Such a beauty! ❤️
Stunning young woman.....
You're photos are stunning!
Grey blossom. With @wonderful_u
The lady in the tree. With @lauren_hallworth
Throw back to last year and the most beautiful poppy field I ever did see. Shot for my #thegiantseries with @piptings_ 🌺 the giant egg was built entirely by @conzomg who is too good for words!! This was shot with my @canonuk 5Dmkii and @sigmauk 35mm 1.4 x
My and @wonderful_u soaking up the summer sun and falling a little more in love with life. Also wearing my favourite @freepeopleuk dress ☺️ shot with my @canonuk 5D mkiii and @sigmauk 35mm 1.4 👍🏼
Too gross not to share 🤢👍🏼
Time for a healthy dose of @zoella ☺️ another outtake from the @blogosphere_magazine cover story 👍🏼 styling by @wonderful_u and make up by @katepopemakeup
Playing around with colours while rewatching Game of Thrones, pretty exciting life! ☺️hopefully seeing this one @wonderful_u again this week so I am a lucky one 👍🏼
Another outtake of @zoella - a crime to not share these, although I am exposing everyone to a mean case of leg envy. It's worth it! Love you Zo xx
So excited to finally be able to share the new @blogosphere_magazine cover I shot with the fucking awesome @louisepentland - she's a mega babe tbh and I had a freakin ball shooting it ☺️👍🏼hope you enjoy it! Make up by the awesome @katepopemakeup
Can we all just agree that @gemmastyles is the bomb? Cool, so we're agreed then 👍🏼 also, hormone update, I've just ordered two pizza for myself 👋🏻😏
More of the badass @gemmastyles in the studio 👍🏼
Paint me a picture. Could there be any more purple though? Also, everything in this photos is real! #whpcolorstudy
Had an awesome time shooting @gemmastyles today! Freaking hot day in the garden so we broke out some ice lollies before shooting, pretty sure I sweated my entire face off but it was all worth it! Amazing woman! 👍🏼
So excited to be able to share an image from the upcoming @blogosphere_magazine which stars the freaking awesome @louisepentland - it was a really fun day and I'm stoked to show you all the cover! Till then I hope you enjoy Louise's saucy side, cause she really is a saucy minx x
Finding your way out. With @gracebowker and @emily_jane_makeup - question, would anyone like me to share more of my life on here? Or do you like me only really showing my work? I usually use stories for my life and hope to do it more, but always want to share docu photos and life photos on here, but not sure if people would like it. Let me know! ☺️