I fear I'm getting lost. I have always known how lucky I was to see the light, I saw it in the darkest places, the pure beauty of life. But recently it's been slipping from me. Every year in winter the light goes earlier and with it my hope goes a little, this year it has gone a lot. I miss the light. I'm getting worried because it's been many years since I've felt this dark and I've forgotten how to find my way out. Tell me I will, I need to know I will...
You'll find the light again. And when you do, you'll be stronger than before ❤️
I have a feeling I took this way too deep and way too dark. Anyone else done this? Or is it just me. Absolutely amazing photos. I always feel the carry such a good message beneath the written words 💖
You will sweetheart, there's strength in you x
We all need the light i hate this darkness too but it has to come with every season that changes!
It's going to lift. I know the feelings, it's so hard this time of year! Hold onto your light inside of you. Sending love from cold cold Michigan ❤️❤️❤️
With dark nights come twinkly lights... The shadows create mystery and intrigue... And a challenge for photographers... Embrace it... The darkness never lasts forever...
Will and the light. The light is there to play with, to touch, to breath. . . . . #whpfollowthelight
3 random facts why not... 1. When I was six I fell from my top bunk and broke my collar bone. I now have a phobia of anyone touching my collar bones, or anyone touching their own for that matter. I picture them like toothpicks about to snap and it literally sends shivers down my spine. 2. When I was a kid all I wanted was to act, I was actually secretly annoyed at my parents for not taking me seriously and sending me on auditions which, I was sure, would have resulted in my becoming a celebrated child actress. When I hit secondary school my confidence disappeared, but I still think deep down I would probably be able to rock an emotional monologue. My boyfriend tells me almost everyone thinks deep down they'd be amazing actors and therefore I'm probably shit. 3. When I was in primary school my parents thought I was deaf. I recall having to take a hearing test every six months or so, partly because I had contracted measles as a baby, but mostly because when people called my name I wouldn't respond. Turns out I didn't have hearing problems, instead I just wasn't paying attention, I was lost in my imagination. . . #WHPfollowthelight
It's a fine line. Self I took today with the help of @conzomg 👀 have been wanting to combine illustration and photography for a while and today I was thinking how interesting it would to just construct how I wanted to look, be completely in control, to turn myself into art, so I drew myself. It's an imitation of me, in sketch. #WHPimitation
I'm feeling excited for this year :) want to be productive and inspired! Move more, take care of myself more, shoot more and try and remember to be in the moment 👍🏼
Throw back! Can't wait for the workshops I'm running with @georgiarosehardy next year :)
Will took me to a rather festive house today, one he used to visit with his brothers as a child. You put some coins in and all the lights come on, it was very cool and very tacky 👍🏼💡
Fairytales 🌿
Cheesy grin 🙃
❤️ @zoella
Miss you @wonderful_u
Hey guys! I know I mentioned it yesterday, but in case anyone missed it... @georgiarosehardy and I will be hosting TWO workshops at the amazing grounds of Castle Ashby in Northampton on the 28th and 29th of January!!! We will be shooting with amazing professional models, and MUA and a whole bunch of props and dresses at a beautiful (seriously beautiful) location that has actual MEERCATS! The station isn't too far and shared taxis can happen :) Email alexandracameron@hotmail.co.uk to request an info pack/book a spot! 👍🏼
Thinking about renting a studio in London and offering Studio Sessions. Half hour slots people could book for 3 professionally edited images. Would anyone be interested in this? Want to put the feelers out before I book a studio 🙊 rough cost would be £120-£140 xx
BOOM! 💥 favourite photo of @zoella from the @blogosphere_magazine spread 👍🏼styling by my love @wonderful_u make up by @katepopemakeup
Ventured out into the woods with my brother @thelastdinosaur and his lady @sarahelizabethpeters to take advantage of the fog and take some photos. Thanks Sarah for freezing your arse off for me 👍🏼
Learning to fly. Self portrait on a Sunday #WHPmagic