I fear I'm getting lost. I have always known how lucky I was to see the light, I saw it in the darkest places, the pure beauty of life. But recently it's been slipping from me. Every year in winter the light goes earlier and with it my hope goes a little, this year it has gone a lot. I miss the light. I'm getting worried because it's been many years since I've felt this dark and I've forgotten how to find my way out. Tell me I will, I need to know I will...
Feel ya!!! Sun sets at 3pm, what's that about?! Shortest day in 3 days though, so hopefully your darkness is due to start lifting bit by bit with it! Hope you're ok ❤️
It's a hard time of a year indeed. All grey, short days. No time for light painters. Hint: go through old photos, to remember brighter days.
You will sweetheart, there's strength in you x
The darkness is inviting. I've already lost myself within its shadows. Please all those beautiful people out there, stay out of the shadows. Go to the light. Do it for your sake. Do it for your safety
It's going to lift. I know the feelings, it's so hard this time of year! Hold onto your light inside of you. Sending love from cold cold Michigan ❤️❤️❤️
With dark nights come twinkly lights... The shadows create mystery and intrigue... And a challenge for photographers... Embrace it... The darkness never lasts forever...
Think pink! Hot and sweaty sitting in a dark room with a fan, taking a break from wediting to edit some forgotten images. Love doing a deep dive on my hard drive 👍🏼 this was shot with my @canonuk 5Dmkii and @sigmauk 35mm 1.4 🌺 pretty lady is @lauren_hallworth x
Peekaboo I see you @zoella ☺️
Sharing this again cause it's a fav of mine ☺️ plus I love @catherine_ashworth 👍🏼I spent the entire day with my mum and two sisters in a spa, came home after a hot drive and had a cold shower, and am now relaxing and watching Orange is the New Black, basically a badass Sunday 🙌🏼 blissful.
My and @wonderful_u soaking up the summer sun and falling a little more in love with life. Also wearing my favourite @freepeopleuk dress ☺️ shot with my @canonuk 5D mkiii and @sigmauk 35mm 1.4 👍🏼
Ok, are you ready? Cause I'm going to have to gush a little bit ☺️partly cause I'm really proud of this photo, @louisepentland looks absolutely insane!! Which of course is mostly down to her, but I am so happy I got to capture it! And also, I am so unbelievably happy for her and her baby announcement!! She is such a wonderful person, and I'm so excited for you all to see the spread and interview in @blogosphere_magazine 🙌🏼 high five for awesome people and awesome magazines 🖐🏼
This pretty one again, all in monochrome 👉🏼 @gemmastyles 👈🏼 I totally dig her 👌🏼shot with my @canonuk 5D mkiii and @sigmauk 35mm 1.4
A few hours ago @conzomg and I went for a drive and found this spot of daisies by a roundabout. The wind was swirling and the sun kept peaking through as I lay down into the depths of the flowers. Thank you my @conzomg for helping me take photos, but more than that, thank you for keeping me company always x
Another outtake of @zoella - a crime to not share these, although I am exposing everyone to a mean case of leg envy. It's worth it! Love you Zo xx
Can I just talk about my brother @thelastdinosaur for a second? For the last 10 years he has been working on an album, an album about losing people, about the human condition, about death and growth and emptiness. His new album The Nothing comes out next month but in the meantime there is a single out to listen to called Grow, which I sing on :) also honoured to have done this cover art for the single. Check out his stream and click 👉🏼@thelastdinosaur 👈🏼 we are creative beings, and he also takes some beautiful street style and documentary photographs. Please have a listen, this album is his soul, the things he's felt, the pain and happiness and hope and fear he has translated it into music and it is beautiful. 👍🏼
Can we all just agree that @gemmastyles is the bomb? Cool, so we're agreed then 👍🏼 also, hormone update, I've just ordered two pizza for myself 👋🏻😏
More of the badass @gemmastyles in the studio 👍🏼
Pretty flowers and a pretty face :) you beaut @bernadettelemon and 🌸by @waterbabyflowers ☺️
Had an awesome time shooting @gemmastyles today! Freaking hot day in the garden so we broke out some ice lollies before shooting, pretty sure I sweated my entire face off but it was all worth it! Amazing woman! 👍🏼
So excited to be able to share an image from the upcoming @blogosphere_magazine which stars the freaking awesome @louisepentland - it was a really fun day and I'm stoked to show you all the cover! Till then I hope you enjoy Louise's saucy side, cause she really is a saucy minx x
Finding your way out. With @gracebowker and @emily_jane_makeup - question, would anyone like me to share more of my life on here? Or do you like me only really showing my work? I usually use stories for my life and hope to do it more, but always want to share docu photos and life photos on here, but not sure if people would like it. Let me know! ☺️