Hey guys! I know I mentioned it yesterday, but in case anyone missed it... @georgiarosehardy and I will be hosting TWO workshops at the amazing grounds of Castle Ashby in Northampton on the 28th and 29th of January!!! We will be shooting with amazing professional models, and MUA and a whole bunch of props and dresses at a beautiful (seriously beautiful) location that has actual MEERCATS! The station isn't too far and shared taxis can happen :) Email alexandracameron@hotmail.co.uk to request an info pack/book a spot! πŸ‘πŸΌ
This is stunning!!
Gutted I'll be working 😭
This girls contour though
If you missed my love @wonderful_u blog post then go check it out. Shooting with her produces some of my most honest work. Love you Megs, your honesty inspires more truth in the world, which is everything to me x
Yo! Always offering studio sessions and confidence shoots btw! If you want some headshots or portraits, a pick me up or a boost in confidence, drop me an email dudes! πŸ‘πŸΌ
The yearning. Miss @pererauk again of course. I did a timelapse video of me retouching and editing this, its on my website, just click YouTube. πŸ‘πŸΌ
The winter garden. With @jodilakin and MUA @nicolahoneyartistry . . Will has finally got planning permission on the house he inherited last year so yeah, that's very exciting! I'll do a tour around it on insta stories if you like? It's pretty broken down atm but it just makes it more exciting for the next part!
Waiting for the end.
She became her surroundings. From mine and Rosie's workshop last month :) We're running two more! One in the Peak District in March and one at Castle Ashby in Northampton in April! πŸ˜€ email alexandracameron@hotmail.co.uk for an info pack! . . Had fun answering questions in insta stories yesterday :) let me know if you have any more! xx
NEW WORKSHOP DATES!!! @georgiarosehardy and I will be hosting two workshops! First one will be on the 18th of March at Goyt Valley in the Peak District and the second will be held in the grounds of Castle Ashby in Northampton on the 22nd of April!! Email alexandracameron@hotmail.co.uk (or press the contact me button in my profile) requesting an info pack for the workshop you're interested in :) . . Also thanks everyone who asked a question for me to answer in my insta stories and for all the lovely messages about it ☺️ I was nervous to put myself and my face out there but everyone was so nice, I may just have to do it again xx
The kingdom falls. Double trouble! More from mine and @georgiarosehardy workshop! More dates coming at you soon! Thinking about doing an informal Q&A tomorrow on insta stories so ask me any questions you might have as a comment and if I have the guts to show my face I'll answer them β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸΌ
Another sneaky outtake of the walking ball of sunshine @zoella for @blogosphere_magazine ☺️ styled by the wonder @wonderful_u and make up by @katepopemakeup
Bloom. 🌸 It's so amazing to be able to share more work right now! Today has been the most glorious day, sunny and even a little warm. Even an hour or so more light in the evening is making so much of a difference on my general mental state right now. Spring feels like it's in the air, it makes me full of energy :) Planning more workshops with @georgiarosehardy leaves me with tingles. Models are @jodilakin and @pererauk and beautiful make up by @nicolahoneyartistry
I can not get enough of this location, I could have shot there for a week and not got bored ☺️ this is the lovely @jodilakin and make up by @nicolahoneyartistry πŸ‘πŸΌ
Tie me up in a bow. . . NEW GIANT PHOTO! . . Made this with @conzomg earlier in the week and shot it today at the second day of mine and @georgiarosehardy workshop. Model is the lovely @pereraUK and awesome MUA @nicolahoneyartistry :) #theGIANTseries
Can not wait for the workshops I'm running with @georgiarosehardy this weekend!!! Finally new content!! I will have an onslaught of new photos and it's going to be epic πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Sneaky photo of the beautiful @katesnooks πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ Question time!! Who are the top 5 people (alive) you would LOVE to meet and photograph? . Mine (at least today are)... 1. Bill Murray 2. Jennifer Lawrence 3. Diane Keaton 4. Lena Dunham 5. Tilda Swinton . . Might need to add @firstaidkit to this list too cause they are both πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
3 random facts why not... 1. When I was six I fell from my top bunk and broke my collar bone. I now have a phobia of anyone touching my collar bones, or anyone touching their own for that matter. I picture them like toothpicks about to snap and it literally sends shivers down my spine. 2. When I was a kid all I wanted was to act, I was actually secretly annoyed at my parents for not taking me seriously and sending me on auditions which, I was sure, would have resulted in my becoming a celebrated child actress. When I hit secondary school my confidence disappeared, but I still think deep down I would probably be able to rock an emotional monologue. My boyfriend tells me almost everyone thinks deep down they'd be amazing actors and therefore I'm probably shit. 3. When I was in primary school my parents thought I was deaf. I recall having to take a hearing test every six months or so, partly because I had contracted measles as a baby, but mostly because when people called my name I wouldn't respond. Turns out I didn't have hearing problems, instead I just wasn't paying attention, I was lost in my imagination. . . #WHPfollowthelight