I fear I'm getting lost. I have always known how lucky I was to see the light, I saw it in the darkest places, the pure beauty of life. But recently it's been slipping from me. Every year in winter the light goes earlier and with it my hope goes a little, this year it has gone a lot. I miss the light. I'm getting worried because it's been many years since I've felt this dark and I've forgotten how to find my way out. Tell me I will, I need to know I will...
Feel ya!!! Sun sets at 3pm, what's that about?! Shortest day in 3 days though, so hopefully your darkness is due to start lifting bit by bit with it! Hope you're ok ❤️
It's a hard time of a year indeed. All grey, short days. No time for light painters. Hint: go through old photos, to remember brighter days.
You will sweetheart, there's strength in you x
We all need the light i hate this darkness too but it has to come with every season that changes!
It's going to lift. I know the feelings, it's so hard this time of year! Hold onto your light inside of you. Sending love from cold cold Michigan ❤️❤️❤️
With dark nights come twinkly lights... The shadows create mystery and intrigue... And a challenge for photographers... Embrace it... The darkness never lasts forever...
Reflecting on the old me. Where I was, where I'm going now, what I've learned, who I am now. Reflections. #whpreflections
That pretty one @wonderful_u and awesome flowers by @rougepony 🌸 currently binge watching The People v. O.J. Simpson, anyone else? DID HE DO IT??
Broken down palace. With @gracebowker - this rain is getting me down, anyone else? Also, just discovered the My Favourite Murder podcast and listened to it at the gym today, it's awesome! Anyone else listen to it?
Had a really lovely time shooting for @johnlewisretail last week with a bunch of beautiful ladies. Here is @bangonstyle rocking a yellow jumpsuit 🐥cutie! While I have you I just want to urge anyone who hasn't yet registered to vote to PLEASE do so, there are only 9 more days left to register, and I especially want all my fellow millennials to have their say! This is our country and our lives, make the voice you have count! Just google 'register to vote' and boom, the link will be there and it only takes a few minutes. MILLENIALS UNITE!!!
I want to talk about my biggest fear, because I believe in honesty, and talking about truth, real things that we think and feel. Death is my biggest fear, maybe because of just how little I know of death. What I do believe, as an atheist, is that when we die we cease to exist, and yet, it gives me the highest anxiety to imagine it to be true because of just how present I am. My cells, my nerves, my thoughts and heart. How can my being, my very being, be taken. And yet, we all have this electric consciousness, another thing with no real understanding or explanation. We are so present and so alive! And yet so many people take away so many lives everyday. Disease, cancers, illness, accidents, one wrong step, just one wrong step and we are gone, to darkness, to none existence. How can I understand non existence when all I know or have ever known is existence? And how easily people take another's life, how in our history and our present people have sent fellow humans into nothingness without a thought. I speak of this because it plagues me, the unanswered questions, the fear. It's my elephant in the room, death is, because the fear of it follows me and I can only imagine it follows everyone, but no one speaks of it. So yeah, I thought I would. What do you think about death? Do you believe in an afterlife? Does the idea of death scare you? Let me know your truth! - model is @pererauk
She created the life she wanted. With @gracebowker make up by @emily_jane_makeup - I don't know why but I'm feeling sort of lost today, to cheer up a bit, might do an insta stories q&a! Any questions leave them below and I'll answer them in insta stories ☺️
Juggle. With @gracebowker 🔵🔵🔵
The lady in the lake. This was torture for @wonderful_u - this was effectively a freezing cold swamp and she handled it like a champ!
Frozen. First time shooting in the bluebells this year! Can't believe it's taken me so long, and I'm worried they'll be dying soon so need to go shoot some more!! So glad the weekend is coming! I can edit galore and also pause for a while, it's been a busy week for lazy ol' me, need time to recover! This is the beautiful @gracebowker and mua @emily_jane_makeup 👍🏼
Red rose. More from the weekend, this time with a bit of red ☺️ with @pererauk 👍🏼
Wait for rescue. Another photo from the weekend with at the workshops I hosted with my pal @georgiarosehardy - model is @gracebowker 🌿and mua @emily_jane_makeup
Me and him. Shot by my best friend @lukehayden - his work is 🙌🏼
Been checking over forgotten images and found this gem of @katesnooks - had to share it! 👍🏼
Tried out some new backdrops today with some self portraits, cause it's been far to long. Also, I do love a bit of lace 👌🏼
That time I turned @wonderful_u into a feral goddess :) can't wait to see you Megsy!!