Город, который влюбляет в себя. Люди, которые вдохновляют. Погода, которая поражает и не всегда сопутствует осуществлению планов. Но мы то знаем, что главное - это верить в успех и все обязательно получится 😏. Желаю удачи в осуществлении ваших планов. И само собой, нам желаю того же 👋🏻😼.
Doesn't this building just make you want to break into Fat Sam's Grand Slam? Just wish that woman had more of a prohibition wiggle going on. Peak: tonight we went to see a production of Mary Poppins at Napier's theatre. We only booked tickets this morning so it was a very last minute treat. And I'm NOT ashamed to say I cried - on cue - when Mr Banks came good at the end and wanted to go fly that kite. And then Mary Poppins her very self flew over the audience and even though we could all see the wire I was in absolute bits. It was brilliant, right slap bang in the feels where I like it. Pit: in order to afford luxuries like theatre trips and copious chai lattes we stayed at a free camp on Napier seafront last night and are there again tonight. Only I hope TONIGHT we don't get woken at 4am by the two Dutch blokes in the van next to us having a full-volume chat and rearrange of all their worldly possessions. Presumably, as I said to Jonny, they were getting ready to go to their International Dickhead Convention. And I hope I don't have to crawl out of my mosquito net, roll down the window and hiss at them to shut up the hell up like yesterday. So day 52: chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cheree, when I'm at a show (and not woken at 4) I'm as happy can beeee #mypeakandpitoftheday
Friday strideby. Brick lane yesterday. Happy Saturday my lovely Instagram buddies!! 😚😚 #londonlife #london #cityandcolour #graffiti #strideby #streetphotographer #streetphotography #streetshot #hipsters #london🇬🇧 #england #wearelondon #wearenotafraid #instacool #mobilephotography #picoftheday #citylife #city #dude #streetstyle #streetsoflondon #streetart #cool #instadaily #bricklane #shoreditch
framed reflection. ☀️☀️☀️ #reflection #interior #frame #vintage
Добрый день / утро? Все же на дворе суббота, так что все варианты актуальны 🙈 Сегодня, я решил ответить на несколько популярных вопросов, которые часто получаю в Direct: 1. Снимки, преимущественно обрабатываю в VSCO, Snapseed. 2. Все кадры сделаны на iPhone 7/7 Plus 3. Не занимаюсь коммерческими фотосессиями и не снимаю свадьбы 😇 4. На крыши лазаю только со знающими ребятами, поэтому подсказать залазы не могу. 5. Действительно, редко забираюсь в Директ, связь поддерживаю по телефону и почте ( кнопочка "связаться"). 6. Не планирую устраивать Instameet'ы 7. Нет, не устраиваю экскурсии, за ними стоит идти к @vladislavkarpyuk 👍🏻 8. Большинство снимков делаю в раннее время, поэтому на них всегда малолюдно 😌 9. Не люблю SFS/ Like time и пр. И проводить / участвовать в них не буду 😇 10. Я никогда не посещал никакие фото-курсы и фото-школы 🙈 - Может продолжим? Жду ваших вопросов ниже 😋✌🏻 - #shotoniphone7 - #buildingporn#livefolk#liveauthentic#kudagospb#houseportrait#huntgramrussia#seekthesimplicity#illgrammers#instagramrussia#trottermag#thecreatorclass#инстаграмнедели#thegreatoutdoors#finditliveit#photorussia#symmetrykillers#rsa_architecture#huntgram#urbanlandscape#streetview#инстаграмнедели#lovepetersburg#spbonthealert#houseportrait#strideby#allhailsymmetry#doyouskwrt#arkiminimal#peoplewalkingpastwalls#ihavethisthingwithwalls
It is shaping up to be a beautiful spring day in London. I've painted my nails, and sent my carb foragers out for flat whites and croissants. Then I'll be off to east London for the #wwim15❤️creatingforgood . I hate it when sunshine steals all my sarcasm.
.-spring . . . . . . . . . .#thecreatorclass#streetdreamsmag#jointheclass#createexploretakeover#wayzill#artofvisuals #postemotion #coffeefliicks #centralpark #strideby #tv_strideby #thecreatorclass #peoplewalkingpastwalls#Liverpool #friezelondon #friezeartfair #friezemasters #londonlife#sunset#vos #voscocamphotos
Welcome friends to Huay Xai, Laos 😊it's day 3 for me in this town and the connections with the locals are heart warming. I've spent a lot of time with the family I'm staying with, playing like a big kid with all the children. I also took photos of all the family members which is 26 in total and made some prints for them as a gift. Check out my #instagram #stories to see the experience and be sure to swipe left as I uploaded a few photos for you to enjoy. ------------ My time here has allowed me to really focus on being of help in a non intrusive way to the people I connect with while traveling. Little did I know how powerful photography would be for me on my journey as its given me a new tool to create lasting memories for people and that's brining me great joy. ---------- Wherever you are in the world, make today the day where you take the time to just help someone else and if you do, I would love to hear your story. ----------- Thank you all for following, looking forward to uploading more photos soon.
Smoke break
As one of my favorite directors Alfred Hitchcock used to say, "Drama is the life from which boring places are cut out." That's why we look with such rapture the dramas and its sequels. And that we try to avoid in our everyday life. Because, in life, the drama is not so attractive as on the screne. It breaks the habitual course of things, forces you out of the comfort zone, causes stress. All of us, with the exception of desperate romantics ( who in my opinion, are with obvious signs of bipolar disorder), in real life prefer our quiet philistine drama woven from everyday routine, bills for light and phone, cleaning, grocery shopping, sometimes monotonous conversations with friends and relatives about all the same way of life and being. Duch a way a long live the philistine! It is thanks to us, the mediocre people, this kind of art, like drama, lives and will live in the form of books and movies! Photo by @imagination_pictures88 Как поговаривал один из моих любимых режиссёров Альфред Хичкок "Драма- это жизнь из которой вырезаны скучные места". Именно поэтому мы с таким упоением смотрим драмы и их сиквелы. И которые мы всячески пытаемся избежать в обычной жизни. В жизни драма предстаёт не такой привлекательной. Она нарушает привычный ход вещей, заставляет выйти из зоны комфорта, вызывает стресс. Все мы, за исключением отчаянных романтиков, на мой взгляд, с явными признаками биполярного расстройства, в реальной жизни предпочитаем нашу тихую обывательскую драму, сотканную из повседневной рутины, счётов за свет и телефон, уборки, походов за продуктами, порой однообразных разговоров с друзьями и родственниками о все том же быте и бытие. И да здравствует обыватель! Именно благодаря нам, посредственным людям, живет и будет жить такой вид искусства как драма, в виде книг и кино! #latergramm #мнетаккрасиво #whomadethis #strideby #YourSingapore #theanalogueproject #contemporaryartist #global_ladies #lightandshadow #MuseSocietyCo #lightplay #streetofSingapore #colorsofthecity #articles #portraitphotograghy #fstoppers
Kids Watercolor workshop with @pikapoppin
Last morning in the French Alps and in the charming village of Montgenèvre. I had so much fun here with @inghamsholidays! ⛷️ I fell in love with this house with the blue window shutters! 💙 #ExperienceInghams @inghamsholidays
y'all heard about our small moroccan carpet project? soon more...