Sunlight through a window frame. The mix with the shadows works well. Great pic.
Absolutely love this portrait and the lighting is absolutely incredible
Wait for rescue. Another photo from the weekend with at the workshops I hosted with my pal @georgiarosehardy - model is @gracebowker 🌿and mua @emily_jane_makeup
Yesterday was warm and spectacular 👍🏼 running workshops with @georgiarosehardy in beautiful places and shooting with a bunch of awesome people, it's the best! I have a lot to share, but thought I'd start off with this one in the Orangery, because if I could, I would live in it. 🍊model is @gracebowker mua is @emily_jane_makeup
This gal is back on YouTube, so I thought I would share a photo from way back when, cause I love her :) @wonderful_u 🙂
Tried out some new backdrops today with some self portraits, cause it's been far to long. Also, I do love a bit of lace 👌🏼
That time I turned @wonderful_u into a feral goddess :) can't wait to see you Megsy!!
That time I made @ellamcneil_ into a princess 👑
Throw back to the circus 🤡
Forgot about this gem ☺️@Zoella @blogosphere_magazine @wonderful_u
When Megs met spring ❤️ @wonderful_u 🌸
Another of pretty @dinatokio from the spread for @blogosphere_magazine 👍🏼make up by @makeupbyisabell
I almost killed Megs! I shot her laying down in this...stuff, yesterday and she ended up inhaling half of it! Please love the shot so she doesn't hate me and hopefully thinks it was worth it! I love you @wonderful_u for always being willing to do anything to get a shot ❤️❤️❤️
Throw back to pretty @catherine_ashworth and a pretty dress ☺️
So excited to finally be able to share the new cover I shot for @blogosphere_magazine of the truly amazing @dinatokio 😃for so many reasons it was inspiring to shoot with Dina and I'm so excited to celebrate strong female Muslim youtubers 👍🏼thank you Dina and Blogosphere 😊and amazing make up by @makeupbyisabell
The lovely angel that is @catherine_ashworth from mine and @georgiarosehardy workshop in January 👍🏼
Summer, Wilderness Festival and him. I can not wait for a repeat!! 📸 by @georgiarosehardy ☺️