Incredible eyes, perfectly photographed.
Love her xx
Amazing photographx
Such a lovely photo, you are very talented 😘
I want you to take photos of me like this😩😩🙌🏻👌🏻
Feel quite sad to say goodbye to the hot as hell @zoella issue of @blogosphere_magazine but excited to be able to share the new cover and spread soon with the amazing @dinatokio 🙌🏼 feel so proud of @zoella for showing that side of herself and so thankful she trusted me to capture it ☺️
I could squish her face off! ❤️ you @wonderful_u
The winter garden. With @jodilakin and MUA @nicolahoneyartistry . . Will has finally got planning permission on the house he inherited last year so yeah, that's very exciting! I'll do a tour around it on insta stories if you like? It's pretty broken down atm but it just makes it more exciting for the next part!
Waiting for the end.
Today I am mostly feeling invisible.
Think I'm going to try doing an informal Q&A later on insta stories so ask me any questions you might have as a comment and if I have the guts to show my face I'll answer them ☺️👍🏼
The kingdom falls. Double trouble! More from mine and @georgiarosehardy workshop! More dates coming at you soon! Thinking about doing an informal Q&A tomorrow on insta stories so ask me any questions you might have as a comment and if I have the guts to show my face I'll answer them ☺️👍🏼
Another sneaky outtake of the walking ball of sunshine @zoella for @blogosphere_magazine ☺️ styled by the wonder @wonderful_u and make up by @katepopemakeup
Bloom. 🌸 It's so amazing to be able to share more work right now! Today has been the most glorious day, sunny and even a little warm. Even an hour or so more light in the evening is making so much of a difference on my general mental state right now. Spring feels like it's in the air, it makes me full of energy :) Planning more workshops with @georgiarosehardy leaves me with tingles. Models are @jodilakin and @pererauk and beautiful make up by @nicolahoneyartistry
Fallen. With @catherine_ashworth who was a champ lying in this bush for me 👍🏼and the awesome @georgia_round on make up x
Tie me up in a bow. . . NEW GIANT PHOTO! . . Made this with @conzomg earlier in the week and shot it today at the second day of mine and @georgiarosehardy workshop. Model is the lovely @pereraUK and awesome MUA @nicolahoneyartistry :) #theGIANTseries
Can not wait for the workshops I'm running with @georgiarosehardy this weekend!!! Finally new content!! I will have an onslaught of new photos and it's going to be epic 🙌🏼
Sneaky photo of the beautiful @katesnooks 👈🏼 Question time!! Who are the top 5 people (alive) you would LOVE to meet and photograph? . Mine (at least today are)... 1. Bill Murray 2. Jennifer Lawrence 3. Diane Keaton 4. Lena Dunham 5. Tilda Swinton . . Might need to add @firstaidkit to this list too cause they are both 🙌🏼
Will and the light. The light is there to play with, to touch, to breath. . . . . #whpfollowthelight
It's a fine line. Self I took today with the help of @conzomg 👀 have been wanting to combine illustration and photography for a while and today I was thinking how interesting it would to just construct how I wanted to look, be completely in control, to turn myself into art, so I drew myself. It's an imitation of me, in sketch. #WHPimitation