Sunlight through a window frame. The mix with the shadows works well. Great pic.
Absolutely love this portrait and the lighting is absolutely incredible
Forgot about this gem ☺️@Zoella @blogosphere_magazine @wonderful_u
Another of pretty @dinatokio from the spread for @blogosphere_magazine 👍🏼make up by @makeupbyisabell
I freakin love this time of year!!! The days start getting longer, the flowers bloom, gets a bit warmer yet you still know summer is up ahead. The excitement is a bit electric! Can't wait for some more warmer sunnier days 😎this is of course the beautiful @wonderful_u from our adventures the other day.
I almost killed Megs! I shot her laying down in this...stuff, yesterday and she ended up inhaling half of it! Please love the shot so she doesn't hate me and hopefully thinks it was worth it! I love you @wonderful_u for always being willing to do anything to get a shot ❤️❤️❤️
Throw back to pretty @catherine_ashworth and a pretty dress ☺️
The lovely angel that is @catherine_ashworth from mine and @georgiarosehardy workshop in January 👍🏼
Summer, Wilderness Festival and him. I can not wait for a repeat!! 📸 by @georgiarosehardy ☺️
Sweet one of @jodilakin from the workshop last month ☺️ Rosie and I are hosting a workshop in the Peak District next month (18th)!!! Email for an info pack, it's gunna be hella fun!! xx
Hibernate 🌿
I am SO SO proud of my friend, she bared her soul in front of my lens and in a truly earnest blog post talking about the true face of depression and how she is just living her truth at the moment through the struggle. Please go and clickedy click on 👉🏼 @wonderful_u 👈🏼 and read her post linked in her profile. I am so proud of you Megs ❤️
The yearning. Miss @pererauk again of course. I did a timelapse video of me retouching and editing this, its on my website, just click YouTube. 👍🏼
I could squish her face off! ❤️ you @wonderful_u
Waiting for the end.
She wanted to fly so she taught herself how. . . I am one of those people with lots of days of nothing, just my own company, and some days I love that, today not so much. HOWEVER! I have so much amazing stuff planned for this year and that makes my belly feel warm. I like 2017 I do ☺️
She became her surroundings. From mine and Rosie's workshop last month :) We're running two more! One in the Peak District in March and one at Castle Ashby in Northampton in April! 😀 email for an info pack! . . Had fun answering questions in insta stories yesterday :) let me know if you have any more! xx