's the best! I have a lot to share, but thought I'd start off with this one in the Orangery, because if I could, I would live in it. 🍊model is @gracebowker mua is @emily_jane_makeup
Been checking over forgotten images and found this gem of @katesnooks - had to share it! πŸ‘πŸΌ