Actor Sterling Brown (@sterlingkb1) was on his way to work when he learned about his Golden Globe nomination for his role in “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” where he played prosecutor Christopher Darden. “It was like putting together a puzzle piece,” says Sterling of preparing for the role; the whole cast did a ton of reading and he poured over video footage, namely interviews with Charlie Rose and Oprah. When he’s not filming, Sterling goes to the gym, plays with his kids and is no stranger to binge watching TV shows — it's simple pleasures that provide Sterling with joy and happiness. “When I hear my baby boy singing, that makes me happy. When I get to kiss my kids at night, it makes me happy. A good movie. A good meal. A clean house. A clean house makes me very happy. 😊” Photo by @sterlingkb1
A self-described “crafty gal,” Holly Fox (@hol_fox) always had a project. She bejeweled pumpkins, built gingerbread houses — and then she shifted her focus to cookies when she realized royal icing mixed just like paint. “I’m constantly thinking about composition and color,” says Los Angeles-based Holly, who became a graphic designer straight out of college. “My styling and cookie shapes reflect my graphic design style — nice and tidy. I’ve really tried to make colorful and clean my signature style!” She started posting sets of cookies three years ago and, according to Holly, she hasn’t slept since. 😉 #MadeToCreate Watch our Instagram story to see Holly bake and decorate a batch of these beauties. Photo by @hol_fox
Jorge (@instayors) threw his hat into the ring for our #BoomerangOfTheWeek — and it paid off! This one was captured on a quick road trip with his friend Irene (@iregoes). Do you love taking Boomerangs? Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your caption. Yours might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @instayors
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPiseefaces The goal this weekend is to find faces in surprising and unexpected places — like this one by @olafbreuning. Here’s how to get started: Slow down and take in your surroundings. Look down at the sidewalk for shapes that resemble facial expressions; turn your attention up to find faces in buildings, clouds and trees. Change your perspective — sometimes a face is revealed when you turn your view sideways or rearrange the food on your plate. Use stickers and Instagram Stories drawing tools to add props and personality to a face that you found in the wild, then share the creation to your feed. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPiseefaces hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Featured photo by @olafbreuning
“Our passion for photography and filmmaking came first, then drones,” says Jampal Williamson, who runs @saltywings with friend Michael Goetze. “In late 2015, we had an idea to explore and photograph the West Australian coastline with aerial technology,” says Michael, 29. That idea grew into a video production house in Perth, where the duo works on daily posts. Using their experience as surfers to wait for perfect weather conditions, they fly and film just before sunrise or after sunset to capture a warm glow on the landscape. “Aesthetically, we are looking to capture a sense of wonder in our photographs,” says Jampal, 25. “We want our work to provide people with an escape to a beautiful place — an eternal summer holiday.” Photo by @saltywings
Ingrid Rizzieri’s jewelry business Entre Cubos (@entrecubos) — translated into English as “Between Cubes” — emerged from a personal fashion quest. “The market offers a lot of classic jewelry, which is more delicate and feminine,” says 20-year-old Ingrid, who’s from São Paulo. “I could never see myself wearing that style.” Ingrid started crafting jewelry that suited her taste, but after constantly getting stopped on the street by admirers, she started selling her handmade designs. “When you want to do something new, you need to stop following trends and start listening to yourself. Follow your own instinct and develop new paths for inspiration. When you do that with passion, dedication and responsibility, the chances of success are higher.” #MadeToCreate Photo by @entrecubos
Kirsty Ballard (@madeinjoho) captured a candid display of joyful affection when her mom, an elephant enthusiast from England, visited a sanctuary in South Africa. “This fella in particular loves to give trunk kisses and was by far mum’s favorite,” she says. #WHPloveis Photo by @madeinjoho
“The purpose of this photo is to share love in all its forms,” says Domingo (@domingoxlatarde) of the heart that took shape in an ocean breeze, which he dedicated to his grandmother. “I’m always curious what love means to people — love has no boundaries!” #WHPloveis Photo by @domingoxlatarde
Hello, world! It’s time for a very special edition of #WeeklyFluff. Meet Biscuit (@busybodybiscuit), a Cavalier King Charles who was spotted getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with her puppy pal Sir Charles Barkley. 💋 Follow @busybodybiscuit to keep up with her adventures around Chicago.
“Love is seeing the world through a child’s eyes,” says @thetravelingbumblebee in the caption to her #WHPloveis submission. She captured this moment of pure bliss during a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Photo by @thetravelingbumblebee
Even the most rational, scientifically minded people in the world need a little break from reality sometimes. Silvia Minucelli (@mijbilcreatures) knows the feeling all too well, so the engineer channeled that energy into creating her tiny, indescribably cute animal figurines. “I’m a rather introverted person, so in some sense my miniature world works as a buffer between me and the ‘real world,’” says Silvia, who lives in Sweden. She sculpts, paints, bakes and varnishes polymer clay — “traditional sculpting tools are way too big for my miniatures, so I use toothpicks, crochet hooks, needles and my fingertips” – to create her creatures like dragons, unicorns, jackalopes and satyrs. “Like many engineers, fantasy and mythology have always been a part of my life,” says Silvia, whose mother read her “The Hobbit” before bed while she was growing up in Venice, Italy. It’s back to her home country for Valentine’s Day this year — the ski slopes of the Dolomites are too good to miss out on in February. “Lots of snow, good company and a cup of decadent hot chocolate,” says Silvia. “What could be better?” #MadeToCreate Photo by @mijbilcreatures
For Jenn Sanchez (@jennchezdesign), a beautiful arrangement of flowers can induce a sense of delight — and maybe even love. “I really believe the right combination of color, texture and movement can make you feel something — transport you somewhere else,” says the 25-year-old California-based floral designer. Jenn was painting flowers as a young girl long before she was arranging them, but she was always a little frustrated with her art. “I wanted something more tangible,” she says. “Throughout the years, flowers were a constant source of inspiration. Their complexity still astounds me — all that from a tiny seed. Working with something physical has been immensely satisfying.” Jenn’s efforts are the reward for the lucky admirers who snag one of her arrangements for Valentine’s Day this year, but she’s personally hoping for something sweeter: “Maybe some sea salt dark chocolate from my husband.” Photo of @jennchezdesign by @gillianstevens
“This photo represents the real Casablanca, the busy city where many things can happen at the same time!” says Yassine Alaoui Ismaili (@yoriyas), a lifelong resident and photographer. “Chaotic but organized.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @yoriyas
“Please try to refrain from drooling, these are just words” prefaces the far-out descriptions of Fluffë’s (@fluffegram) fairy floss (aka cotton candy) flavors. “Gypsy Dreams” is “rich caramel floss laced with crunchy charms and shiny trinkets, to give you the sweetest dreams.” “Boys Tears” is a “bittersweet blue floss flavored with only the cutest boys’ tears for a slightly salty taste.” But Nathan Hunter, the 21-year-old from Sydney, Australia, who built the Fluffë brand, says his most popular flavor is “Unicorn Poop,” ideal for “rainbow lovers, unicorn owners, musk lovers, pastel princesses, sprinkle addicts and those that need a little more magic in their diet!” For Valentine’s Day, Nathan created customizable boxes for his customers. “It’s really sweet to see what some people write,” says Nathan. “The best ones are from mothers to their daughters. They’re beautiful.” 💗 #MadeToCreate Check out our Instagram story to see more from this fairy floss aficionado. Photo of @fluffegram by @sugarandsaltcookies
In perfect unison, three friends walk on air in our #BoomerangOfTheWeek. Cristina and Fran (@xicaxico) captured this moment during a weekend with friends near Jaén, Spain. Do you love taking Boomerangs? Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your caption — it might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @xicaxico
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPloveis In honor of Valentine’s Day, celebrated around the world on February 14, this weekend’s goal is to create photos and videos that show what love means to you. 💗 Here’s how to get started: At home? Capture candid moments that demonstrate the closeness among people (or pets) who share downtime together. Find the tiny gestures of love from everyday life, like a thoughtfully packed school lunch, a couple commuting together or a neighborhood group gathering to clean up a beloved park. Be on the lookout for love in unexpected places like spotting the shape of a heart in a tree. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPloveis hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Featured photo by @yanpalmer